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Re: 2012-2013 Discussion Thread for La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, etc

Chanting during the game was wrong but the frustration on & off the field reached breaking point. The fans had tried to make the point for a long time before it went to protests. We could all see the way the club was going under Venky's & Kean. As an outsider it's no wonder the fans protesting during games were vilified. The media focus only started when the protests started during the games. Kean and his PR team manipulated the media, making him out to be the victim. From the moment he was appointed we slumped & slumped down the league so much so that we just escaped relegation, something which he was treated as a hero for despite where we were when he came in. Our home form was superb under Sam and we rarely lost. We only lost six in his time, against the big boys. Then we were losing a lot and couldn't beat the likes of West Ham & Blackpool who went down. There were no protests in that first season but it was clear where we were going, and that wasn't the Champions League where Venky's said. Then they go & give him an improved contract with the second worst managerial record in our history. We could see where it was going and look. The club weren't listening and the fans who were protesting must've felt desperate. Doing it during matches didn't help, but the fact was Kean was totally inept. His tactics at Spurs when we needed a win to stay up last year spoke volumes. We didn't even try to get a shot on goal. We went from being one of the fittest teams in the league under Sam to one of the least because Kean sacked the fitness coach.

The guy was an absolute conman and his agent who advised the club to sack Sam and give him the job. When he was caught drink driving, he blamed Rovers fans for spiking his drink, something which he was called a 'liar' for in court. He should never have been in that job. Chanting during the games wasn't helpful, course it wasn't. Venky's were targetted too after games but that wasn't shown in the media all the time. The Rovers fans were crucified because most of what was shown was Anti-Kean because that was what created the headlines and he was the one interviewed everyday. There was a lot more to it than that. Neutral fans who only saw what the media showed don't know the full story of what a twat Kean was. The video that surfaced online showed what a disgrace he was.

We're struggling now and not better off, but that's because of the mess he & the asset stripping cunts have got us into. We were lucky at the start of the season, really lucky with some of the results we got. We quickly got found out and the wages we threw at the likes of Murphy & Etuhu. When they threw money at the situation it's too late and is trouble waiting to happen. The club were badly advised by Kean's agent who got him into the job and he was never qualified or capable of doing the job. His results even before the protests showed that. He was sacked way too late. He should've been sacked when we just survived but instead he was rewarded with a hefty contract and took the club to new lows, but instead he referred to relegation as 'exciting times'. How anyone can stick up for that cunt is beyond me. The protests against him during matches were wrong, but it was purely through desperation because no one at the club knew what they were doing or who was in charge. Sponsors didn't get answers or any kind of response. It was the last resort to get the attention and the message across that changes on & off the pitch were needed. Those changes came too late and they've made the wrong decisions since then to make matters even worse.

Berg received full support from the fans but the mess he inherited from the average, unfit asset stripped squad would be a challenge to anyone. We need a lot more than just organisation. There's no fight in that squad whatsoever. The agency who have been advising Venky's all along have completely ruined the club and lined their own & Kean's pockets without a care in the world for Rovers. Go and watch the games and you'll see how average the squad is. Seeing it on paper is one thing but when you see them week in week out you'll see what they're really like. Apart from Rhodes there's no one I'd fight to keep apart from maybe Adam Henley. The heart's been ripped out of the club and that feeling is just horrible, and it keeps getting worse.

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