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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Originally Posted by Merc_With_A_Mouth View Post
Against All Odds and Lockdown that year were also rather awful, Lockdown especially. Turning Point was very bad too. There were some random B shows that at least were enjoyable though (Sacrifice, Victory Road, No Surrender, Genesis.)

In all honesty, had Joe won the belt from Christian, I would probably call it the best match that year as well. Not to discredit the rest of the work in the match, but it seriously was time to put the belt on him. Realistically it was months later than it should have been at that point, but it was like now or never at that point, and then they dropped the ball. Quite a shame. Still Christian's best effort in TNA and probably the last REALLY great Joe match, barring being involved in the Turning Point 09 main event.

With that said, Harris/Storm in Texas Death still probably gets the edge from me personally for best match that year. Joe/Christian is still great though.
AAO wasn't too bad, imo. Far from good, but it was more of a case where the show had nothing noteworthy at all on it and most matches were average. Sting/Abyss included considering the curve of where the Prison Yard match compared to the ghastly Last Rites debacle. But the Tuxedo match...that was a head scratcher. Lockdown was trashy. Victory Road was hit and miss for me. So many damn tag team matches plagued it. And the only non-tag matches were the best ones on the show too. Go figure.

100% agreed that Joe should have gotten the championship. If not at DX, fine. Hard Justice was the must win point. Instead we got Kurt Angle vs Sting for the World Championship. Now their match ended up SHOCKING every fan by being good, but it doesn't make it right. Joe's push should have happened in 2007. Why wasn't it after how hard he was pushed from the moment he left the X-Division and into the heavyweight ranks? TNA really fucked up with him. If someone would have told me Robert Roode would have a better career than Samoa Joe, I probably would have called you insane.

Harris vs Storm holds up at what will probably remain my #2. It's great. Christian vs Joe is just, ah man, it has a big fight feel to it for me. Something TNA often lacked from the beginning of the decline in 2007 - on till about this year. Such strong story work mixed in with great action. Christian vs Joe was treat every time.

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