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Re: Should Daniel Bryan be pushed as the top guy on Smackdown after WM29?

Originally Posted by Nostalgia View Post
That's Daniel Bryan fans for ya...

I laugh at the people who want Bryan as World Champion now, despite the fact his character and booking are a complete joke.
Now? No, but look at Ziggler six months ago, he was a guy who teamed with Jack Swagger, was being overshadowed by Vickie Guerrero and did consistent jobs to trash like Brodus Clay. The most noteworthy thing about him was him shaking his ass and slicking his hair back. Now with a bit of good booking, he's over as a heel, cutting consistently good promo's on a weekly basis and on the cusp of being a legit main eventer, and he, in my opinion, was in a much worse position than Bryan's in now.

Talent will always prevail in the end and as much as you dislike him you can't deny Daniel Bryan is very talented. I can count the superstars on one hand who work the crowd better than him, he's improved tenfold on the mic, he is a great natural babyface, is very over and I don't even need to comment on his ring work. I would have absolutely no problem with him getting a main event push, just as long as it's as a babyface, he's a BRUTAL heel.

I realise where they're going and that WWE will push Roman Reigns straight to the top. However for me, Dean Ambrose is by far the most talented in that group and I think eventually if they just give him the spotlight then he's going to shine. As soon as he touches a mic everyone else can just sit down as he's magic on it. So It remains to be seen, I think they're all talented but to me Dean was the star of that group. I think Roman looks like the star of that group but I don't think he's nearly as talented as Dean.

- Batista
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