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Re: 2012-2013 Discussion Thread for La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, etc

Originally Posted by AndreBaker View Post
I think you're assuming quite a lot Nige. I do remember the post game marches with the chicken suits, I also witnessed the Kean holiday video where he took credit for Jones and slagged off Big Sam. Regardless of this, booing during games has not helped the club in any way shape or form. All of that energy should have been concentrated on finding ways to get Venkys out, but outside of game time. Kean could be the biggest cunt going, but that doesn't alter the fact that a club with unsupportive fans is an unhealthy one. How can the constant abuse of a manager during games be anything but detrimental?
As I said, chanting during matches was the last resort for them. Every other avenue had been exhausted. The club weren't listening to protests before & after games. There was no one at the club to speak to the sponsors who tried to get their concerns across after many many calls. When they called the club they were met with responses of "we don't know who you need to talk to." The club was a joke and no matter what sponsors & fans tried, BEFORE the chants during the games. It was the last straw. You cannot imagine the frustration we've been through, and I'm not one of the protesters. Our club's been ruined from top to bottom in less than year, and now even more in the last 12 months.

The chanting did not help but the fact is results dropped significantly to relegation form WAY before the it started. Kean wasn't up to it even when the fans were on side. His results in that time spoke volumes. We saw this coming a mile off, and we're painted as the villains by the media and neutral fans, just like Kean and his PR team wanted all along.

Originally Posted by AndreBaker View Post
Has getting rid of Kean sorted the club out? No. All of your lot's negative energy should be focused on getting shot of Venkys.
No because Venky's are still there and they have been targetted for a long time. The manager was the tip of the iceberg and he had to go. He was never capable of being a manager.

We all know Venky's are the main problem but they won't sell. We've managed to organise meetings with the Premier League & Football League to talk about their takeover and their ability to run the club where further meetings have taken place, but not everyone hears about that when they should, and Venky's have had more questions asked of them and still are, so yes, we're still going after Venky's.

Venky's keep saying they won't sell and because they're not in the country it's even harder. Besides, there's been no negative energy since Berg took charge. We tried to give it a chance and most have put the negative energy to bed, but that hasn't worked either. Venky's are so stubborn and Shebby Singh has copped so much shit on their behalf, not that makes it any difference.

Originally Posted by AndreBaker View Post
As for Berg, why are you so defensive of him after he did a far worse job with your squad than Kean? There is plenty of quality and potential within the BRFC squad if managed correctly, so I don't see how he managed to do so poorly after Kean earned 2 points per game on average. You say that only organisation won't help you, but I did also mention good man management, something that will help to motivate under performing players on big wages.
I'm not that defensive of him. I said originally that he was poor tactically in not sorting out the bad defending he talked about constantly. He did inherit a mess. There's no question about that. It's easy saying differently looking from the outside.

Robinson's a decent keeper but his handling & positioning is poor. Our only other keeper is Jake Kean who's played the last two because of Robbo's form. He's got potential but he's still young.

Martin Olsson's not a proper full back, and like Evra gets caught out way too easily. We have Henley at right back who's still young and the only other full back is Bruno Ribeiro who came from the second tier in Brazil, and despite being labelled by Kean as the next Denis Irwin, he didn't pick him last year and barely played this year.

Dann is so clumsy, tries hard but switches off. Hanley's a dozy bastard who watches strikers go past him before he even realises. Givet's ok but has too many moments of madness like at Blackpool when he lets people go.

We have no wingers whatsoever, just converted ones other than Nunes who's played a few games having come from not playing in Portugal. Murphy has no pace or strength in midfield. Etuhu is useless, such a donkey. He doesn't look where he's passing and gets caught on the ball too often. Lowe is still young and after being played out of position all year last season at right back, he's still trying to get used to playing in midfield again. They're our three central midfielders and they're constantly over-run and outbattled. There's no energy or strength that you need in the Championship. Dunn's past it and has been for a few years and so's Pedersen. He's a tart and way too lightweight to play midfield.

Rochina, Rosado & Vuckevic are all tarts, greedy and too soft for this league. Rochina & Vuckevic were in the Prem too. Markus Olsson is just crap and only signed because we wanted to keep his slightly more talented brother. Formica's ok but he's not a winger or central midfielder.

Rhodes is a great goalscorer but we don't play to his strengths. Having no wingers doesn't help at all. King is green, quick but clumsy. Goodwillie is average and Kazim-Richards is all over the place. Nuno Gomes showed promise and should've played more. Getting Leon Best back will help.

Berg didn't organise the team as well as some managers could. If they can manage to get something out of a team with no pace, width, a lightweight slow midfield in such a physically demanding league with clumsy central defenders prone to constant mistakes and lapses of concentration then they should be knighted because it's a job and a half with that shower of shit Kean & Singh assembled in the summer.

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