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Re: WWF 1995: The New Generation

WWF Monday Night Raw | March 6 | 1995

The Raw video package plays and Vince McMahon and Jim Cornette welcome us to the show. Tonight Bret Hart and Razor Ramon team up for the first time to face Doink and Papa Shango. Also tonight Lex Luger and The British Bulldog compete in an arm wrestling contest. The British Bulldog's wife Diana and their son Harry are in attendance tonight.

Match 1 | Bret Hart and Razor Ramon vs Doink and Papa Shango
Razor Ramon came out first to a huge reaction. The WWF Champion Bret Hart comes out to a huge reaction and goes over to ringside and meets his sister Diana and her son Harry. Bret gives his nephew Harry his shades. Doink and Shango then make their way down. Bret and Razor who will face each other at WrestleMania, teaming up here. Jim Cornette thinks they will have some tension at some point and Vince thinks both men should get along fine. Bret starts off against Doink. Bret takes control at the start by working on Doink's arm and then tags in Razor. Razor comes in and delivers a few fight hands to Doink and follows up with a clothesline. Doink reverses an irish whip which allows Shango to get a cheapshot on Ramon. Doink with a scoop slam and follows up with a knee drop and gets a 2 count. Shango tags in and starts choking Razor. During the match Jerry Lawler who's not here tonight calls in and Lawler says next week he's going to have both Bret Hart and Razor Ramon as his guests on The Kings Court, he can't wait. Meanwhile Papa Shango sends Razor to the ropes and hits a clothesline. Razor then reverses an irish whip and hits Shango right in the gut and gets an inside cradle for a 2 count. Razor with a back suplex and gets a near fall. Razor sends Shango to the ropes, Doink makes a blind tag and Shango ducks a clothesline and levels Ramon with a clothesline. Doink with a swinging neckbreaker and gets a 2 count. Doink then comes off the ropes and Razor catches him and drops him with a fallaway slam. Razor tags Bret in. Bret hammers away on Doink and hits the 10 count punch.

Bret teases a sharpshooter but drops an elbow right on the abdomen of Doink. Bret then comes charging in for a clothesline on Doink but Doink ducks which sends Bret to the floor. Doink distracts the ref and Shango gets some cheapshots on Bret and sends Bret back in. Doink and Shango exchange tags really taking it to Bret as Bret gets pummeled, Bret taking a lot of punishment. Shango applies a chinlock on Bret. Bret begins to get back to his feet and fights back as Bret comes off the ropes but Shango catches him with a backbreaker and gets a 2 count. Shango whips Bret to the corner and ran into a boot and Bret with a clothesline. Both men are down. Both men start to make it to their corners and Shango tags Doink and Bret made the hot tag to Razor. Razor came in and blocked a right hand from Doink, Razor with a big right hand. Shango came in with the voodoo stick and Razor nails him with a spinning right hand and the referee gets rid of the stick. Razor with an atomic drop on Doink. Bret now in and all four men brawl in the ring. Bret and Razor whip Doink and Shango into each other and Bret clotheslines Shango to the floor. Razor scoops Doink up on his shoulders and drops him with the Razor's Edge. He goes for the cover and gets the 3 count to pick up the victory. Razor and Bret get a huge reaction from the fans as they celebrate their win in the ring. Two tremendous competitors who have a lot of respect for each other will be facing each other at WrestleMania, what a match up it's going to be.
Winners: Bret Hart and Razor Ramon

Footage is shown from the WrestleMania press conference. Bret Hart says he's looking forward to stepping in the ring against Razor. This is the Hitman's third straight WrestleMania that he's headlining. It's going to be one of his toughest matches ever and Bret believes he's going to be come out on top. Razor says he's ready for WrestleMania and he's going to leave with the biggest gold, the WWF Title. He's going to lead the WWF into a brand new era. Diesel then discussed his match against Shawn Michaels. Diesel's been waiting since Survivor Series and at WrestleMania he's going to get the job done. Shawn Michaels then vows to steal the show at WrestleMania and he's going to prove why he's the wrestler of the 90s. Michaels then looked at Bret Hart and Razor Ramon and told them no matter who the champion is after WrestleMania, he's going to be the next in line for a title shot. Lawrence Taylor was also there and he had a great time.

