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Re: What's your favourite game?

Originally Posted by Stinger Fan View Post
I don't have a particular list or a 1 favorite but I have to give a huge shout out for Gears of War 1. That game consumed my time during the end of highschool until Gears 2 came out. Its pretty much all I played about 5-6 hours each night every night.
Yeah, I have all the Gears games on about even level. None of them (from a single player perspective, the multi got better with each game) stand out as one much better than the other. I did like the fact that the later games featured a bit more Baird/Cole though.

Originally Posted by Omega_VIK View Post
I see where you are coming, but for me, I put 1 over 3 any day. I hated that there wasn't a final boss battle in ME3. The mission quest lines were messed. No Krogan teammate. Some love interests felt skimped out on. The original ending sucked balls. Who the fuck thought multiplayer was a good idea?

But I agree with you on 2, it is the best one. I must played that game about seven times at least. And it was the first one to introduced me to the series. So this definitely holds a special place for me.

I also have Mass Effect 2 as the best of the trilogy (by a lot too) for one reason - The Crew. This game had hands down the best crew that Sheppard worked with and could take on missions. Seeing how lives and dies - that was great. And it carried over to the third game.

I also think ME1 was the 2nd best game. One reason alone why it's better than ME3 - Wrex. Best crew member ever IMO and ME3 didn't even let you have a damn Krogan in your squad.

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And of course the ending was terrible in ME3. The multiplayer wasn't that bad, but if that is the reason why the ending was crap, then take it back (in time) and redo it all. Oh and while your at it Hudson - LET PEOPLE USE MIRANDA, ZAEED, SAMARA AND ANY KROGAN IN THE MASS EFFECT UNIVERSE ON THEIR FUCKING SQUAD, YOU FAT FUCK.

Fuck, I will never forgive that terrible squad from ME3. What a colossal fuckup departure from ME2. Be like Rolling into "Return of the Jedi" and having Luke star, but getting rid of Han, Chewbacca, Princess Leia and R2D2 and letting him roll around the galaxy with C3PO, Billy Dee Williams, a drunk hobbit, and a middle aged Native American woman with a bitch complex and no Midol in your inventory. Just fucking terrible.

Assassin's Creed 3 has been kinda disappointing (Connor pales compared to Ezio) but Mass Effect 3 was the most disappointing game of my entire life. I want Bioware to recall all copies of that game and make a completely new game called "Mass Effect 3" and it be totally different. Just pretend it never came out. Kinda like Rocky V.

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