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Re: National Wrestling Federation: The Investment

Agganis Arena, Boston Mass.
Saturday Night Warzone

We open to a recap of the ending to last weeks show, as well as a pyro and Don West introducing us. We then see Scott Steiner cutting off the intro insulting the crowd. As he yells Bob Holly comes out to stop him.

Come on wanna be! I'll snap your friggin' neck all over again
As Holly rushes to the ring someone in a Jushin Liger mask hops from the crowd and tackles Holly. He starts kicking him in the face and smashes his head off a barricade. The attacker tosses his mask laughing, as it's Cliff Compton. Compton throws Holly in the ring then Scott locks on the Steiner Recliner.

Scott Steiner vs Bob Holly

Masters tries to stop Scott from injuring him. Scott and Chris then push each other as Bob gets a roll up on Scott and gets a pinfall.

Your winner: Bob Holly

Scott freaks and Holly rolls from the ring. Scott and Chris shove each other as the ref tries to hold them back. Masters is angry for him attacking a beat down Holly, as Scott just shakes his head at him and leaves. We then cut to backstage as Cliff is laughing and Allison Danger stops him.

Allison Danger Backstage Interview

Cliff why are you targeting Bob Holly?
Why? Because that man is nothing but a bully that these people celebrate! I'm doing the wrestling world a justice and stopping him, now excuse me I'll have to go put on a wrestling match for the same clowns that cheer for him.
*commercial break*

We come back to Shad Gaspard in the ring as Cliff walks out smirking to everyone. The crowd boos him as Shad prepares to fight.

Shad Gaspard vs Cliff Compton

Shad hits a surprise big boot on Cliff and then continues to beat him around the ring for several minutes until Compton takes his knee out. He lands a hard DDT and begins to illegally choke him. The ref pulls him off and Cliff yells out "You like bullies, So i'll be one too!" Cliff then locks in a Cobra Clutch and Shad is running short of breath so he elbows Cliff. Shad then kicks him and hits the STO. He only gets a two count and Compton manages to reach the ropes.

Shad then hits the sidewalk slam and hits another STO. He gets the two count as Compton pokes his eyes. He then knees him in the face and clotheslines him down. Compton his a major tornado DDT and goes for the pin. Feet on the ropes as Cliff gets the victory.

Your Winner: Cliff Compton

Compton then grabs a steel chair and aims to clip Shad's knee out. The ref grabs the chair and Cliff dodges a big boot from Shad as he runs back to the locker room. Then we see Ace Steel backstage as Cliff runs by him he shakes his head and gets to the curtain.

"Last Chance Ace Steel vs Scorpio Sky

The two cruiserweights enter as Sky pumps the crowd up, only to have Steel hit the Steel Spike from the top rope, as Sky was turned around. Ace then looks as Sky almost knocked out as he then sets Sky up on the top rope and powerbombs him to the mat. He turns to the crowd and they all boo him as Petey Williams steps on the stage holding his title. Sky tries to get a roll up but fails. Steel then continues to beat him as Petey watches on.

Steel then sets up a hurricarana on the top rope, but is slamme down by Sky. Scorpio is then ready to do a splash, but Ace kicks the rope and he falls off. Steel drags him in the ring and superplexes him off the top rope and gets the pinfall.

Your Winner: "Last Chance" Ace Steel

Petey then grabs a mic.

Cruiserweight title bout announcement at Punishment.

Forget waiting until later, Ace you've beaten everyone put in front of you. Lex Luger said i could pick my opponent. And i've decided to take on the most impressive. So at Punishment, it will be Ace Steel vs Petey Willia-
Tyson Kidd cuts them off, followed by Isis The Amazon.

Woah woah there. Slow down there Has been express. I wrestled the very first match in the NWF, beating Jerry Lynn. A so called legend in this business. Who calls him a legend? Good question, but i assume they don't have much of a life, or a job resume. But you consider this old piece of trash who's never even seen a live audience that actually liked him, over me?
Jerry Lynn then hits the stage and makes his own announcement.

...Kidd...please listen up and shut your mouth you jackass. I went to Luger, I went to Page, to went everyone in the back and demanded a match that they have given me. Punishment, it's Jerry Lynn vs Tyson Kidd in a Dog Collar match. So at the PPV in 2 weeks after tonight, I will beat you like the bitch you are.
Jack Evans and Billy Kidman then walk out as Tyson freaks. Petey walks out laughing as Ace cracks his knuckles and leaves as well.

*commercial break*

Tyson Kidd Vs Jack Evans

We open back to Evans monkey flipping Kidd across the ring. Evans and Tyson put on a clinic trying to one up each other in the ring. Kidman and Isis shout at each other a bit just as Tyson is knocked out of the ring onto the ramp. Evans then bounces off the ropes and grabs Kidd's hips and lands a powerbomb on the mat. A loud thud hits and the crowd makes a "ooohh...." noise at the hit. Kidd doesn't even flinch as he lays there. Evans throws him in the ring and goes for a pin. Kidd somehow kicks out Evans shakes his head in disbelief.

Tyson then takes advantage and locks in a quick sharp shooter. Jack can't reach the ropes but still gets out. Tyson then briefly takes advantage before Evans hits a facebreaker and locks in a figure 4. Tyson reaches the ropes and gets out of it. Kidd then heel kicks him to the mat and arm bars him. Jack screams and has no choice but to tap out.

Your Winner: Tyson Kidd

Isis carries him out and Kidman helps Jack up. Before Kidd leaves he heek kicks Evans in the skull and Isis clotheslines Kidman as they take off. We then cut to backstage where Shelton is with Charlie and says

Charlie...i'll be honest...i'm not sure about this tag thing anymore. It's been years on the road and we're still going to be in the same place.
Charlie Haas then nods and says

After tonight's match..we'll talk about it..
*commercial break*

We come back to Marco Corleone seated with a few bandages on his face from his cuts.

