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Re: *WF End Of The Year Award Results*

[12-27, 22:24] Tony316 yeah you sound retarded showtime
[12-27, 22:24] Tony316 guys...i can tell you why the ratings are dropping in the wrestling business
[12-27, 22:24] Showtime tna est trés mal*, I think
[12-27, 22:23] Showtime come at me tony.
[12-27, 22:23] MrMeki Yeah that's what I meant
[12-27, 22:23] Showtime Tna trés mal, j aime WWE
[12-27, 22:23] CHAMPviaDQ Headliner, were the name changes what was causing the server to go down recently?
[12-27, 22:23] A$AP Tony is it true you ended Takers streak but they didnt televise it
[12-27, 22:22] Tony316 believe it or not buut i was a huge wwe fan 10 years ago....but now...come on...
[12-27, 22:22] Showtime wat. are you asking how long it takes them to do it after the request? they just do it whenever they see it or feel like it
[12-27, 22:22] Tony316 i actually hate everyone who's a WWE fan...how the fuck can you enjoy such a terrible product
[12-27, 22:22] Headliner King Crap
[12-27, 22:21] MrMeki I mean for the first time, I've never changed it
[12-27, 22:21] scrilla so i'm getting SAVAGES. if it lets me download another one today i'll get SPIDERMAN too
[12-27, 22:21] A$AP obviously vince mcpoopman RIGHT TONY
[12-27, 22:21] CHAMPviaDQ you're***
[12-27, 22:21] Tony316 right now i hate that damn obby and King crap
[12-27, 22:21] scrilla i couldnt find a bitshare link for chronicle on warez-bb anyway
[12-27, 22:21] Showtime youre*
[12-27, 22:21] Headliner do you*
[12-27, 22:20] MrMeki username*
[12-27, 22:20] Showtime unless your awesome
[12-27, 22:20] Headliner Tony who you do hate the most
[12-27, 22:20] Showtime 3 months
[12-27, 22:20] MrMeki How long does it take to change your name btw?
[12-27, 22:19] CHAMPviaDQ I'm down.
[12-27, 22:19] Showtime wasnt emma stone in it? of course it was necessary.
[12-27, 22:18] MrMeki Lolz you don't have yours already. what a n00b
[12-27, 22:18] CHAMPviaDQ :LMAO

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