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BULLY? more like PUSSY

time to expose this chump and give his meltdown an official thread. so this guy BULLY likes to pretend he's a laid back mothafucka who doesn't give a fuck and is a computer "BULLY". let's be real though he ain't shit. let's evaluate the boys choices in life lately.

he created the worst thread in the history of the forum.

he has 3000 posts in the worst thread of the history of the forum.

he begged and bribed people to vote him b/c he wanted to win an online forum contest.

he spent $10 to buy Noyk an account just to change his name on a forum because he wanted his dick in some other guys mouth apparently. http://www.wrestlingforum.com/205095...ckslurper.html

then to top it all off he gets extremely butthurt over some internet shit:

12-28, 11:17 BULLY keyboard warriors over here
lol people still use keyboard warrior in 2012?
12-28, 11:18 BULLY im here now. still want to talk shit?
shame i missed this b/c i fear no 2012er that wants to win online popularity contests and has 3000 posts in the worst thread in history.
12-28, 11:20 BULLY magic you will always be known as the chat box bitch.
magic is a "bitch", yet you're clearly butthurt at the reaction you have received from your shameful actions.
12-28, 11:21 BULLY moz. go backk to creeping on girls in the post your picture thread. unlikked you i get pussy on tap.
you probably go to the club and buy dudes drinks so they will be your friend homie. you ain't getting no pussy. also you clearly got your k key broken by jizzing on your keyboard. further evidence you ain't fucking no hoes breh.
12-28, 11:22 BULLY not really. just don't likke people talking behind my back
omg severely butthurt over chatter on a wrestling forum. bully's pride = completely destroyed, meltdown impending.
12-28, 11:23 BULLY grow some balls and talk to me in rants. otherwise stop being cowards. simple.
translation: "grow some balls and talk to me where my jobber army can back me up."
12-28, 11:24 BULLY you kknow where to find me if you have a problem. this is a gossip circle in here
LMAO son this isn't real life. it's a fucking internet forum. nobody is going to "find you" in your yard. you're not the Undertaker. you're not a bully either. you're a pathetic dude buying people membership to change their names on an internet forum and begging people to vote you in contests. you need to stop confusing your gimmick for reality.
12-28, 11:24 BULLY kkeyboards fucked. but that's irrelevent.
ssoo iiss yyoouurr bbrraaiinn
12-28, 11:25 BULLY Yeah magic I seen peoiple in the chatbox bully you on here and you don't have the backbone to stickk up for yourself kid
unlike you magic clearly doesn't give a fuck. it's an internet forum, not his life.
12-28, 11:25 BULLY its quite pathetic to watch son.
everything you've done in the last week on this forum has been pathetic to watch and embarrassing for WF as a whole
12-28, 11:27 BULLY if anyone has a problem meet me in rants.. this chatbox is laggy as fuck.
here i am son. waiting for your response.
12-28, 11:29 BULLY i thought this was grade 3 when I saw you clowns talking about me behind my back..
oh no the BULLY has been reminded of his haunted past where he was unaccepted in the 3rd grade. god this forum is reminding him of real life.
12-28, 11:30 BULLY And if you want to close the jobbers thread.. close it.. i only created it so your precious memories thread would be left alone.
clearly doesn't want the thread to go. acting like he did the forum a favor by creating it.
12-28, 11:32 BULLY i tried to do you guys a favour.. remember that when you want to talk shit. I even encouraged jobbers nbot to derail threads and shit.
bully appears to be stabbing you jobbers in the back and looking for acceptance in the chatbox now. HE DID US A FAVOR BY CREATING THE WORST THREAD EVER. HE TRIED TO KEEP HIS PUPPETS IN LINE.
12-28, 11:32 BULLY anyway that's it I'm out. for a bit . take care
pulling a klebold
12-28, 11:33 BULLY No. just saw you guys talking about me and had to respond.
12-28, 11:34 BULLY im not angry at all quite calm. if I'm angry I'll tell you
12-28, 11:36 BULLY naaaah
12-28, 11:37 BULLY BULLY doesn't meltdown. he's too cool for that.
aw now he's talking about his internet persona in third person, how cute.
12-28, 11:38 BULLY he does like putting people in their place though
only person he is putting in his place is himself because he is making himself out to be an ass as he takes his foruming a little too seriously. he should probably take his break for a long time.

to sum it up you were ANGRY. you were MAD. you were GOTTEN TO. news flash my boy, this isn't reality or real life. if somebody dropped your name in the chatbox there is no need to get upset about it. you're not going to fight them over the internet. you clearly care way too much about what people say on the internet. a real BULLY wouldn't give a fuck, but a PUSSY would. stop letting your emotions get the best of you brother. that's a fucking female trait.


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