Last week, James Mitchell decided that i was a coward. Maybe he was right, maybe i did have some fear in my eyes when i faced Muta. But Lizmark, i'm not scared of you...i'm not worried about you. I've beaten you night in and night out in Mexico, and here won't be different I can promise you. If Lizmark wants a fight so be it, if Muta decides he isn't done with me we'll settle that too. But Muta you endangered my career. You didn't just beat me, you tried to injure me and i won't let that go unresolved. But as i sit here-
Lizmark then attacks Marco and begins to stomp on him and breaks the wooden chair over Marco's back. Corleone groans and spits out blood as Lizmark smacks him in the face. Police officers then restrain Lizmark and hold him back as Medics attend to Corleone.

*commercial break*

The Alliance of Darkness vs The World's Greatest Tag Team
Shelton neglects his match and stays on the apron. Charlie is left to defend himself against Judas and Thorn. Both work as a team and Haas gets few moves in. He then makes a come back on Kevin and begins to gain momentum, until Mesisas hits a clothesline from hell and Shelton just walks out on his partner. Kevin gets the pinfall and wins.

Your Winners: The Alliance of Darkness

James Mitchell then smacks Charlie with his cane as DDP rushes out and tells them to back off. Judas pushes Page and Kevin slaps him. He then turns is about to strike him, but he knows better and helps Charlie out.

*commercial break*

Colt Cabana vs Antonio Bank$

We see Colt enter the ring with Bob Backlund as Antonio enters with Team Bank$ and announces that he'll have his own personal bodyguards with him. We then see Monty Brown and Michael Tarver walk down in Team Bank$ shirts. He addresses them as his official reps and calls them "The Enforcers of Team Bank$"

Antonio gets in the ring as the bell sounds and Colt quickly tackles him and takes advantage. Antonio regains control and begins to stomp Colt in the corner. Backlund yells but Tarver and Brown back him off from the ring. Bank$ then locks in the Take it to the Bank and almost gets a victory, but Colt reverses it and locks on the Chicago Crab. Antonio is in severe pain from the move and grabs the ropes. An agent tosses him a pair of brass knuckles and he drops Colt as he throws the knucks, the ref was distracted by Tarver.

Backlund then locks the chicken wing on Michael and everyone jumps into stop it. Antonio looks outside the ring as Colt is busted at his nose from the knucks. He stands up and lowblows Bank$. Antonio slowly hits the mat and Colt puts a sleeper on. The ref turns and Antonio turns it into the crossface, but Colt kicks him off and Antonio lands the Playmaker and gets the victory.

Your Winner: Antonio Bank$

He rushes out with his team and Backlund helps Cabana out.

*commercial break*

"The War Machine" Rhyno vs Jeff Jarrett, Time Test Challenge: Time is 5:25

Rhyno is in the ring and Jarrett comes out with his guitar. Still weak from being knocked off the stage last week. Carlito sits on top of the stage on a chair watching. Antonio then walks out with a towel watching as well.

The bout starts and the two brawl for at least 30 seconds. Rhyno then tackles him to the corner and begins to land a flurry of fists. Jarrett then hits a quick Russian legsweep. He lands multiple punches on the War Machine and goes for a pin, but only gets a one count. Jarrett hits a drop kick and then the crossbody from the top rope as he goes for a second pin, only getting two. Rhyno then rests in the corner and hits a clothesline, then two more.

Jeff is dazed as Rhyno hits the "GORE!" on Jarrett. He flips backwards and falls out of the ring. Rhyno then elbow drops off the top rope onto him. He tosses Jeff in the ring afterwards. Jeff reverses the pin attempt by Rhyno and drop toe holds him. Jarrett does his strut and lands the Stroke on an unaware opponent. Jeff goes for the pin but Rhyno kicks out and Jarrett irish whips him to the ropes and spears him, yelling "GORE! GORE! GORE!" He goes to the top rope for a finishing cross body with only 20 seconds left, but Rhyno hits a Gore in mid air. He then drags him to the middle of the ring and goes for the pin. But the time is up at the two count.

This match is a draw.

Jarrett is laid out and Rhyno enraged hits the Rhino Driver on him. Antonio laughs as he turns to see Carlito staring right at him. the two take center stage as the two winners of the Time Test Challenge. Mr. Wrestling III then hits the ring and Rhyno catches him in a bear hug, but III reverses into a DDT and Jeff Jarrett grabs his guitar. M-Dogg 20 rushes to the ring and grabs the guitar, but Mr. Wrestling clotheslines Jarrett and M-Dogg swings for him but misses only for him to be drop kicked to the turnbuckle.

Elijah Burke then runs in and hits a 4-Up on M-Dogg and goes to clothesline Mr. Wrestling but Jarrett grabs the guitar and misses his swing, knocking out Burke. Elijah is covered in guitar as Mr. Wrestling hits a heel kick on Jeff and knocks him down. M-Dogg then rests in the corner as Carlito and Antonio stare each other down. Police officers hit the ring and Mr. Wrestling III runs out and M-Dogg jumps off the top rope and drop kicks him into the barricade. Mr. Wrestling then collapses and crawls over the steel barricade and to the crowd. M-Dogg chases him and gets heel kicked to the concrete. Our final shot is the two contenders for the world title staring down the ramp and back at each other and to Mr. Wrestling III.

Matt Cross Wanted Dead Not Alive.
National Wrestling Federation: The Investment
Can NBC's new stake in wrestling survive?

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