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Smackdown Review

- Personally in my opinion I just hate Michael Cole as the Smackdown General Manager and what I do hate even more or what annoys me to no end is the fact that he does these State of Smackdown Addresses each and every week to the point where it becomes almost unbearable and just downright annoying to watch but personally he should just go back to being an announcer or better yet he can be a manager for a superstar

- But I will give you props on how you started Smackdown with Jeff Hardy and then out of nowhere his former bitter rival CM Punk The Best In The World interrupts him and then afterwards they end up going back and forth with one another and then the segment ending with Matt Hardy attacking his brother Jeff yet again

- The 6-man tag team match with Swagger, Hawkins and Del Rio facing the team of Ryder, Mysterio, and my man Randy Orton, I definitely loved it because it gave Orton pretty much a warm-up heading into Elimination Chamber for when he faces Cena, so I definitely loved it because it also gives Mysterio momentum heading into Elimination Chamber for when he faces Del Rio for the Intercontinental Championship

- Orton explaining just why he RKOed HBK and why he felt that he had to get it out of his system even though it was nothing personal and then out of nowhere Cena who was not even scheduled to be there comes from the crowd and attacks Orton laying him out with an FU, Cena should be suspended because he broke the no-contact rule

- Cryme Tyme vs The Hart Dynasty ending in a double countout and all because of The British Empire, I loved it, but at the same time now just who will be the #1 Contenders for the WWE Unified Tag Team Championship, I see a Triple-Threat Tag Team Match happening now

- Chip Butty, here he goes again showing blatant favoritism towards Cena yet again even after he broke the no-contact rule attacking Orton, Cena should have lost his WrestleMania 27 title shot hell he should have been suspended but no Cena keeps his title shot, no punishment whatsoever and all because of ratings, Chip is in a position of power and he is clearly abusing it, because Cena should have been suspended right then and there but I guess in a way I want to see Cena and Orton go at it at Elimination Chamber so then that way I can see Orton not just RKO Cena but to Punt Cena in the skull so hard that he doesn't even make it to WrestleMania

- Christian vs CM Punk for me I loved this match a whole lot and what I loved even more was Michael Cole trying to help CM Punk and Punk trying to tell Cole to go away only for Christian to take advantage of the situation winning the match and all because of Cole's help, Cole cost Punk a match, I wonder what Punk is going to do to Cole

- Chip Butty's segment with Michelle McCool and Kharma I didn't really care for at all, I don't know why, I just think it was a waste of time to be honest

- Jeff Hardy beats his brother Matt Hardy yet again, just goes to show you Jeff was always better than Matt and still is, Matt Hardy just can't seem to catch a break can't he

- Then the Elimination Chamber card being ran down, I loved it

- And then the main event of Big Show facing Kofi and Taker in a Triple-Threat Match, I loved it, and what I loved even more was my countryman of Ghana, Kofi Kingston winning the match because that gives Kofi even more momentum heading into the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match at Elimination Chamber

- But the ending of Smackdown I loved and it all ending with Cena standing tall after FUing Taker was great and then Orton with sweet revenge RKOing Cena, he should have punted Cena's brains out but honestly I just want to see these 2 go at it now more than ever, the sooner the better

- Hopefully you have CM Punk change his theme song from This Fire Burns to Cult of Personality because personally I think Cult of Personality is a way better theme song than the one he used to have, and hopefully he aligns himself with Paul Heyman at some point in your diary and hopefully we see such superstars like Sin Cara, Damien Sandow, Antonio Cesaro, The Shield of Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns as well as Brodus Clay all debut at some point as well
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