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February 18, 2011: SMACKDOWN


After last week’s lack of Michael Cole to begin the show ...

... this week he is back with his ‘State of SMACKDOWN’ address. Cole speaks out about SMACKDOWN being the Number 1 show in the WWE right now and he hypes up the WrestleMania 27 main event which will feature the SMACKDOWN World Heavyweight Champion and the SMACKDOWN Royal Rumble winner, John Cena. Cole moves on to address the accusations that he is favouring Cena and he strenuously denies these. He claims that he is supporting Cena in his feud with Randy Orton because Cena is a SMACKDOWN guy up against a RAW guy. Cole claims that he would support Christian if he was facing Orton, he would support Undertaker, he would support Kofi and he would even support the Hardys. Cole now moves on to speak about tonight’s exciting show – he confirms that Hawkins and Swagger will face Mysterio and Ryder tonight but he then updates that match by adding Alberto Del Rio to Swagger and Hawkins’ team ... and then he announces that Randy Orton will be on SMACKDOWN tonight and will team with Mysterio and Ryder. The crowd cheer this announcement but then Cole adds that to ensure no problems between Orton and his rival, Cena has been given the night off to prepare for Sunday’s Elimination Chamber in safety. Cole switches his attention to the Tag Team Championships and says there will be a rematch from Monday night when the Hart Dynasty face off against Cryme Tyme in a Number 1 contender match. Cole also announces that the six competitors from the World Championship Elimination Chamber match this Sunday will all compete here tonight – World Champion CM Punk and Christian will meet one on one in a rematch from the Royal Rumble; Jeff Hardy will face his brother Matt Hardy to end their issues ahead of Jeff’s title opportunity this Sunday; and finally, in a Triple Threat, Undertaker, Kofi Kingston and Big Show will meet in the main event. Cole says that yet again, SMACKDOWN proves that it is the Number 1 show in the WWE and wishes everybody an enjoyable evening ...

(Green Day)

*** PYRO ***
*** PYRO ***
*** PYRO ***
*** PYRO ***

Todd Grisham and Mick Foley have just a moment to welcome everybody to Friday Night SMACKDOWN live from Grand Rapids, Michigan before ...



... the ever popular Jeff Hardy comes bounding out from backstage ready for the biggest couple of days since his return a month ago. Jeff, who we haven’t heard from much, salutes his fans and then speeds down the ramp towards the ring as the crowd go crazy for him. He slides into the ring and rushes over to the corner to continue his saluting of the WWE Universe before he takes a microphone and speaks out. He addresses his recent issues with his older brother, Matt. Jeff reaffirms his view that Matt is thinking too much about titles and accomplishments and that he needs to fall in love with wrestling again if he is to move onwards. Jeff again informs the world that if Matt wants to compete so badly in Sunday’s Elimination Chamber match, he can have his spot. Jeff says that being WWE or World Champion is an amazing feeling but the feeling he got from competing night in, night out with his brother and living their dream was worth so much more to him. Jeff says he does not want to fight Matt tonight but Cole has ordered it and if Matt wishes to continue their problems then he will have no option but to fight. He says he will be living his dream one more time tonight, competing in the WWE and rocking the world like only he can ...



World Heavyweight Champion

A mixed reception for the World Champion as he heads out with the World Championship belt around his waist and holding a microphone while shaking his head. Punk is dressed ready to compete later tonight against Christian but he has words for Hardy first. Staying on the stage, Punk says that, as ever, Hardy is talking rubbish. The notion that there is a better feeling than being the World Champion is a ridiculous one and he accuses Jeff of being high or something. Punk taunts Jeff a little more, shades of their amazing feud from last year resurfacing, and claims that there is no better feeling than simply being known as the champion and the “Best in the World” and that deep down, Hardy knows that too. Punk accuses Jeff of being a hypocrite who would love nothing more than to be the World Champion after this Sunday and he throws out to a replay from SMACKDOWN last year ...

Punk challenges Hardy to deny that that ovation didn’t feel good, that that moment on SMACKDOWN was not the greatest feeling of his entire career. Hardy describes it as being one of the best moments of his career, the pinnacle of his achievements, but then claims that his first Tag Team Championship with Matt or their debut match or their amazing TLC matches meant much more to him. Punk laughs and accuses Hardy of being a liar. He tells the WWE Universe that Jeff Hardy is greedy and egotistical like any other superstar in the WWE and that, whatever it took, Hardy would do anything to become World Champion this Sunday and head into the WrestleMania main event in six weeks time. Again, Jeff tries to deny this but Punk cuts him off and tells him that that will simply have to remain a pipedream though, that there is no happy ending for Jeff Hardy on his dream return to the WWE. Punk says that he will do whatever it takes to retain his World Championship as well, Punk says that he is determined to go to WrestleMania and main event for the first time in his career and ram the words of John Cena down his throat. Punk says he will prove that he is the best in the world and that there is nothing Jeff Hardy can do about it.

