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Re: BULLY? more like PUSSY

I remember when Andy quoted a post of his in the Anark rant Cat created and said it was 'a 9.8 on the special bus scale' and he never responded. Now whether on not he has no beef with Andy as a person is fair enough, but given he seemed to be engaging with anyone who said anything to him in the rant (namely Anark and a couple of others) it did seem strange that he chose one of the more direct attacks to ignore.

I've barely interacted with him but I didn't think he came out of the Anark rant very well, though truth be told that entire thread after a while just became people posting the same thing over and over again. All I took from it is that nearly everything he argued about Anark (spending too much time in rants exposing/trolling people, taking things too seriously etc) more or less applied to him.

I'm also a tad bemused as to why he has a quote from Cat calling him a good poster in his sig. Didn't theproof have something like that a while back and it became a running joke amongst a few people to call him out on it?
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