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Re: TNA Year-End Awards


Wrestler Of The Year - Austin Aries
Became a main eventer. Won the world title. Headlined BFG. Co-author of the best match on almost every TNA PPV this year.

Tag Team Of The Year - Daniels & Kaz
No comment. Go watch their stuff. Now.

Promo Of The Year - "C'mon, Sting. Let it go!"-Bobby Roode (Mar 16, 2012) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seFcTPPWPk8)
I remember I wanted to skip this match. Ended up watching it (bleh match) just because of this promo. The feud was just there and overall dead until Roode kinda resurrected it (at least for me) with this promo. A good story with Roode's usual solid to very very good delivery.

Match Of The Year - Austin Aries vs Bobby Roode (Destination X 2012) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJvXSt1GHsc)
The best thing about this whole thing is now gone. Forever. But I will remember it. I will remember how everyone (myself included) thought "WWE/TNA just can't pull the trigger in such situations. They just can't." And, son of a bitch, they did it. Wow. Great match/moment.

Feud Of The Year - Aries/Ray
Simple story. 2 great workers. That's all you need. Short but sweet. The finish (Sacrifice) was pretty darn good as well.

PPV Of The Year - Slammiversary 2012
Some good-very good wrestling. Some decent comedy. Some crazy high-spots. Good crowd. What needed to be short was short. Nothing was really boring and this is what it's all about when it comes to PPVs. It's not about 5* matches, it's about not getting bored from 00:00:00 to 03:00:00. Good PPV.


Worst Wrestler Of The Year - Garett Bischoff
Failed a pretty big push (Lethal Lockdown's team captain? Really?), which he obviously didn't deserve. Below average on the mic. Green as grass in the ring. Embarrassing.

Worst Tag Team Of The Year - Mexican America.
*sigh* Enough said. "Thanks" for injuring Sabin (again).

Worst Promo Of The Year - Any Anderson/Velvet Sky promo
One is lazy is fuck and the other one is phoney as fuck. And according to TNA, both of them are babyfaces. I hate life when I hear them.

Worst Match Of The Year - Gunner Vs Kris Lewie (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVPfg06iFwU)

Worst Feud Of The Year - Eric Bischoff vs *Tenay's voice* his own son.
Fuck off.

Worst PPV Of They Year - Lockdown 2012.
80% of this PPV = Meh-Ok matches with 100% dead crowd. A sad PPV.

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