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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Originally Posted by Stocking Filled w/HAYLEY JOY~! View Post
That's the mixed bag known as TNA in 2007. Hard Justice & Destination X were probably their two worst shows of the year, yet they pumped out two of the BEST matches, one being the MOTY imo, on each event. The 3 way tag opener from Hard Justice and Joe vs Christian from DX. The latter being my MOTY.

Fuck indeed. I couldn't believe that. Skipper not getting a broken neck or an injury? Talk about luck.

No Surrender had some really strong bouts on it. I'd give the nudge to Sacrifice as the best 2007 PPV right now. I need to give Bound for Glory a rewatch. Genesis too. Both are good. I think BFG has potential to knock off Sacrifice. It's one of those two as the best. idk why, but Sacrifice seems to deliver ever year. Well, most years. 2010 was a toss up and 2011...not their best.
Against All Odds and Lockdown that year were also rather awful, Lockdown especially. Turning Point was very bad too. There were some random B shows that at least were enjoyable though (Sacrifice, Victory Road, No Surrender, Genesis.)

In all honesty, had Joe won the belt from Christian, I would probably call it the best match that year as well. Not to discredit the rest of the work in the match, but it seriously was time to put the belt on him. Realistically it was months later than it should have been at that point, but it was like now or never at that point, and then they dropped the ball. Quite a shame. Still Christian's best effort in TNA and probably the last REALLY great Joe match, barring being involved in the Turning Point 09 main event.

With that said, Harris/Storm in Texas Death still probably gets the edge from me personally for best match that year. Joe/Christian is still great though.
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