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Re: How Would You Debut These Following Superstars?

Corey Graves - I would debut him with Carter under the Pretty boy gimmick but as faces they would be best freinds(borderline homo which is played upon) and both of them think they are the best thing to happen to women since the kitchen. They would basically be cocky, narcissistic, male chauvinists they would try to pick girls and fail, have date bets, etc a kind of lovable losers tag-team and as heels well I don't have to say what they be like as it is obvious the same gimmick but in a different more serious tone.

Bray Wyatt - The same as his NXT debut basically couple of viginettes well you know how he debuted, joined by two NXT wrestler as his family, wins one of the midcard titles after a feud or two.

Chris Hero - I would go with THANOS idea as mine was just to have him debut by attacking Cesaro from the crowd with no warning as it hadn't been done in a while(but Sheild kind of did that...so) leading to a feud and later a Tag-Team with their histoy together in the indy circuit being mentioned in their feud.

Richie Steamboat - His is very simple have a graphic on SD advertising a appearance by Ricky Steamboat next week then the next week have Ricky introduce to the WWE universe his son Richie. I would have Ricky cut a promo saying how proud he is of his son, etc. This leads to a heel interupting Richie defending his dad then the heel and Richie have a match. It doesn't matter who it is but Richie wins in a babyface way(don't want him to look like a heel at all on his debut). Richie and his Dad celebrate. After that he goes on a winning streak for about 6-8 months with announcers mentioning how much he like his father and a couple of vignettes sprinkled throughout his streak highlighting the similarities. His first loss would be to the I.C champ(heel) who Richie beats at the next PPV and wins the I.C title where his dad comes out and celebrates the win with him. I am basically setting him up as the new Kofi Kingston(allowing WWE to take a risk with Kofi in any way just do something with him its been years).

Paige - Attacks one of the less successful(not done a lot in the WWE kayfabe wise) model type divas like Alicia Fox(heel or face doesn't matter) and basically states she is sick of the models who want to use the WWE as a springboard into the movies or better modeling jobs and she won't stand for it any more as her life is wrestling. She has wrestled all around the world trying to get a job at the top wrestling company the WWE. She is a twenner(as this will allow her more flexbility in feuds but she leans more to being a face than a heel persona wise) basically goes through the model type divas(doesn't matter if they are heel or face as long as they are the model type she hates) one by one( depending on the diva her interaction with them would vary from just a squash match to a long feud or something inbetween) until she reaches the Divas champ where she turns face at the start of the feud or before it and eventually wins the title at Maina and she get confetti(this is a must to show the title matters). The next night she brings out a new divas title design featuring the butterfly but in a more tasteful tradtional way think WWE winged eagle belt but with a butterfly.

They would not debut anytime soon except maybe Bray who maybe could debut the night after Maina everyone else would more than likely be a couple of months after Bray at the very least unless there is a perfect opportunity to debut the star/stars.

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