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Thank you everyone. Fuck religion.

So I have hated this guy for a while now for never shutting up about religion. I myself am a muslim, but the more I heard him, and other posters on here talk about it, the more it started to show me how wrong I was about religion.

I just had a million questions and they were never explained. If someone doesnt believe in God they will burn in hell for all eternity. If someone takes his name in vain then they will spend eternity in hell. If someone doubts him, they are fucked. What kind of a being wants you to worship it your entire life? It wants us to worship it, never doubt it, never have any questions, and dedicate our entire life to it or we will spend our entire afterlife suffering in hell. Speaking of hell, how is it fair that someone spends eternity there just because of something bad they did? No matter what, nobody deserves to suffer for eternity.

When I ask questions all I get is don't say that, forgive him God. Quran an the bible are both full of murder, torture, and hate all because someone doesn't believe in God. Even the devil himself. The story goes that God punished him because he wanted all his angels to bow down to humans, and Lucifer did not want to because they are better then us. Well, after all this time serving God without question, as soon as he got a question he got punished. Does that really sound like someone we should all worship?

A lot more question about religion come up. Ever since I was young, every single accomplishment I have busted my ass off for was not because of me, but it was because of him according to my family. How is it fair that my mother and sister are at home struggling with money, while my wife and child abusing father is at his new house making 40 bucks an hour and going to Europe every few months. My mother has worshiped God her entire life and all she got in return was a man who would beat her, me and my sister for 21 years, and now this fucker just bought a brand new BMW and is in Europe for a month. Tell me God, what is your fucking plan there?

So thank you Gandhi and everyone else in these religious threads for making me see what the right thing is. We have to worship the devil.

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