We then go to Todd Petingill for the WrestleMania Report. Todd gives us breaking news that Lawrence Taylor who's going to be there at WrestleMania has volunteered to be in the corner of The 123 Kid at WrestleMania. We hear comments from The 123 Kid. The 123 Kid wishes Bob Backlund good luck in his important match at WrestleMania and The Kid has decided to bring in NFL star Lawrence Taylor to watch his back. Last year Razor had Walter Payton is his corner and it worked so well for Razor. Lawrence Taylor then appears and Taylor can't wait for WrestleMania. He's very excited to be in the corner of the 123 Kid. It's the NFL butting heads with the WWF, that's what it will be if Road Dogg decides to stick his nose in that match. Kid says he can't wait for WrestleMania, he's so excited and now it's more special that Lawrence Taylor's in his corner. Taylor said he watched Double J's failed music performance on tv and the best part was at the end when The Kid destroyed the equipment. Now he can't wait to see The Kid beat Double J at WrestleMania.

Match 2 | Jean Pierre Lefite vs Bob Holly
A clip is shown of Pierre's return match on Superstars this past Saturday. Pierre now locking up with Bob Holly. Pierre sends Holly to the ropes and knocks him down with a shoulder block. Pierre now off the ropes, Holly with a leapfrog as Pierre goes off the ropes and Holly with an armdrag and follows up with a dropkick. Holly goes to work on Pierre's arm but Pierre with the other arm nails Holly with a clothesline. Pierre throws Holly to the floor. Pierre off the ropes and Pierre with a suicide dive on Holly, what a maneuver. Pierre sends Holly back in and stomps away on Holly and then chokes him on the ropes. Pierre ties Holly in the ropes and splashes him and then he does it again. Holly getting hammered here by Jean Pierre Lefite. Pierre whips Holly to the corner and comes charging in and ran into a boot. Holly with a clothesline and then a dropkick and gets a 2 count. Holly goes up top and hits a crossbody and gets a 2 count. Holly now off the ropes but Pierre catches him with a knee lift. Pierre with a sidewalk slam. Pierre then signals for the end as he goes up top. High risk move coming up as Pierre drops the cannonball(senton bomb) off the top. He goes for the cover and gets the 3 count and the victory. An impressive win here for Pierre. Following the match, Jean Pierre pulls out the handcuffs and handcuffs Holly. Oh no, Pierre gets his shock stick and zaps Holly. Pierre gets booed heavily and Pierre raises his arms in victory.
Winner: Jean Pierre Lefite

A new vignette is aired for Hunter Hearst Helmsley. This week Helmsley takes shots at people like Aldo Montoya, Bob Holly, Man Mountain Rock, The Smoking Gunns and Duke the Dumpster Droese. He's appalled to see these people in the WWF, a guy wearing a jockstrap, a racing car driver, a fat overweight man who thinks he can play the guitar, two cowboys, and a smelly garbage man. None of these guys have class. Helmsley boasts about how rich he is. He's young, handsome, he's even got all the ladies after him. Hunter claims that he certainly has all the qualities to become a top star here in the WWF. Next week when he arrives here in the WWF, he's going to prove that he's the most talented, the most gifted superstar that's ever stepped foot in the World Wrestling Federation.

Match 3 | WWF Intercontinental Title Match | Owen Hart (c) vs Aldo Montoya
Aldo Montoya's in the ring as his music plays. The Intercontinental Champion Owen Hart comes down and goes over at ringside and notices that his nephew Harry has Bret Hart's shades on. Owen is disgusted and tells Diana that he's better than The Bulldog and Bret. The match begins with Owen and Aldo locking up and Owen knees Aldo to the gut. Owen fires off a snap suplex and gets a 2 count. Owen sends Aldo to the corner, Aldo puts the break on with a leapfrog and Aldo connects with a dropkick. Aldo then follows up with an armdrag and goes to work on Owen's arm. Owen with a rake of the eyes sends Aldo shoulder first into the post. Owen with a german suplex and gets near fall. Owen then takes it to Aldo stomping away at him. Owen then whips him to the turnbuckle with authority. Owen with a european uppercut. Owen went for a headlock, Montoya breaks out of it and came off the ropes and hit a dropkick and got a 2 count. Montoya knocks Owen down with a double chop and follows up with a clothesline and gets a 2 count. Montoya went up top for a crossbody, Owen ducks as Montoya hits the mat.

