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Re: 2012-2013 Discussion Thread for La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, etc

Originally Posted by SN0WMAN View Post
What a joke of a club Blackburn have become. I can understand why the fans focused there hate on Kean to drive him out but they really need to do it to Venkys now. It doesn't matter who the manager is with Venkys around.
Venky's & Kean were both the focus last season, Kean more so. It purely wasn't all on Kean, but because he was there to take the heat and Venky's weren't he became the easier target even though they were the ones that started this two years of shambles.

Sacking Sam was ridiculous along with John William & Tom Finn who ran the club superbly for years, appointing Kean was just wrong, keeping him in charge until we were relegated and then letting him carry on until he was unable to meet an almost impossible points target before sacking him so a new manager couldn't bring his own players in, appointing a global advisor who's a glorified pundit with a big mouth and no brain to run a club with no experience and to sign players Kean hadn't seen and then to appoint a new manager after six weeks who'd been available all that time was just ludicrous, now they sack him 57 days later and his backroom staff two days before a crunch game now with no coaching staff to take charge of it. What a piss take. The biggest problem is Venky's and the tits they've got 'running' the club don't realise they're the main problem. The fact Kevin MacDonald is the odds on favourite to get the job just adds to the whole farce. Having got him at 6/4 (now 1/4) earlier I hope he gets it. Let's face it, when Kean was sacked and even before, the question was asked who'd want to work for Venky's. Berg said it himself that no one with any self respect would. He should've listened to his own words. He wasn't up to it, no doubt. He kept saying the defending was bad but he didn't do anything about it. After losing four to what was an average Cardiff display a week earlier, we go and give away two free headers at Blackpool. As a defender himself it was even more criminal.

The fact is though the new manager will inherit the same shambles Berg did. We've got a squad on Premier League wages who are barely Championship level with the exception of Jordan Rhodes who should be getting decent service but doesn't. The players brought in during the summer apart from Rhodes have been a disaster and are just taking the money or aren't even playing (the Portuguese players no one including Kean had heard of) and we've still got idiots running the club.

No matter who we bring in we're not going up in a million years. We'll go down unless there's some miracle work in January in the transfer market, if we can afford to even bring players in on loan. We couldn't even afford Cameron Jerome's wages for a loan deal a few months ago. It's disgusting what those cunts have done to the club in just two years, and the worst thing is they don't even realise it.

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