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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Well SD kept me back from finishing the DVD. Just finished watching HHH/Rock. I have it at **** and that's being a tad bit generous. I'm more leaning towards ***3/4 but it has its moments to make up that extra quarter (who gives a shit bout a quarter star anyway?)

I'm watching Edge/Christian vs Hardys No Mercy '99 and holy shit the crowd is dead for this one.

Oh yeah, I'm actually seeing this match for the first time since. Actually, I didn't really see it the first time. Does anyone remember a show WWE used to have that would come on really late on Saturday night? It would be on like probably 11 or 12, I don't know. It probably felt late to me because I was young at the time. Whatever. Anyway, it was a show where they would recap everything that happened in the week on RAW and SD. I guess they were doing a best of the year episode cause I remember watching two matches on it that night. Taker/Kane Inferno and the ladder match.

I'm not so sure though which inferno match it was. It was the one where Kane got his hand burned (year?). So I'm not really sure if the show was a best of '99. Fuck it. My point is, anyone remember the name of the fucking show? lol. I've been trying for years now to see if anyone knows and so far, nothing.

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