Owen has the chance to finish Aldo off but no he wants to give Montoya more punishment. Owen whips Montoya to the ropes and delivers a roundhouse kick. Owen then locks in the sharpshooter and Montoya submits. Owen making quick work of Montoya. Following the match, Owen refused to let go off the sharpshooter and Bob Backlund ran down for the save. Backlund whips Owen off the ropes and delivers a back body drop and follows up with a clothesline sending Owen to the floor. Backlund then goes outside and grabs Owen's title attempting to swing at Owen but Owen manages to escape and backs up the entranceway. Backlund gets in the ring and raises the belt in the air as if he's become the champion. Owen wants the ref to get his belt back and Backlund taunts Owen with the title. The belt is returned to Owen and Backlund motions for the Intercontinental title.
Winner: Owen Hart

Arm Wrestling Contest | The British Bulldog vs Lex Luger
A table is set up in the ring and Vince McMahon is in the ring with a referee. Who's the strongest man in the WWF, we're about to find out. Here comes Lex Luger who's coming down with his manager Ted Dibiase. Luger notices Diana Smith in the crowd and Luger starts flexing his muscles and poses infront of Diana. Luger gets in the ring and then The British Bulldog comes out to a big reaction. With Luger 1-0 up in the contest, can The Bulldog tie this series up. Both men have a staredown. Vince McMahon tells both men to get seated but Lex brags about his win last week and thinks it's best if The Bulldog doesn't go ahead with it. It would be humiliating for The Bulldog to lose tonight since his wife and son are here. Bulldog said he's going to make his wife and son proud and tells Luger lets get on with this. Both men get seated and the ref checks to see if both elbows are square on the table. We're about to begin but Lex gets up and wants to warm up. Lots of stalling from Luger. Luger tells Harry not to look at the Bulldog as a role model, now when Harry grows up if he wants a great body he needs to be like Lex Luger. Luger gets huge heat for this and The Bulldog wants to get his hands on Luger but Vince calms him down. Vince tells Luger this is not the posedown, last week Lex delayed us by wasting a lot of time and now he's doing it again. The referee warns Luger that he's not like the judges last week and if Luger decides to waste time he's going to get disqualified. Dibiase complains and the referee tells Dibiase if he interrupts this then he'll be out of here.

Here we go, arm wrestling time, the arms are locked in. Luger has the early advantage pulling down on Bulldog's wrist but Bulldog starts making a comeback. Dibiase starts talking on the mic trying to get behind Luger which seems to put Bulldog off and puts Luger back in control. Luger almost has Bulldog beat but Diana and the fans get behind The Bulldog and The Bulldog makes his comeback as he almost has Luger's arm down. Luger's face is turning red as he's fighting to stay in this and Bulldog brings Luger's arm down and The Bulldog wins. What an ovation for The Bulldog. The Bulldog taunts Luger. Bulldog invites Diana and Harry in the ring to celebrate. Luger is furious and wait a minute from behind, Luger with a cheapshot. Luger and Dibiase put the boots to The Bulldog. What a poor sport Luger is. Dibiase instucts Luger to slam Bulldog through the table. Diana pleads with Luger not to do this. Luger changes his mind and turns his attention to Diana. Luger starts flirting with Diana and Diana ends up slapping Luger. Bulldog back up fights back but Dibiase with a cheapshot. Luger puts the rebel rack on The Bulldog. Dibiase hands over Luger a 100 note, that's right a 100 note instead of his usual 100$ bill. Afterall he is The Million Dollar Man. Luger shoves a 100 note down The Bulldog's throat. What an insult, more humiliating that Dibiase uses British money on England's British Bulldog. Dibiase starts laughing. Diana goes to check on The Bulldog and poor Harry is crying as Luger and Dibiase celebrate up the aisle.

Match 4 | The Undertaker vs Henry Godwinn
Henry Godwinn's in the ring waiting for his opponent, The Undertaker. Undertaker came down to a huge reaction. The match begins and Henry and Undertaker have a staredown. Henry attacks first but it has no effect on Undertaker. He tries again but Undertaker blocks and Undertaker with a boot to the gut. Undertaker with a throat thrust and now Undertaker backs Godwinn to the corner. Undertaker chokes Godwinn and breaks it up. Undertaker tries an irish whip, Godwinn reverses and sends Undertaker into the corner. Godwinn ran into a boot. Undertaker then does the ropewalk and drops a big right hand across the neck of Henry. Godwinn rolls out of the ring, Undertaker follows and stalks Godwinn outside the ring. Godwinn got back in and once Undertaker was in, Godwinn stomps away on Undertaker. Godwinn with a slam and now Henry drops an elbow and got a 2 count. Godwinn rams Undertaker's head into the corner and whips him into the opposite corner. Godwinn delivers a few right hands and boots on The Undertaker. Godwinn off the ropes but Undertaker catches him with a right hand. Undertaker misses an elbow and Godwinn back in control. Godwinn with a chinlock on The Undertaker, Undertaker breaks out of it and comes off the ropes and hits a big boot on Godwinn. Undertaker scoops Godwinn up for the tombstone, Godwinn slips out and hits the slop drop on The Undertaker. What a counter and Godwinn is smiling. Undertaker sits up and Godwinn can't believe it. Godwinn is terrified and Godwinn with a right hand. Godwinn now off the ropes, Undertaker ducks the clothesline and Undertaker comes off the ropes and hits a diving clothesline. Undertaker gets Godwinn by the throat and hits a chokeslam. Undertaker then signals for the tombstone as he scoops Godwinn up and drops him with the tombstone. Undertaker went for the cover and pins Godwinn for the 3 count to pick up the victory.
Winner: The Undertaker