Jeff is beginning to get a little annoyed with CM Punk now and he interrupts. He reminds Punk that it was him that caused Hardy’s exit from the WWE last year and that he owes him one. So whilst he didn’t come back to the WWE to become the World Champion, he will do just that if he needs to so that he can pay Punk back. Punk tries to use this to prove his theory but Jeff tells him to shut up and listen for a change. Jeff says that CM Punk has a big mouth and that regardless of whether he becomes World Champion this Sunday, he will make sure that CM Punk loses his title instead. Jeff continues to build up his thirst for revenge whilst there is a commotion behind him ... Matt Hardy is in the ring! Unaware of his brother’s presence, Jeff tells Punk that this Sunday will be his last day as World Champion and that he had better be ready for ... TWIST OF FATE! MATT GRABS JEFF AND LEVELS HIM WITH A SURPRISE TWIST OF FATE! The crowd boo as Matt stands over Jeff with a look of intense pleasure in his eyes whilst CM Punk, on stage still, readjusts his title belt and laughs at Jeff’s fate. He turns and leaves and the crowd focus on Matt who exits the ring and grabs ... a steel chair! He gets back into the ring as Jeff gets back up ... BAM! CHAIR SHOT TO THE BACK OF HIS YOUNGER BROTHER! The crowd boo and jeer as referees and officials swarm over the ring to stop the attack but Matt threatens them with the chair before ... SMASH! CHAIR RAMMED INTO THE GUT OF JEFF AS WELL! Jeff is down and coughing and spluttering as Matt tosses away the chair. Smirking, Matt looks down on Jeff as the referees hold him back and shouts at him that he should disappear again and leave the WWE for good as SMACKDOWN heads into a commercial ...


SMACKDOWN returns with the WWE’s newest tag team heading for the ring ...



As Swagger and Hawkins head for the ring, replays of their issues with Ryder in recent weeks are shown including the night that Swagger joined forces with Hawkins to take out Ryder in the first place. Foley suggests that Ryder wasn’t the weak link in the Hawkins/Ryder team that won the Tag Titles but Hawkins’ grievance with him could set him back big time.

*** REALEZA ***


Intercontinental Champion | w/Ricardo Rodriguez

The horn of the car sounds and out into the arena drives the Intercontinental Champion, Alberto Del Rio. He is introduced by his personal ring announcer but he doesn’t look pleased and Grisham explains that is down to the fact that he has to defend the Intercontinental Championship this Sunday against his rival, Rey Mysterio. Foley says that Del Rio’s heinous attack of Rey back on his first night with the company will have lit a spark under Mysterio and that he can see a new Intercontinental Champion being crowned this Sunday ...

*** RADIO ***


Positive reaction for Ryder who seems to have picked up the sympathy vote from the WWE Universe after Hawkins’ and Swagger’s treatment of him. Replays of last week’s confrontation between Ryder and Mysterio and Swagger, Hawkins and Del Rio are shown as Ryder pauses at the bottom of the ramp wary of entering the ring without backup.



Great reception for the Mexican Rey Mysterio as he heads out and salutes the fans before his pyro explodes and he heads down the ring. Foley and Grisham remind us that Mysterio will challenge for the Intercontinental Championship this Sunday and that he is ready to crown his return from injury by adding gold to his waist once again ...

*** VOICES ***


Huge reaction for Orton, the man who faces Cena on Sunday in a Last Man Standing match, as he saunters out to join Mysterio and Ryder. As Orton heads down the ramp, Foley complains that Cena has been given the night off SMACKDOWN whilst Orton, a RAW guy, has to come on SMACKDOWN and compete. He accuses Cole of talking rubbish earlier in the night when he claimed that he wasn’t favouring Cena in any way. Orton looks menacing as he reaches the ring, his icy stare pointing towards Del Rio, Hawkins and Swagger. Despite not having any particular issues with them, Orton looks as if he wants to send a message to Cena here tonight.


Orton starts the match and he goes up against Jack Swagger who appears to believe that he can cope with the Viper. Calling Orton out, Swagger locks up with him and begins to wrestle him down to the mat. However, Orton is in no mood for mat wrestling and he gains control with a few well placed right hands followed by a backbreaker across his own back that forces Swagger to make the tag to Hawkins. Orton continues to dominate the match when Hawkins is in the ring and also when Del Rio gets in but a cheap shot from the Mexican when Orton speaks to the referee forces Orton into tagging out and in comes Ryder for the first time this evening ...

ENDING: The match continues with all six men having time in the ring but it starts to look threatening to Ryder when Del Rio manages to hit the Enzuguri kick in the corner of the ring as he steps up the turnbuckles. With Ryder face down and desperate for the tag, Del Rio taunts Mysterio and the referee has to hold the little man back. In the confusion, Hawkins and Swagger creep up behind Orton on the outside and they pull him backwards off the apron so that he crashes down on the floor on his back. Del Rio stomps away at Ryder and it appears to be a matter of time ... ROLLING CROSS ARM BREAKER! DEL RIO LOCKS IN THE CROSS ARM BREAKER TO RYDER! Mysterio is forced to come into the ring again and he dropkicks Del Rio to save Ryder from tapping out. All hell breaks loose now as Hawkins and Swagger come in after Rey and they beat down at him. However, Rey gets the advantage and he dropkicks Hawkins through the ropes to the outside, he then dropkicks Swagger down over the ropes so he is set up for the 619 ... Swagger rolls out of the ring though and joins Hawkins but as they get to their feet, Mysterio leaps onto the top rope, springboards out of the ring and connects with a crossbody to both of them. In the ring, Del Rio is slowly getting up as Ryder is still down on the mat and looks angry now. He grabs Ryder and is about to set up the Cross Arm Breaker again when Orton slithers under the ropes ... RKO! ORTON RKO’S DEL RIO! Cheers in the arena as the referee ushers Orton away, he stands in the corner with a smug look on his face. Ryder gets up and watches Del Rio struggling up ... ROUGH RYDER! RYDER CONNECTS WITH ROUGH RYDER! Del Rio is down and out and Ryder thinks about the cover – but then he spots Mysterio on the apron. He tags in the Number 1 contender for the Intercontinental Championship and Rey stalks up behind Del Rio. A dropkick sends Del Rio sprawling over the middle rope and perfectly set up ... 619 CONNECTS! MYSTERIO WITH THE 619 TO DEL RIO! As Del Rio staggers around, Mysterio leaps up again and springboards off the top rope ... WEST COAST POP! Mysterio hooks the legs of Del Rio ...

