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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown Review

It's been a while since I've left feedback on here but I still have to say you're the best ever Wolfy and I'm glad to see this back. I really liked Raw and now were going to see how Smackdown goes.

Anderson starting off made sense since he just returned to Smackdown and I liked the idea of having him exert his authority, however I hate this match you made for Cyber Sunday. It just feels off. I'm sure you'll write it beautifully when the Pay-Per-View comes around and everything but I just hate the booking of it. Everything Orton was true. RVD has no business being around this match. I'm not overly excited to see Brock Lesnar in here or Batista. And if their wins at SummerSlam get them a free title shot, shouldn't Edge's also. I feel like he belongs in here and then maybe Undertaker, whose actually won some matches recently instead of RVD or MVP. I would hope one of those two wins the battle royal later tonight. However since Batista is in the chamber and you've been teasing his feud with Garrison Cade, Cade will be the guy who wins that. I'm just really unhappy with the match choice and the guys in it and Orton's title reign for that matter.

The tag match was odd. I expected a squash and it wasn't that. Carlito went crazy and I'm sure to put over how frustrated they are about SummerSlam or something. It just kind of felt odd that they would go crazy on a jobber team like that. I sort of liked it though. Future heel turn for the boys from the Caribbean?

Nice set up for the Batista squash coming later.

I really liked this Kendrick segment. Telling Josh it's bigger than Wrestlemania because he going to win the chamber was great. I love your writing of Kendrick and this was no different good stuff even in recapped form. I also liked Noble here getting over that he wants both belts which I loved. It really put value on the CW title that Noble isn't going to just not go for it even though he has a WWE Title chance. Great stuff

Stewie Lewington = Future WWE Champion...But Seriously. Good stuff with Ziggler (I'll always think of him as that). Keep it up

Batista's segment confirmed by thoughts earlier that Cade is winning the Battle Royal. Which is fine since Batista is in the chamber. It looks they'll be getting a one-on-one match soon here on Smackdown. I sort of wish that got a Pay-Per-View spot which would've allowed Edge and someone else that actually has a chance of winning the chamber. (Speaking of which where is Edge, Anderson was clear on Raw he was going to be at Smackdown Friday)

Squash for big Dave. A lot of filler in this show so far.

I liked what you did with the CC. They're not sorry and that's good. I want to see them fight AMW and kick the shit out of them. If Bar Room Brawl isn't a stipulation I can vote for at Cyber Sunday for that tag match I'll be a little disappointed

Lesnar having the night off makes sense. Edge better be here, and I'm still praying he's winning the Battle Royal even though I know he's not. He needs to have the belt at this point honestly.

Oh my God. The Jericho interview. Nothing short of spectacular. Well written and I completely bought everything Jericho was saying. It also might've been the best Orton has been put over this entire title reign when Jericho started talking about the Legend Killer's thirst to end careers. I love every bit of this include the retirement at the end. However I'm sure Jericho will return at some point in the future after Orton loses the title to fight him. Maybe Wrestlemania 24???

I liked the MVP-RVD match, the action was good. RVD is in the Chamber. Okay fine, I'd have rather seen MVP breath some fresh life into the WWE Title and it would've been a natural fit with London being in there but I guess RVD somehow deserves this 3rd title shot. The aftermath was fine, Orton got his little attack in and London came out looking strong. He may be a bright spot in this chamber for me, I love your work with him.

Edge segment. Edge himself hits everything right on the money. He needs to be in the chamber, he has the best kayfabe resume out of anyone that was put in that match. Hell he beat Batista at the Great American Bash. This chamber would've been the perfect way to have him pick his spots and take the title off Orton since he seems like the natural guy to do it with no clear-cut top new face needing the belt. I have no interest in a re-match with the Undertaker, it doesn't make sense, there is no need for it. I feel like you're saving Edge's title win for some big climatic moment but after he didn't have that moment at Wrestlemania when he should have he just needs the belt now and anything else he does in this thread will be a disappointment. I hope he wins the Battle Royal later, but Cade will win it and Edge will hopefully beat Undertaker again at Cyber Sunday. Give the man the belt.

Interesting AMW segment. I want to see more after this. I really do. I can see the CC taking the belts off them and then maybe AMW gets some time off, which they've earned btw. They've been running Smackdown's tag division for a long time now.

Another filler match, get those 5 Raw superstars over fast. Smackdown appears to be running thin tonight.

Battle Royal. Good stuff. The Cruiserweights all coming together to eliminate Kendrick was a nice spot. Ziggler came out like a million bucks getting the early eliminations and throwing out Edge after the Undertaker attack. No surprise that Cade won. He also looked very strong in the match. I don't mind him in the chamber since he is feuding with Big Dave plus his history with Orton. Good main event.

Overall, this show felt a little thin which makes sense given that Smackdown lost so many guys recently but some guys had to sell SummerSlam injuries. Raw is the better product right now and but Smackdown isn't bad overall. I'm just a little underwhelmed by the main event scene. Orton's title reign hasn't been that interesting and I'm just ready for it to end. However I don't think it will since no one in the chamber has been built to be WWE Champion at this point. I don't know. It's still a good show, Smackdown has a great midcard and a lot of guys that I love what you do with (London, Kendrick, AMW, Edge). The main event scene always hurts it for me. Good show, get the belt off Orton ASAP lol. Can't wait for Raw
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