Following the match, Ted Dibiase and Bam Bam Bigelow came down and Dibiase had a mic in his hand. Dibiase says his great night can't be complete without putting a beating on The Undertaker. Dibiase issues a Million Dollar Gaunlet challenge for the Undertaker next week. Paul Bearer gets a mic for The Undertaker and Undertaker accepts the challenge. Dibiase wants a preview of next week right now. Dibiase calls for Lex Luger, IRS and King Kong Bundy to come down and along with Bam Bam they hit the ring and Undertaker starts fighting them off one by one until they all gang up on him. Undertaker gets beat down by The Million Dollar Corporation. Dibiase knocks Paul Bearer down with a right hand. Dibiase laughs wickedly and then takes the urn along with him as Raw goes off the air.

WWF Superstars | March 11 | 1995

IRS defeated Man Mountain Rock

Savio Vega defeated a jobber. Savio made his debut and made quick work of his opponent. Savio hits a spinning heel kick to win the match. During the match we see a split screen and heard pre-recorded comments made earlier from Savio. Savio talks about how great this opportunity this is to wrestle in the WWF. He's going to go out there and give it his 100% and entertain the fans of the WWF.

Yokozuna and Hakushi defeated The Heavenly Bodies. Yokozuna wins the match for his team by hitting the banzai drop on Tom Prichards. Following the match Jim Cornette instructs his team to continue the punishment on The Heavenly Bodies. Yokozuna ends up hitting a banzai this time on Jimmy Del Ray.

Jeff Jarrett defeated Adam Bomb. Jarrett avoids a charge as Adam Bomb went face first into the turnbuckle. Jarrett then locks in the figure four leglock to make Adam Bomb submit.

It is announced that next week on Superstars, Hakushi will face Bart Gunn.

We hear pre-recorded comments from The Undertaker and Paul Bearer who discuss the Million $ Gaunlet coming up this Monday on Raw. Paul Bearer promises that his Undertaker will get his revenge and they will get their urn back. Undertaker sends a message to Ted Dibiase that no matter what he tries it will never keep The Undertaker down. The demons that he's going to be sending out this coming Monday will all fall victim to the grim reaper. He will collect their souls and they will rest in peace.

Also on the show The Heart Break Hotel is set up in the ring and Shawn Michaels and Sycho Sid are standing in the ring. Shawn Michaels brags about how he made headlines at the WrestleMania press conference. Several people came up to him and told him that he's so much better than Diesel. He made Diesel and at WrestleMania, The Heart Break Kid's going to steal the show. Now tonight's guest on the Heart Break Hotel... will you believe it is his opponent at WrestleMania, Big Daddy Cool Diesel. Diesel's music hits and the fans went wild. When Diesel appears through the curtain they notice that it's not Diesel and someone who looks like Diesel wearing Diesel's ring attire. He made his way down to the ring and the imposter immediately tells Shawn to keep Sid away from him, he's terrified of Sycho Sid. Shawn and Sid have a smirk on their face and Shawn gets straight to the point. Shawn tells Diesel, out of the goodness of his heart, he allowed Diesel to hold all the belts in the WWF.