** 1 **
** 2 **
** 3 **

The crowd explode with delight and Mysterio looks down at Del Rio with a smirk. As Orton and Ryder join him in the ring, Mysterio stands over Del Rio and signals that he will soon have the Intercontinental Championship around his waist. The referee raises their hands in victory as SMACKDOWN heads into another commercial ...


SMACKDOWN returns with replays of the victory for Orton, Mysterio and Ryder before the break against Del Rio, Hawkins and Swagger. In the ring, we see that Mysterio and Ryder have left and Orton is stood holding a microphone. He is waiting to explain his actions on Monday when he RKO’d Shawn Michaels, the RAW General Manager. Orton explains that it was nothing personal against HBK, he was just the only one he could hit the RKO on at that moment. Orton suggests that he needed to hit an RKO and says that he doesn’t care what people think of him, when he is ready to strike, he does just that. He was sending a message to Cena – at any point, at any moment, he can hit an RKO and there is nothing Cena can do about it when he does. Orton apologises to HBK but then insists that he needed to do it. Orton goes on to suggest that HBK was the one who put Cena on his Survivor Series team in the first place, it was HBK that made the stipulation that Cena could lose Orton the title. Orton suggests that they are now even. Orton turns his attention to Michael Cole and John Cena next and says that he would have loved to RKO Michael Cole instead and then punt him in the skull but it has been made clear to him by WWE management that he must not touch Cole. Instead, Orton vows to take out his anger on John Cena this Sunday instead, he will destroy Cena and leave him a bloody mess and unable to take his place in any WrestleMania main event. Orton reaffirms that his match with Cena this Sunday is not about titles, it is simply about revenge and taking Cena out for a long, long time. He says that Cena keeps looking forward to the WrestleMania main event and that he should be focusing on making sure he is fit enough to watch the WrestleMania main event on TV. Fighting talk from Orton but it ends when Cena comes through the crowd – isn’t he supposed to be taking the night off? Orton spins around with Cena stood behind him ... FU! CENA HITS THE FU ON ORTON!

As Cena stands over Orton, he smirks to himself but Foley and Grisham are hyping up the potential consequences for Cena after that action. They remind us that Cena stands to lose his WrestleMania main event position if he touches Orton – and he has done just that! What will happen to Cena? Will he be punished? Is the Elimination Chamber match between Cena and Orton now in jeopardy?


SMACKDOWN returns with replays of Cena’s attack on Orton and further questioning of the decision made by Cena and whether he may regret it or not. Backstage, the camera shows Cena walking down a corridor when there is a shout behind him. Michael Cole comes running after Cena and tells him that he needs to accompany him to the WWE owner’s office. Cena looks a little worried as they head off to see Chip Butty ...

Back in the arena, it is time for the next match of the evening ...




Grisham and Foley hype up the next match as the Dynasty head down for their Number 1 contender match to determine who will get to challenge the Tag Team Champions for their titles in the coming future ...



As JTG and Shad make their way towards the ring, Grisham introduces replays of the first attempt at this match from RAW on Monday when the Tag Team Champions, the British Empire, got involved and caused a no-contest. Foley announces that the Empire have been told to stay out of the match this evening ...



Tag Team Champions | (W/Finlay)

However, here they come to view proceedings up close anyway! As they approach the ring, Regal and Ryan with their Tag Team Championship belts and Finlay waving the Union Jack above his head, Cryme Tyme and the Hart Dynasty stare down at them and it is clear that both teams are desperate to get the chance to face them and to take their titles away after the events of the Rumble four weeks ago. The Empire sit down at the announce table, Regal is going to join the commentary team and the match is ready to start ...


The Empire are true to their word, or Regal’s word anyway, and they stay sat at the announce table with just the intention of watching the match. This means that the two teams in the ring can focus on their match but inevitably they keep glancing over to check on the actions of the Empire. Neither side particularly gets the advantage although all four men – Shad, JTG, Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith – are able to get in some offence as the match heads towards a completion ...

ENDING: The problems start though when the action leaves the ring and heads outside towards the announce table. After their warning from WWE management, the Empire stay out of it but their presence causes problems as well as the two legal men – Kidd and Shad – trade blows nearby. Shad manages to duck a shot from Kidd and he shoves him backwards into the announce table with a crunch. The referee orders JTG and Hart Smith to stay in their corners and the two face teams obey him as Shad waits to hit Kidd once more. He goes for a Big Boot but Kidd ducks it and Shad’s right boot connects with the face of Finlay – by accident – who is sat at the side of the desk. Immediately, Mason Ryan leaps up ready to make Shad pay but Regal holds him back. However, Shad is distracted and he gets in the face of Ryan. As the tension builds, Kidd also joins the argument as the referee is counting inside the ring ...

