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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

7. WWE Championship Match:
WWE Champion Rob Van Dam vs. John Cena

There isn't a doubt in my mind that RVD is gonna keep the title, but not without controversy. There's not way in the bluest of blue Hells this match doesn't involve Vinnie, Shane, and/or Lashley in some way shape or form. Van Dam wants and needs that illusive big win over the face of the company, but I don't think he'll get that win clean for a while; possibly not until SummerSlam time. I hate DQ/double count out finishes, but I have a felling RVD wins/retains in that sort of fashion here after The Chairman and his big black insurance policy have something to do with the finish, with Lashley/Cena continuing on into One Night Stand for their blow off.

6. No Holds Barred Match:
Shawn Michaels
vs. Triple H

I think my love for deeply disturbed characters is well documented around these parts. Since day one I stepped into this thread, I've called your HBK one of the best characters I've ever read, no doubt my favorite in this thread by a long shot (although Chavo is actually rising in the rankings). A Triple H win hurts HBK immensely, and while Trips does need some momentum recovery, especially after this mach, Michaels needs this so much more. I want him driven even farther into madness, because at this point, he really is just one bad day away from looking a lot like Legend's HBK. A Trips win might begin the road to Michaels recovery which I'm a terrible person and don't want. Michaels needs his rematch at that. So yeah - Michaels all the way here.

3. Intercontinental Championship Match:
Intercontinental Champion Kenny Dykstra vs. Carlito

Kenny's not losing it after being built pretty solidly into winning it 'mania, so I can't see that here. And if you're so keen on pushing him well, I don't see him getting it via DQ. Although it would be nice to see Carlito just UNLOAD on Kenny here, letting out all his pent up frustration and destroying him. Wouldn't make your champ look good, though. So Kenny for this one, but with an asterisk possibly

1. World Tag Team Championships Match:
World Tag Team Champions The World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. The Straight Edge Saints

Love that you've rebuilt the tag team division, but if I recall, the WGTT hasn't held the titles all that long. That being said, tag titles don't normally don't get held for that long. Oh well. Gotta go with the champs for this one. Not because they're better, but because the SES isn't quite ready yet. Not for a little while.

4. Money in the Bank Match:
Mr. Money in the Bank Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy

And this is where I'll hate you. This match was always gonna happen anyway, and I think this would've been so much more fun had Hardy won at 'Mania and then Orton destroy him for the briefcase right here at Backlash to get even more heat/momentum. I'm gonna guess for the Orton win here, but should Jeff lose, he should probably have to take some time off. Really don't know what he'll do after this. Maybe he'll go crazy too...?

5. Women’s Championship Triple Threat Match:
Women’s Champion Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix vs. Victoria

Gonna go on a limb and say Beth takes the cake here. You've thrown so much at us between her and Mickie that it seems impossible to keep her from the title for so long. I'd rather it be one-on-one, but I'll take this too. As I said about 'mania, this could be the perfect time to strike with hot irons while your Divas division has good budding characters to pick from. And hell, no offense, but Mickie as Women's champ seems to bore me with this time period. She's just the go-to girl. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I'd just like to see something different. *shrug*

2. Six Person Intergender Tag Team Match:
The Hart Legacy vs. Johnny Nitro, Chris Masters and Melina

The heels have the momentum going in. Textbook set-up for the faces to get the win. If you let it, this will probably be the most fun match on the card to see what each of these characters can do. Don't know what this leaves MNM doing, though.

Bonus Questions:

What will be the match order? Eeeyup.
How many championships will change hands? I think I have just the Women's
Who will take the fall in the Women’s Championship Triple Threat Match? Victoria
Will there be any surprise appearances (Not counting the McMahon Family or Bobby Lashley)? If yes, then by who? Have a feeling you wouldn't ask this if it wasn't happening, but idk who it would be should they show up...
What will be the longest match? Dat No Holds Barred :ass
What will be the shortest match? Intergender tag match
Will there be any blood shed? If so, which match(es)? If there's none in the Michaels/Trips war, the whole match will be fail

Lookin' forward to it, Mac Daddy. Hope all it doesn't get deleted like mine did


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