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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Originally Posted by Stocking Filled w/HAYLEY JOY~! View Post
He can't be the most overrated with people claiming Michael Elgin is the most improved of the year and Davey Richards is legit a good worker. I know you hate Eddie, but he's hardly ever put over minus the matches vs Davey last year.
Even this year, people are talking about what an elite worker he is. I know this may get me in trouble, but I'll take Elgin every single day over Eddie, and to me, everything people hate about Davey, Eddie does worse.

Also, I gotta give a big thumbs down to Ibushi/Generico. You know I love you, Bubz, but I'm sorry, 'COUNTERZ!!!' is not a story. I love counters as much as the next guy: nothing makes me mark out more, usually. But that is literally all there was to this match. A negligible lack of any kind of control and then just two guys going back and forth for most of the match. I know that compared to most on this board, I require a control session to really enjoy a singles match, so maybe that's why I disliked it so much. But if a match ends up being back-and-forth through the entirety of the match, its likely I'll hate it, which is why I hate almost all of Eddie Edwards' matches. I simply saw no story at all here.

From my understanding, people hated Elgin/Davey because there was very little selling behind the random moves and momentum switches. Even so, what little control there was in the backwork was more than anything here. I have only seen both of these matches once, but I continue to be confused by matches like this being loved while Elgin/Richards was hated. Quite frankly, I am baffled that this is a MOTY candidate.

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