** 8 **
** 9 **
** 10 **

Frustration all round as Shad and Kidd realise that they have both been counted out and have blown another opportunity to earn their shot at the Tag Team Championships. They both re-enter the ring and explain themselves to their partners, both of whom are sympathetic, and then both teams turn their sights on the Empire. Ryan looks as if he wants to get in the ring and rumble but Regal holds him back once more whilst he helps Finlay up at the same time. Using his brain, Regal guides his team around the ring and up the ramp where words are exchanged between all three teams. Tyson Kidd signals to the Empire that he and Hart Smith will soon win the titles but this makes Cryme Tyme annoyed and they point out that they are determined to win the titles as well. Arguments break out between Cryme Tyme and the Dynasty in the ring as the Empire slink away, still none the wiser over who their next challengers will be, with the crowd giving them grief over their cowardly ways again ...


SMACKDOWN returns with live footage backstage of Cryme Tyme and the Hart Dynasty who are still arguing over who should challenge for the Tag Team Championships. It begins to turn physical as Shad and David Hart Smith begin to shove each other and then all hell breaks loose as the two teams begin to fight. WWE officials stream out and separate the teams but there is no doubt that the tension between these two is escalating and this is no longer just about getting revenge over the Empire no more ...

The cameras switch to the General Manager Michael Cole’s office where we see Cole, a sheepish looking John Cena and the WWE owner, Chip Butty. Butty looks annoyed and he is clearly upset with Cena who he is staring at. He reprimands Cena for his attack on Orton and reminds him that he demanded that there was no physical contact between them unless they were in an official match. He reminds us that he vowed that Orton would be suspended six months if he broke that rule and that Cena would be suspended and would also lose his WrestleMania 27 title shot if he did. Cena looks horrified and Cole pleads his case for him and says that after all the taunts and mocking from Orton in the past few weeks, it is a wonder that Cena hasn’t cracked earlier. Really, Cole? Are you sure? Butty takes this into consideration and he tells Cena that we are only two days away from the Elimination Chamber and for that reason, he is going to show some leniency. The crowd are split – some wanted to see Cena lose the title shot but others are ready to see Orton and Cena clash this Sunday. Butty warns Cena that he doesn’t care who it is, his orders must be followed. Cena sucks up a little and thanks Butty before exiting with a look of relief on his face.

The cameras return to the ring where Foley and Grisham discuss this development before ...



The crowd stand and cheer as one of the most popular men in the WWE heads out to a great reception. As Christian scans the crowd for his Peeps – and there are a lot of them here tonight – Foley and Grisham discuss his chances at Elimination Chamber this Sunday. Foley says that Christian was desperately unlucky not to win the World Championship at the Rumble and that he showed guts and determination that show he has an amazing chance this Sunday. Grisham reminds us that over the past couple of weeks, World Champion CM Punk has done everything possible to ensure that Christian would get his shot again this Sunday despite the best efforts of Michael Cole who would rather Christian had no chance. Foley says that Punk’s actions are to be applauded but says he suspects that there is a reason behind them that is a little bit more than simply proving himself to be the “Best in the World” ...



World Heavyweight Champion

Speaking of the World Champion, here he comes with the SMACKDOWN crowd tonight in for a real treat as Punk and Christian meet in a rematch of their Royal Rumble classic. Foley says that he just can’t see how Punk can leave the Elimination Chamber PPV with the World Championship over his shoulder – he has to face not only Christian but a fired up and determined Kofi Kingston, the gigantic Big Show, the legendary Deadman and the unpredictable but dangerous Jeff Hardy. Foley suggests that if Punk was to leave as World Champion and head into a WrestleMania 27 showdown with John Cena then it would be his greatest ever achievement ...


Punk hands over his title belt and Christian looks at it with a look of longing in his eyes as the referee passes by to hand it to the timekeeper. The match begins and both men lock up with neither man able to get control in the early stages as they feel each other out – both men seem to realise the importance of a win here to build some momentum. In the end, it is the World Champion who makes the break as he surprises Christian with a back suplex and then hits the high knee in the corner. Grabbing Christian’s head, he drives it down into the mat with a fantastic bulldog before making the pinfall but Christian is able to kick out at 2 as SMACKDOWN heads into a commercial break ...


As SMACKDOWN returns, we see that CM Punk has retained control of the match but the match continues with constant switching between the two of them. Christian is determined to get a big win here two days from the Chamber and he almost defeats Punk when he connects with the Frog Splash but, as he did at the Rumble, Punk is able to save himself by reaching out and grabbing the bottom rope ...

ENDING: As the match moves past the 10:00 mark, it is appearing that it is heading towards being a SMACKDOWN 2011 classic but then the SMACKDOWN General Manager decides to spoil things as he wanders down to the ring ...

Punk, who is up on his feet first, berates Cole and tells him to go away but Cole points to himself and reminds Punk who the GM is. Punk rushes over at Christian and is caught in a snap powerslam ...

** 1 **
** 2 **

Now Christian notices that Michael Cole has made an appearance at ringside and, yet again, Cole is told to go away. Neither of these two men has a good relationship with the General Manager and it is hard to decide which man he would rather see win here. Cole appears to simply be ringside to watch the action but the distraction causes the match to become scrappy and disjointed. However, Punk manages to hit a second high knee/bulldog combination to Christian and this time he drags Christian up for the GTS ... However, Christian slips out of the move like a snake and he manages to set up for the Killswitch instead ... Punk powers towards the corner and Christian clatters into the turnbuckles and then falls through the ropes and down to the floor near Cole. The GM begins to talk trash to Christian and says he will never be the World Champion but then Punk heads out after Christian. He shoves Cole down away from his opponent and then returns to the ring as Cole looks on shocked. Punk lifts Christian to his shoulders and again looks to hit the GTS but Cole, angry at his treatment from Punk, slides into the ring and angrily yells at the World Champion. Punk lets Christian go and he takes a threatening step towards Cole who backs off. As Punk mocks Cole with a smirk, the SMACKDOWN crowd cheer for the World Champion – still getting a mixed reaction – as they hope for him to hurt Cole. Cole steps through the ropes whilst reminding Punk of the consequences of laying a finger on him and Punk shakes his head in amusement before turning back round ... KILLSWITCH! CHRISTIAN PLANTS PUNK’S FACE IN THE MAT WITH THE KILLSWITCH!

