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Re: Games started but never beaten.

Originally Posted by sharkboy22 View Post
What about buying a game, finding it just too damn frustrating (Dark Souls) and eventually just saying "fuck it!" Does that count as not beating it?
Well, yeah. You didn't beat it. Duh.

Which stings the most is Resident Evil 4. Had it on PS2 back in the day, loved the shit out of it and had a good run being an inch sort from completing it. Then my friend managed to wipe my memory card clean and every save ever within. Fuckface. Same goes for MGS 3. Never beat the final boss. THE FEELS.

Then there's a little list of games I've played a good amount but haven't touched in ages, yet have every intention to start over one day to get a consistent experience. Nothing worse than hopping back on a game and having lost all engagement to the storyline(s), especially RPGs. Mass Effect is one.

And of course the shit-tier, including Mercenaries 2 and other crap so smelly I've forever blocked them from my mind. Trying to at least.

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smarks like to suckle from the diseased milk of Ric Flair's sagging tits

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