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Who's the worst Commissioner in the big 4 sports (NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB)?

I know, it's American sports, but hey, that's who were dumping on...

Someone asked me today "Which commissioner is the best of the current 4 major sports?" and I was thinking about it, and was like "Wow, damn, they're all pretty terrible eh?"

Let's review:

Bud Selig, MLB: Been the commissioner (basically) since 1992, officially since 1998. Famously declared an All Star game a tie with no winner, and has presided over the most taint era of any sport as far as performance enhancing drugs go, doing little about it until recently, and even then people are still failing drug tests with semi lenient penalties. Oh and he's fucked the Houston Astros (specifically) organization in the ass with a big rubber dick on numerous occasions.

Gary Bettman, NHL - While the NHL has grown tremendously under his tenure, his decisions to take teams out of Canada and put them in the southern USA has pissed off a lot of people. Has been involved with three labor issues resulting in shortened seasons, more than any other Commish. Probably the most booed Commish as well.

David Stern, NBA: Like Bettman, the sport has no question grown tremendously under him. Also, no question, has presided over the most corrupt officials of the four major sports. While Bud specializes in fucking the city of Houston over with seemingly petty stuff, "Big Dave" essentially fucked the Sacramento Kings out of an NBA title. Oh the 1985 Draft fix was on his watch too. And the Chris Paul trade veto, since the league owns the Hornets. Fun fun.

Roger Goodell, NFL: Has endured one player lockout, and one referee lockout, which as of this date, caused some waves in seeding and teams making and not making the playoffs with a total disaster highlighted by the Seattle/Green Bay game. Oversaw Bountygate, which led to some of his rulings being overturned. Has considered eliminating kickoffs from the NFL (not a joke) and adding more playoff teams - to help those sub .500 teams get into post season. Imagine the 2012 San Diego Chargers as a playoff team? Yikes.

So, which one of these primates is your pick for the worst Commish? Does anyone even like any of these guys at all?

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