** 1 **
** 2 **
** 3 **

Michael Cole looks on with a look of horror in his eyes at what just happened whilst Christian, realising what he has just done, celebrates in the corner – he has just pinned the World Champion two days before the Elimination Chamber match! The crowd are delighted for Christian who looks ready to burst with excitement and he signals that he will be the World Champion this Sunday. As he steps off the ropes, he looks into the eyes of Punk, who is sat up, and he taps his forehead knowingly. The message is clear – Christian did what he had to do tonight. Punk is looking furious but his grip on the World Championship appears to be slipping ... Christian takes the World Championship from the referee as he brings it back into the ring and he holds it out to Punk with a smirk on his face. Punk grasps it roughly away from Christian who laughs – can Christian defy the odds and become the World Champion this Sunday?


Tuesday February 15, 2011

A reminder of the action from NXT last Tuesday is aired:
- Dolph Ziggler defeating Great Khali and Vladimir Kozlov to hit the #1 spot in the NXT Rankings
- Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler going their separate ways in an amicable split after his win
- Kaval getting his first win on NXT – other than winning the Royal Rumble NXT Battle Royal – as he defeats Cody Rhodes with the Ghetto Stomp
- Drew McIntyre – accompanied by JBL – hitting his team-mate Kaval with the Future Shock DDT afterwards
- Michelle McCool defeating Melina to earn her spot in the Divas Championship match this Sunday vs. Maryse (c) and Layla
- Layla and Maryse beating down McCool after her win after Melina took Kharma’s attention away for a moment
- R-Truth vs. Chavo Guerrero in the second NXT Elimination Match – Chavo hits the Frog Splash to win and survive
- Truth blaming Foley afterwards and attacking him with a steel chair – R-TRUTH ELIMINATED FROM NXT AND THE WWE!

SMACKDOWN returns with Michelle McCool and Kharma stood together in the GM’s office. McCool is not happy as she stands waiting and she appears to be complaining to Kharma about the attack on her on NXT by Layla and the Divas Champion, Maryse, last Tuesday. She tells Kharma that whatever anybody else does or says, she needs to stay near to her at all times and protect her. She says the other WWE divas are so jealous of her talent and good looks that they will take any chance they can find to harm her. McCool tells Kharma that Melina is not important right now – she needs to concentrate on Maryse and Layla and winning the Divas Championship. Kharma nods in understanding and then Chip Butty walks into the room. He glances warily at Kharma but then greets McCool as if she is a long lost friend. He comments on how beautiful she looks tonight and she giggles like a schoolgirl and thanks the owner for his kind words. Butty moves on and says he has made contact as she asked. Michelle looks delighted with this news and she asks what he has found out. Butty tells her that her WrestleMania challenge has been accepted – but only if she is the Divas Champion. Butty tells Michelle that he doesn’t want to have wasted his time on this and demands that she go out on Sunday and win the Divas Championship. Michelle hugs Butty and kisses him on the cheek before promising to win. Excitedly, she claps her hands and skips out of the room beckoning Kharma to follow as Butty looks on with a huge grin on his face ...

The camera returns to the ring ...



With a sour look on his face, Matt Hardy heads out to a mixed reception – not that he appears interested. He looks determined to get in the ring and get on with business and Foley says that the change in his attitude is alarming. Foley says that he has known these two men since they first broke into the WWE over fifteen years and he says that they were always simply there to live their dream of being WWE superstars. He says that it now appears to be, at least for Matt Hardy anyway, all about being the WWE or World Champion and that he looks to have forgotten their childhood dream. Grisham says that it is easy for Foley, and indeed Jeff Hardy, to say that – they have been the top dog, they’ve won the biggest titles whereas Matt hasn’t. Foley says he understands the desire to be the champion but to turn on your own brother over it is unforgiveable ...



For the second time this evening, the crowd rise to their feet and cheer as Jeff makes his way down towards the ring but this time Jeff does it with a less cheery expression in his face. Replays of the earlier chair shots that Matt delivered to Jeff are shown before we return to the ring and see that Matt and Jeff are squaring up to each other with the referee trying to keep order. Jeff exits the ring and grabs a microphone. He addresses Matt and says that this is ridiculous. He says that he has said it before and he will say it again – if Matt wants the title match so bad, he can have it. Matt shakes his head and says something about charity so Jeff offers to put his spot in the Elimination Chamber on the line in this match. If Matt defeats him, Matt can enter the Elimination Chamber this Sunday instead. Matt nods his head with a smile on his face but then Jeff speaks again. Jeff says that he didn’t come back to the WWE to win the title but he says that after Matt’s actions in the last couple of weeks, he will be doing everything he can to win this match. He says that Matt needs humbling and reminding of what is important and that when he beats him, he will have punished Matt and he hopes that will be enough to remind Matt of his priorities.

SINGLES MATCH (Winner challenges for World Championship on Sunday in Elimination Chamber)

These two know each other so well and the match is full of counters and counter-counters that make it difficult for either man to take control. Matt looks to be trying to slow the action down and keep it on the mat whereas Jeff is trying to speed things up so that he can go for his big, high-flying and high-risk offence that often proves to be the difference for him.

