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Re: *WF End Of The Year Award Results*

Originally Posted by Rush View Post
Yeah see idk if i would feel the same about the Troy character if i didn't know how funny Glover was if that makes sense. He's a very funny dude, so i reckon they could make Troy a funnier character. Shirley is probably the least funniest but not everyone in a show can have that role, she's needed to keep things from getting too wacky. If i had to rank my favourites of the main cast then Abed and Jeff would be ahead of Troy then Annie then Britta with Pierce and Shirley bringing up the rear.

Who is your least favourite character? Mine is easily Magnitude. Worst character in the show by a long, long way.
Yeah I can see that reasoning. My list would be pretty close to yours minus Troy being ahead of Jeff and Abed second. Annie is my probably in my top 3 'favourites' but I'd rank her 4th after those three in terms of best characters in the group.

Ahhh least favourite character. I dug the Magnitude thing for a while, especially the random ways he'd pop up, but yeah the fact they've never really developed him beyond one catchphrase hurts him. Off the top of my head I can't really think of anyone bar Magnitude who I'd think as my least favourite. Most of the recurring/bit part characters only get the odd scene so its hard to truly dislike them and I generally love near enough all the recurring characters, e.g Starburns, Garrett, Neil etc. I suppose at his absolute worst and poorly written Chang could be my least favourite, but generally I like him and only really dislike the odd scene where I feel they make him too prominent/quirky for the sake of being quirky.

Britta is also a strange one. As a rule of thumb I typically hate her character and how overly preachy and hypocritical she is, but the way they make her the expense of nearly all the jokes and how her character is played off against the rest of the study group makes me laugh so much that she becomes close to a favourite of mine. Its probably a testament to the writers but I just never fail to laugh when someone like Chang looks at her in disgust for something she's said or done.

Biggest disappointment was no Duncan in Season 3. Massive loss given how funny he is either when they're playing the British jokes or his interactions with a lot of the cast. Loved him being their teacher in Season 2 for Anthropology, especially when the hot girl walks into the wrong class and he tries to hit on her and use the class to help him.
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