Michaels states that after Survivor Series, it should have been his WWF Title shot, not Diesel's. Diesel simply didn't do anything to deserve it and Diesel ended up becoming a champion. He took advantage of a situation and who did he learn this all of? The imposter tells Shawn he learnt this all from HBK. The imposter apologises to Shawn and tells Shawn that Shawn would have been champion right now because if it was his shot he would have never lost the belt. He would be going into WrestleMania as champion. Shawn said that's right. The imposter says he made the worst decision of his life in November and now he's nothing without Shawn Michaels. Shawn tells Diesel when they face each other at WrestleMania, he's going to send Diesel back to OZ! Shawn laughs and the real Diesel ran down and Shawn bails out of the ring. Diesel manages to fight Sid off and clotheslines him over the top rope. He stares down the imposter Diesel. Diesel kicks him to the gut and taunts Michaels and scoops the imposter up and drops him with the jackknife. Diesel sending a message to Michaels as Michaels backs off. Diesel is furious and his music plays. Sid wants to get in but Michaels holds him back. Wait a minute, Diesel is not done yet, he hits the imposter with another jackknife and Diesel means business. Michaels and Sid back up the aisle and staredown Diesel.

WWF Wrestling Challenge | March 12 | 1995

Tatanka defeated a jobber

Jerry Lawler over a jobber

The Smoking Gunns defeated 2 jobbers

Men on a Mission defeated Eli and Jacob Blu

We heard pre-recorded comments from Ted Dibiase who explains the rules of the Million Dollar Gaunlet. It's simple, Undertaker will be wrestling three matches. He's going to take on three members of the corporation. Now which three from the four, we just have to wait and see and who knows Bam Bam could possibly be an opponent for The Undertaker. Now if Undertaker gets past the first member, then immediately he faces the second member of The Corporation. If he's lucky to survive that then he faces the third member from The Corporation. Dibiase holds up the urn and says lets see how well Undertaker does without the powers of his urn. Dibiase believes that The Undertaker won't even get past the first opponent, hahahaha!!!

We hear pre-recorded comments from Bob Backlund. Bob Backlund talks about when he first became WWF Champion. He held that title for many years. Now he's never been the Intercontinental champion but when he wins the title he plans on holding it for a very long time. All these great fans will then have a man who they can look up too. Children will have an idle they can idolise. Owen Hart is not that role model for children. Backlund then goes on a crazy rant and says his heart, his pride and dignity, everything for him will be on the line in the most important match of his career at WrestleMania and he's not going to defeated. He's a fighter and he's going to show Owen that he's better than him, he's going to match him hold for hold. He's going to out wrestle him. He's going to teach Owen a wrestling lesson. Owen will be forced to submit to the crossface chickenwing.

The same vignette that was aired on Raw for Hunter Hearst Helmsley was aired on Wrestling Challenge. Helmsley will be making his debut tomorrow night on Raw.

It is announced that Shawn Michaels will face The 123 Kid on Monday Night Raw.

During the show it was announced that Wrestling Challenge will be coming to an end soon and the final episode of Wrestling Challenge will be on March 26.

Jim Ross interviews Jeff Jarrett and The Road Dogg. Double J thinks The 123 Kid having an NFL footballer player in his corner is a joke. This is the WWF, not the NFL. Taylor has no idea what he'll be getting himself into. The Road Dogg will certainly take care of LT, while Double J will teach The Kid a lesson in the ring. Road Dogg speaks about how a football player like Taylor has no business being out there at ringside but now LT has decided to back The Kid up, he's going to certainly regret his decision. LT is one of many celebrities that will be there at WrestleMania. We've got Salt 'n' Pepa singing the national anthem at WrestleMania and Road Dogg insults them and thinks that they can't sing. Road Dogg says it's a travesty that Double J never got approached to sing the national anthem because he would have certainly done a better job than Salt 'n' Pepa. Road Dogg and Jarrett then make fun of Jennifer McCarthy and Pamela Anderson. Double J and Road Dogg get huge heat for insulting the celebrities that will be appearing at WrestleMania. Double J was furious with the comments Lawrence Taylor made about Jarrett's music performance. Jarrett states that it would have been the greatest performance ever but The Kid ruined it. Jarrett claims he's a much better entertainer than Taylor ever was. Gorilla Monsoon on commentary calls Double J and Road Dogg a bunch of loud mouths. Double J then tells Jim Ross that once he beats The Kid at WrestleMania, he'll slap that figure four on Lawrence Taylor.

April 2 | Hartford Connecticut

Current Card

WWF Title Match | Bret Hart (c) vs Razor Ramon

Diesel vs Shawn Michaels

The British Bulldog vs Lex Luger

The Undertaker vs Bam Bam Bigelow

Title vs Career | WWF Intercontinental Title Match | Owen Hart (c) vs Bob Backlund

The 123 Kid vs Jeff Jarrett

Tag Team Title Match | The Smoking Gunns (c) vs Yokozuna and Hakushi

WWE 2004: The Road to WrestleMania 21
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