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Re: *WF End Of The Year Award Results*

Originally Posted by Notorious View Post
Brah I've watched games all my life, I follow basketball on a high school, college and pro level and have played the sport endlessly and I watch more games than you on a regular. And I'm pretty sure me and you, are not the only people on WF that have followed the sport for years and/or played it for years. Get over yourself.

MrMr knows his shit. He's a knowledgeable guy that's been following the sports that he mainly watches like football and baseball for years and brings quality insight to the two threads. He's one of the smarter guys on here. Maybe saying he's smarter than you was the wrong choice of words, but I feel like he has more quality posts than you and has more knowledge about the sports he follows than you do in the respective sports that you do.

Unlike you guys, I don't give players or teams a pass for when they play like shit. When they get it together, I'll give them their props and talk highly of them. But if they play like shit, I'm not gonna give them a pass for it. Take the Knicks for example, I was bashing those guys to no end from the 2010-11 season to the 2012 offseason. But once they came out this season and finally started playing to their potential and being the legit threat they were expected to be, I've given them their props and I talk highly of them. Take a guy like Avery Bradley for example, his rookie season and the first part of his second season he played like absolute crap and looked like he was lost on the court and I bashed him for it. But once he got moved to SG and started playing at an insane level and turned the Celtics into contenders, I gave the kid his props and now he's one of my favorite players. I'm not gonna talk highly of someone or a team when they're playing like crap.
this year perhaps you watch more games than I do on the nba level, but I wouldnt say that on any other year as I used to watch multiple games a day and keep watching unless I was busy with other shit. And perhaps we arent the only ones, but I havent seen many other people shown as much knowledge so ill assume they havent. that real deal guy seemed quite more knowledgeable than me in the sport but he hardly posts on here, if I see someone that I think is more intelligent than me Ill admit it, but I wont just go and say that others know more than me when I dont think they do.

Id say I know as much about basketball as he does football. he has had the luxary of being alive longer and therefore being able to follow football for more years than I have for basketball, but make no mistake, I have done as much as possible to learn about the history of the game as well as old players/teams. my love for the showtime lakers arent based on just highlights.

quality posts? Da fuck do you want me to talk about when nobody actually discusses anything on here in the threads nor in the chatbox. all people do are quick remarks about their current teams or lol at how badly the lakers are doing. there arent any actual insightful discussions or debates.

and thats why I say I know more than you. you cant just judge everything by what is in front of you and you need to know how well a team can play when its at its best and worst. basketball is a game of runs, both in games and winning/losing streaks, and you need to know what a team is truly capable of when it is at its best to judge it accurately. No I dont get everything right either, I dont know it all, I was also hating on the Knicks as I had no idea they would do a turn around like this, but I also didnt know their pieces would mesh like they have, but this /is all without Amare so we dont know how good/bad they can be yet as they are still missing a key component of their team that they will play that could either screw it all up or help in his own way.

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