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Re: BULLY? more like PUSSY

Originally Posted by BULLY View Post
You've already admitted that you were GOTTEN TO by me winning. I guess that's REALLY what this rant is about. It tears you up inside that a jobber like me is calling the shots on here and you have been floundering in the chatbox. So you figure you'd go after the big fish. How's it working out for you so far? I hope that long rant was worth it. I only spent a few minutes in the chatbox and then I was gone. I think we know who's really GOTTEN TO around here
the difference is "kinda gotten to" for me and GOTTEN TO for you are two different things. unlike you i'm a laidback motherfucker that doesn't give a shit. you on the other hand were shown to be bitching in the chatbox. find a quote of me legitimately angry or annoyed regarding the little forum contest or anything else for that matter.

i don't actually give a fuck what people think about me or say about me on an internet forum. i come on here to laugh and fuck around, maybe talk some rasslin. i'm not trying to build some kind of fucking reputation and then "PROTECT IT" when it gets damaged in the chatbox. cmon son.

all the other shit you said about calling shots etc. is further proof that you take this forum too seriously. if you think any of that actually matters to me then you've missed the fuck out. also the chatbox >>>> your little thread anyway. way more interesting. just because you need to be in some safe zone in the jobber thread where your reputation can't be hurt doesn't make that thread anything more than garbage. the chatbox is where it's at brother.


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