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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Originally Posted by Stocking Filled w/HAYLEY JOY~! View Post
hmm. Neither had a Guerrilla Warfare match this year (vs each other), but maybe he meant their ladder match from last year?

Top 3 Puro matches of the year imo are:

Kazuchika Okada vs Tetsuya Naito ~ NJPW 40th Anniversary Show
Kazuchika Okada vs Hiroshi Tanahashi ~ NJPW Dominion
Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Minoru Suzuki ~ NJPW King of Pro Wrestling

Aren't you a fan of Lance Hoyt/Vance Archer? He's had some awesome tag team matches in NJPW this year. He's in a tag team with Harry Smith (David Hart Smith). Has a tag team championship match on the same iPPV that I mentioned, King of Pro Wrestling. It's my show of the year, btw. It's amazing. Well worth a watch if you have time. Plus, it has some other names you're familiar with like Low Ki, Alex Shelley, Rocky Romero, & the Hoyt/Smith tag match.

Indie stuff: Steen vs Generico Last Man Standing from Showdown in the Sun Night One, Adam Cole vs Kyle O'Reilly HYBRID FIGHT RULES from Best in the World '12, anything involving Eddie Kingston defending his Chikara Grand Championship in Chikara. (vs Brodie Lee, Sara Del Rey, Tadasuke, Jigsaw, etc) El Generico vs Sara Del Rey from Chikara Hot Off The Griddle, 3 Way Guerrilla Warfare for Tag Team Championship from PWG Threemendous III, and while I haven't seen it, but it is getting universal praise - The Young Bucks vs El Generico & Kenny Omega from PWG Failure To Communicate.

Just some matches all off the top of my head. Tried to think of wrestlers you're mostly familiar with to help you out. Had to plug Chikara since the high point of the company this year was all of the great singles championship matches with Kingston. You might enjoy the Steen vs Rhino & Steen vs Michael Elgin championship matches from ROH Death Before Dishonor & Glory By Honor, respectively. Also, caution, but if you're curious to see Davey vs Elgin from Showdown in the Sun Night 2, then there is always that. Meltzer gave it the full 5. I hate it, but personally, that's me.
Just looked up the show and it was Adam Cole/Kevin Steen.

Thanks for the puro suggestions and that Archer stuff sounds great. I was a big fan of him and I liked DH Smith. I'll give that show a look since I mark for Shelley and Ki as well.

The indy stuff sounds good. Might skip out on the Young Bucks match as I'm not a huge fan but GENERICO might make up for that. My friend met Generico at a PWG show this year.

Steen/Rhino sounds pretty cool too. I can already tell I wouldn't like Richards/Elgin but I might sit through it if I have time just in case.

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