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Re: Here comes another Cena heel turn thread

Originally Posted by KeepinItReal View Post
I'm not a Cena fan by any stretch of the imagination, but I refuse to be a Cena hater either. The man is the most popular wrestler of this generation, putting him right on par with Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, The Rock, and Randy Savage in terms of how much fans love him and throw money at him. I'm not saying he's as good as those guys, but he's as popular as they are; they didn't bring in amazing ratings, and Cena affects ratings more than anyone else today. The only two wrestlers that are above this class, in my opinion, are Hogan and Austin. They made wrestling into a massively popular brand, no matter how temporary. Other than them, Cena is as popular as anyone.

When Cena injured his arm a couple months back, the first Raw without him was the lowest rated Raw in 15 years. He is the man, no matter what our personal opinions may be. Kids love the guy, and kids are how you invest in the future. I'll bet everyone on this forum got into wrestling before they were 14 yrs old. This is how you build towards the future, and unfortunately wrestling is in rebuilding mode.

To me, the Cena heel turn idea is ludicrous. Nothing about his character lends to him being a heel. He'd have to be a completely different character, which could permanently ruin him. Austin's heel turn was a massive failure, and I think it ruined the remainder of his career. In fairness, by my logic Hogan's heel turn would've been a failure, and it turned out to be the best business decision in the history of the business. However, you just can't bet on something like the nWo happening in WWE.

This is all driven by Cena haters who don't buy into his character. Well the fact is a ton of other people do, and he's the reason WWE is as successful as it is today. All you people who claim "the time has come, he's just boring now" were saying he was boring five years ago. Some in this message board claim his popularity will run out and in a couple of years no one will care about him. Never in pro wrestling has the top face simply lost popularity late in his career. Storylines may have been stale, but never has the guy just lost popularity. This idea that all the Cena fans out there are just gonna wake up and discover that Cena is actually fake and boring is ridiculous, because he's not fake and boring. He's the nicest guy in the world, and he realistically acts like that, and all us cynics who love heels like Ziggler and Punk just can't stand it so we call him fake. He's the most popular wrestler on the planet, and there's no reason to expect that to change.

He is not on the same level as Rock. and how do you know cena is really a nice guy? mark my words the man will get exposed some day as the biggest masterpolitician of his era. He will be named in the same sentence as men like HH and HHH.
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