ENDING: The match twists and turns throughout but then Jeff counters out of the Side Effect and hits a Jawbreaker to Matt that leaves him sprawled on the mat clutching his chin. Jeff whips Matt across the ring into the corner buckles but as he charges in, Matt sidesteps and Jeff collides hard with the corner post with his shoulder. The cry of pain from Jeff is audible around the arena and Matt looks to take immediate advantage as he works on the shoulder over and over. Matt has Jeff in a whole heap of trouble as his arm hangs limp down by his side but Jeff shows incredible resolve and refuses to quit or be counted down. A swing of his good right arm is easy for Matt to duck though ... SIDE EFFECT! MATT HITS JEFF WITH THE SIDE EFFECT! Jeff is down and out as Matt makes the cover ...

** 1 **
** 2 **

Matt cannot believe it and he stomps away at Jeff’s arm with an angry look on his face now. He retreats to the outside of the ring and returns with two steel chairs to the annoyance of the referee. He throws one down and looks to set himself with the other to smash Jeff but the referee drags the chair out of his hands despite Matt’s protests. As the referee looks to get rid of the chair, Matt picks up the other one and sets himself but Jeff hits a Mule Kick and the chair connects hard with Matt’s chest instead. Jeff grabs the chair as Matt drops it and rams it into his gut to leave Matt down on the mat in pain. As the ref turns, Jeff tosses the chair aside and sets Matt up ... TWIST OF FATE! JEFF HITS MATT WITH THE TWIST OF FATE! As the crowd will Jeff on, he decides against the pin and climbs slowly up the turnbuckles to the top rope. Struggling to grip with his injured arm and shoulder, progress is slow but Matt is down and out on the mat. Can Jeff get there in time? SWANTON BOMB CONNECTS! Jeff hooks the leg ...

** 1 **
** 2 **
** 3 **

As Jeff’s music blares out around the arena, Grisham reminds us all that the victory there means that Jeff is secure in his Elimination Chamber place to challenge for the World Championship whilst Matt Hardy will, simply, have the night off on Sunday instead. Foley admits to feeling a little sorry for the older Hardy brother and says that it is a shame things have gone this way for him – he suggests it must tear him apart to see Jeff challenging for World Championships on a regular basis. As Matt staggers, embarrassed, away from the ring, Jeff watches him and shakes his head a little. Whilst Jeff acknowledges the crowd, he is clearly not pleased with how things are turning out with his young brother.


SMACKDOWN returns with a rundown of the card for the Elimination Chamber PPV ...


After defeating Daniel Bryan in a Ladder Match at the Rumble, DiBiase now has the chance to challenge one on one for the US Championship. After having his first opportunity changed into a Triple Threat – which allowed Gabriel to win the US Title in the first place – DiBiase is adamant that he should already be the US Champion. However, the South African Gabriel has been on a roll since leaving Nexus, despite their attentions of late, and will be looking to retain his title heading towards WrestleMania 27. With a chance to defend the title at the biggest PPV of the year on the horizon, both men will be desperate to win this Sunday ...

ALBERTO DEL RIO (c) (w/Ricardo Rodriguez) vs. REY MYSTERIO

Since he arrived in the WWE just under 6 months, Alberto Del Rio has been on a tear. He has taken out some of the WWE’s greatest names with the Cross Arm Breaker including Mark Henry, Christian and fellow Mexican, Rey Mysterio. However, we have rarely seen Del Rio rattled like he was back at the Royal Rumble when Mysterio returned from injury and immediately targeted him. Del Rio claims that Mysterio is an embarrassment to Mexico and that he is not worthy to challenge him but the WWE board determined last week that Mysterio would be the man to challenge Del Rio this Sunday. After Del Rio took away four months of Mysterio’s career, Mysterio now looks to take away the cherished Intercontinental Championship of Del Rio when they meet at the PPV ...


Since winning the WWE Championship at Survivor Series, Barrett has successfully defended the title against an impressive array of WWE superstarts – Randy Orton, Triple H and Kurt Angle have all failed to take the title away from him. However, the accusations that Barrett is a lucky champion continue to dog him thanks to the circumstances involving those wins – every single victory has been tainted with either the murky fingerprints of John Cena or the Nexus. So why should it be any different this time for new challenger, John Morrison? Morrison made it clear immediately that he considered Barrett’s title reign to be solely down to the presence of Nexus and goaded Barrett into making several comments that put down his team-mates. And when it came to the crunch on RAW, Nexus deserted the WWE Champion which means he will defend the title alone this Sunday. With an even playing field, can Morrison do what no other man has done and defeat Wade Barrett to win the WWE Championship? It would be the first major title of Morrison’s career and the crowd will no doubt be behind him. However, Barrett is determined to prove all the doubters wrong and head into WrestleMania as the WWE Champion ...


With Barrett and Morrison battling over the title in the WWE Championship match, the identity of the man to challenge for the title at WrestleMania will also be determined in RAW’s Elimination Chamber contest. With the Chamber now established as the most dangerous match of the year, it is the last chance for these six men to prove that they should be in the WrestleMania main event this year – but they will have to put everything on the line in the brutal Chamber. With four former WWE Champions in the match, there is no lack of experience whilst Daniel Bryan is looking to build from an extremely successful 2010 as is Miz who has been on a major roll since last Summer. Which of these six will challenge Barrett or Morrison at WrestleMania?


