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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

El Generico vs Kota Ibushi (DDT 21/10)
Holy shit balls. This fucking ruled. Seriously a brilliant match, with a great story. This is the last match they had together this year, and the story is basically that they know each other inside out, and holy shit they played it so well. Ibushi gets a short control segment on Generico working over his mid-section, it doesn't last long, but it didn't need to. Generico still sells it beacuse, well, he's Generico and he's wonderful like that. They always seem to be one step ahead of each other somehow and there are some amazing sequences and counters. Absolutely adored the finishing run. They counter everything, so there's no overkill on moves, and when they do hit the moves it creates some great nearfalls, despite me knowing who won. Ibushi even goes for the Yakuza kick - Brainbustah combo because he can't hit his own moves and it's a great moment. There's even a suplex exchange that I liked because it fit with the context of the match, Ibushi hits a dragon suplex and Generico gets up and hits a half nelson out of desperation because he knows he absolutely has to in order to prevent Ibushi from following up, and it's not like he didn't sell it either, he was still barely able to stand afterwards. Seriously, I was marking out big time at some of the stuff they did in the final minutes, and the finish was absolutely perfect for the story of the match and everything they did that proceeded it. Fanfuckingtastic, and I'd rate it just below my favourite New Japan matches this year, and it's easily the best Jr style match this year imo.

at Seabs review of Eddie/Elgin. Not the fact that you liked the match, just the fact that you seem confused as to why you did. I enjoyed it a lot tbh. Oh yeah, think I mentioned it in my review, but Eddies kick to Elgin when he wa son the apron was fucking incredible.

Glad to see you liked the tag match too. Great shit.

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