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Re: BULLY? more like PUSSY

^^^I asked him once because he said he was going to close it yesterday. it was once sentence, I never begged him to do shit. get over yourself.

also I asked someone if you actually spent 10 dollars just to change noyk's name and then called you a ...... for doing so. I said this because I saw it in the name changing thread. that's why, and I wasn't talking behind your back because you were online and the chatbox is visible to everyone.

Originally Posted by BULLY View Post
You've already admitted that you were GOTTEN TO by me winning. I guess that's REALLY what this rant is about. It tears you up inside that a jobber like me is calling the shots on here and you have been floundering in the chatbox. So you figure you'd go after the big fish. How's it working out for you so far? I hope that long rant was worth it. I only spent a few minutes in the chatbox and then I was gone. I think we know who's really GOTTEN TO around here
prime example of taking shit too seriously. do you honestly think you're the big fish around here? you spend 10 dollars like pathetic douchebag to win an online wrestlingforum award. tell me how you won in any way. the same case with Noyk thing. you spent 10 dollars so you could change his name to something. He won, not you, because you bought him a membership.

also, you did not just spend a few minutes in the chatbox. you were bitching for 10+ minutes and continued to bitch even after you said you were going to leave. insecure like a motherfucker, sad considering how great your life is apparently.

"Kobe first injured this shoulder in the preseason, according to sources. Has been playing w/ it all year. It just got worse last night"

After suffering the injury, he simply started shooting with his left hand rather than leaving the game.

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