Whereas RAW’s Elimination Chamber is to determine the Number 1 contender for WrestleMania, SMACKDOWN already has a Number 1 contender thanks to John Cena winning the Royal Rumble. Therefore, the question is – who will Cena challenge in Atlanta? CM Punk has been speaking long and loud over his intention to defeat Cena at WrestleMania and prove that he is the ‘Best in the World’ but these comments have hardly endeared him to the five men he faces in the Chamber this Sunday. The 500 pound giant, Big Show. The man who came so close to defeating Punk at the Rumble, Christian. The man Punk forced to leave the WWE a year ago, Jeff Hardy. The exciting ‘Breakout Star of 2010’, Kofi Kingston. And finally, the Phenom of the WWE and the man with a glittering record at WrestleMania, the Undertaker. With so many big names in the Chamber for SMACKDOWN, it seems impossible to call who will walk out and face Cena as the World Champion when we reach Atlanta ...


But will Cena make it to WrestleMania? Not according to Randy Orton, the man who vows to end Cena’s WrestleMania hopes when he faces him this Sunday. Problems between Cena and Orton have been brewing for years but have intensified in the past four months since an irritated Cena was voted against by the WWE Universe at Cyber Sunday. Cena, fearing the growing popularity of the Viper, resented Orton’s success and at the Survivor Series, he was pinned by Justin Gabriel, then of the Nexus, to lose Orton’s title and hand it to Wade Barrett. Although Cena has denied deliberately losing the title, Orton believes it was done on purpose and the two of them have engaged in a bitter war since. Cena cost Orton the title in his rematch, the pair clashed in an epic at Vengeance which Cena won in trying circumstances, they clashed again at the Rumble with Cena hitting Orton with an FU in the concrete parking lot only for Orton to return to the ring and the pair of them battled it out at the end – Cena ultimately winning but in dodgy circumstances yet again. After Orton won a ‘Beat the Clock’ challenge, he had the right to choose the stipulation after Cena challenged him to a match at the Chamber PPV to end their feud once and for all. With Cena hoping to move on to WrestleMania afterwards, Orton vows to end those hopes and make sure Cena watches WrestleMania from the hospital instead.

The cameras show Foley and Grisham ringside at the announce table flanked by four of the big names scheduled for the Elimination Chamber from SMACKDOWN – John Cena and World Champion CM Punk on the right of the announce desk, Jeff Hardy and Christian on the left. The four of them are putting forward their cases for why they will retain or win the World Championship – either on Sunday or at WrestleMania – as we prepare for tonight’s main event ...

*** CRANK IT UP ***


As Show comes down to the ring, the conversation at the announce desk concerns the devastating right hand of the gigantic Big Show. Foley says that if he connects with five of those right hands at the Chamber and then once more at WrestleMania, then there is no doubt in his mind that Big Show will walk out of the WrestleMania main event as the World Champion. Punk says that Show’s right hand is to be feared but he suggests that Show needs to catch him to connect with it in the first place and he should be fearing the GTS much much more. Christian laughs at this and says he kicked out of the GTS not once but twice at the Rumble – he says that he knows he must avoid the Big Show’s WMD punch whereas he would just like to avoid the GTS ...

*** SOS ***


Todd Grisham hypes up the achievements of Kofi as he bounds out to the ring and the green and yellow pyro explodes in the arena. He says that Kingston is the underdog but he has shown in the past few months that he is definite WWE main eventer now and that it is only a matter of time before he is the WWE or World Champion. Cena scoffs at this and tells Grisham that there isn’t one man in the match on Sunday or himself that fears Kofi. Cena says that Kofi is a high-risk superstar and that while he is capable of shocking the world, he isn’t capable of shocking the world six times to beat six men and be World Champion. Jeff Hardy pipes up and says that he respects the hell out of Kofi and believes that Grisham is right – Kofi is going to be the champion sooner rather than later although Jeff believes that he has enough to defeat him at the Chamber. Punk comments that Kofi seems unable to win the big match and compares him to Christian which causes Christian to raise an eyebrow and retort that he beat Punk earlier tonight ...

*** GONG ***
*** GONG ***
*** GONG ***



Darkness falls across the arena as the fog and mist settles and the eerie entrance of the Phenom of the WWE, The Undertaker, begins. Foleys says that this man is a legend and that at WrestleMania he will be looking to go 19-0 now that he has extinguished the threat of his brother, Kane. To do that, Undertaker could become the World Champion and then defeat Cena at WrestleMania. All four men at ringside have gone quiet as they watch Undertaker head for the ring but this comment knocks Cena into a response. Cena says that he respects the accomplishments of Undertaker, particularly at WrestleMania, but then says that he believes that there is nobody on SMACKDOWN or RAW that can defeat him – including the Undertaker. Punk claims to be the only man to have ever made Undertaker tap out which causes amusement to Christian and Jeff Hardy as Taker enters the ring and removes his coat and hat and we are ready for this Triple Threat match ...


In the early stages, size matters as Kofi Kingston takes a real battering from the two big men, Taker and Big Show. This leads to an encounter between Taker and Show, they clashed on SMACKDOWN last week twice, and they begin to try and destroy each other with the Chamber on the horizon. However, Kofi is like an annoying fly as he keeps interfering in their battle and hitting high risk moves to break things up. The match continues in a similar vein as we head into the final commercial of the evening ...


ENDING: When we return to the main event, Undertaker is starting to dominate as he twists Show’s arm and walks the top rope. However, Kofi, with no respect for legendary pasts, climbs the buckles and leaps off to hit a kick to Taker’s legs that crotches him across the top rope. Show drags Taker off the ropes and clutches his throat ... CHOKE SLAM! BIG SHOW HITS THE CHOKE SLAM TO UNDERTAKER!

