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Re: ROH "Defy Or Deny 2012" - Millqaukee, WI, 01/19/2013

Originally Posted by Lord Santa Claus IV. View Post
Not sure how you can still blame Pearce for the lack of new stars. Delirious and Cornette have had plenty of time to make their own stars and haven't.

The Strong and Steen title runs didn't really make them bigger stars then what they were before. It just focused the promotion on them more. The Edwards title reign was great for elevating for him but they didn't give it enough legs to really legitimise him as a major player. They've had chances and passed them up. ANX should have been the face of the tag division off the babyface turn and Briscoes feud. Failed. Future Shock had the same potential and they never beat anyone bar Coleman/Alexander and Bravados and split them before they had any credibility as a team. Elgin coming off the SITS match with Davey should have been pushed to the moon. Instead they butchered the HOT exit angle and he's just there right now.
I'm not even necessarily blaming Pearce, I just think he really got ROH in a rut from 2009-2011, which was obviously going to be felt for a good period of time (Ok, maybe I am blaming him), especially when you didn't have the quick fix answer like NOAH talent or the big free agent. Did Pearce establish/introduce ONE guy in his time? And then everyone left near the end of the Pearce era and into Delirious's first run. Delirious never got his footing under him, and if anything he was responsible for bringing in Elgin, forming Future Shock, putting the belt on Edwards, and all the momentum ANX had. I would love to know if the original idea was to do the switch to DR at BITW or to keep the belt on Edwards. Then, the Sinclair purchase happened. At which point the idea was to introduce and establish the guys they had to a new audience. Hopefully I don't come off too defensive, because this all goes without saying they've fucked up numerous opportunities with talent under the Sinclair banner, but I do think there's an argument to be made that repercussions are still being felt from the Pearce period.

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