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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

if they want they can do some hyped TV match with a guy like Mysterio. Other than that I can see brawls this time because it started with a physical interaction. In Rock/Cena, the idea was to save everything for the PPV and it was more than successful. If you noticed, Rock never touched Cena on TV. The reason for that is that it's the payoff. Nobody pay to see Cena gets the upper hand or some kind of "revenge" which is why they closed every Rock PPV with him standing tall and Cena on the ground. If you look at it from this perspective, they actually booked it perfectly because they realized for once what their audience paid to see and how to maximize interest like they did at WM27 when the entire PPV was built around Rock getting his finisher back.

In this situation this is not a problem because there's not an aura of a dream match or a need for some type of protection until "they finally come to blows". The final payoff is Rock winning the title again. I imagine that Rock is gonna get the Rock Bottom back on the first RAW of January. Other than that it's pretty open, with Rock's appearances on SD, you're probably going to see him work with many different guys.

As for the rumored card, like I said before, this is a complete disaster with the potential of the Rock/Brock and Taker/Cena WM29. I will give HHH the benefit of the doubt for now because he seriously can't be that stupid considering his position in the company(Although most of the workers there are completely clueless so it's not saying much), to book himself in a second match against Lesnar when nobody cares about it just to get a scripted victory. Especially if they waste a Floyd appearance on this.

BTW, forgot to mention it but I would love to see some intense Rock/Ryback segment/staredown on RAW. The interest in it will jump just with the idea of them teasing a physical or verbal interaction because of the presence in the ring. Two bulls colliding always sells, especially if you can create anticipation like they did with Rock and Brock in 2002(Which was a perfect program)with the gym vids and and MMA type build up.

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