** 1 **
** 2 **

Growling with rage, Show steps back and withdraws his right hand now ... He is going to smash Undertaker hard in the skull! As Taker staggers up after the Choke Slam, Show pulls back ... just as Kofi springboards off the ropes and dropkicks him in the chest. Show staggers backwards as Kofi and Taker go at it now and battle. Show tries to insert himself into the battle but Taker and Kofi knock him back, Taker with choke thrusts and Kofi with kicks and running forearms, and continue their battles. Undertaker suddenly grabs Kofi by the throat ... CHOKE SLAM! UNDERTAKER HITS THE CHOKE SLAM ON KOFI KINGSTON!

** 1 **
** 2 **

A little luck there for Kofi – would he have been able to kick out before 3? Taker and Show trade right hands now as Kofi rolls away and to the floor where he recovers on his knees. At the announce desk, the other four men watch on with a discussion about hoping this goes on a long time to tire these men out before Sunday! Taker and Show are battling hard but it is Show that has more power and he slams Taker down on the mat and pulls back looking for the WMD Punch again. However, Taker ducks it and kicks Show hard in the gut before clutching his huge throat ... CHOKE SLAM! UNDERTAKER CHOKE SLAMS BIG SHOW! The crowd cheer and holler but Taker isn’t done as he cuts across his throat ... Surely not? Show wobbles towards him and Taker, with a huge effort, scoops up Big Show ... Wow! Big Show in real trouble here! TOMBSTONE! UNDERTAKER TOMBSTONES BIG SHOW! He crosses Show’s arms across his chest and goes for the victory ...

** 1 **
** 2 **

Undertaker gets to his knees angrily ... TROUBLE IN PARADISE! KOFI HITS TROUBLE IN PARADISE TO UNDERTAKER! Taker is stunned and falls down in the corner as Kofi looks to sneak out the win as he pins Big Show ...

** 1 **
** 2 **
** 3 **

As SOS blares out around the arena, Kofi Kingston leaps up on the turnbuckles with a look of astonishment in his eyes as he celebrates a huge win here tonight! With momentum now on his side, Grisham and Foley speculate that Sunday could be Kofi’s big night ... Big Show staggers over and drags Kofi off the turnbuckles though and he plants his hand around the throat of Ghanaian ... CHOKE SLAM! CHOKE SLAM FROM SHOW TO KOFI! The men at the announce desk desert now and head into the ring, Christian and Jeff Hardy take it in turns to kick and punch at Show until he hits the mat ... Christian points to the top rope and Jeff climbs quickly ... SWANTON BOMB FROM JEFF TO BIG SHOW! As Hardy gets up though, Christian kicks him in the gut to the surprise of many ... KILLSWITCH! CHRISTIAN HITS THE KILLSWITCH ON JEFF HARDY! Christian gets up to his feet and looks down on Hardy with a shrug of the shoulders before signalling that he is going to be wearing the World Championship this Sunday and it’s all about that! Behind him is trouble though ... CM Punk creeps up on Christian looking for revenge ... GO TO SLEEP! CM PUNK LEVELS CHRISTIAN WITH A GTS! Grabbing his World Title belt, Punk raises it high and shouts out “Best in the World” ... just as Undertaker walks up behind him! CM Punk drops his belt in surprise as Taker spins him round and hits three well placed Choke Thrusts before a Big Boot crashes him down to the mat. Undertaker drags Punk up from the mat ... TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER! UNDERTAKER TOMBSTONES THE WORLD CHAMPION! But wait a minute ...

Cena is in the ring ...

FU! CENA HITS THE FU ON UNDERTAKER! With all six men down who will be competing in the Elimination Chamber this Sunday for the World Championship, the last man left standing is the man who one of them is scheduled to face at WrestleMania ... Cena points to the WrestleMania logo in the rafters and then picks up the World Title ... He lifts it in the air to boos and jeers when suddenly Randy Orton is in the ring stalking behind him ... RKO! ORTON HITS THE RKO ON CENA! The crowd roar their approval but Foley and Grisham speculate over whether Orton just made a huge mistake by attacking Cena tonight? As SMACKDOWN fades out, we see the Viper stood over Cena with a look of aggression in his eyes as we move closer and closer to the Elimination Chamber PPV ... DON’T MISS IT THIS SUNDAY!

*** END OF SHOW ***




John Cena vs. Randy Orton

CM Punk (c) vs. Big Show vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Christian vs. The Undertaker

Daniel Bryan vs. Kurt Angle vs. The Miz vs. Sheamus vs. Edge vs. Triple H

Wade Barrett (c) vs. John Morrison
(Nexus barred from ringside)

Justin Gabriel (c) vs. Ted DiBiase

Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Rey Mysterio

Maryse (c) vs. Layla vs. Michelle McCool (w/Kharma)


*** 2 DAYS AWAY ***


Divas Championship - Maryse / Layla / Michelle McCool

US Championship - Justin Gabriel / Ted DiBiase

IC Championship - Alberto Del Rio / Rey Mysterio

WWE Championship - Wade Barrett / John Morrison

World Championship (EC) - CM Punk / Big Show / Christian / Jeff Hardy / Kofi Kingston / Undertaker

RAW Elimination Chamber - Daniel Bryan / Edge / Kurt Angle / The Miz / Sheamus / Triple H

Last Man Standing - John Cena / Randy Orton

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