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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Eddie Edwards vs Michael Elgin - PWG Failure To Communicate
I fucking loved this and I am totally ashamed of myself for it. I have no idea how to explain why but I'll give it a go. Biggest factor was the PWG environment. Steen + Excalibur commentary + Reseda crowd means I'm bound to at least the enjoy the match, even if it's abysmal. This isn't your average Davey Richards match full of no selling, stupid mannerisms and generally horrible. The big stuff had me marking out and there was enough neat little touches for me to really appreciate it. Little stuff like Elgin trying to protect his chest from the chops because this is fucking Eddie Edwards chopping him, Elgin's struggle to hit the Chaos Theory suplex and the bucklebomb and Elgin climbing the ropes intentionally slow when Eddie was due to cut him off. I thought Eddie's selling was really great. In fairness Eddie normally does good sell jobs when the match isn't back and forth for 30 minutes. Elgin actually looked like a powerhouse in this rather than a small guy doing strong man moves which is often the case. He looked dangerous and it actually felt like Edwards was facing a challenge to survive with Elgin rather than a load of moves with no context. Elgin hits a lot harder than usual and that made up for a lot. The strike battle in the corner I particularly loved because Elgin really laid into those short lariats. Eddie's running kick when he totally clears the top rope was nuts in the best way possible and a great transition sequence. The match felt structured too. Opening battle to gain the upper hand which Elgin wins. Into Elgin dominating Edwards for a bit until Eddie hits something out of nothing to get back into the match. Then into the struggle for the finish. Benefited the match a ton at the end because it felt like they'd come to a significant point in the match rather than just another turn in the tale. Elgin's got that finishing run over really well in PWG which is extremely ironic given where he works the majority of his matches. At BOLA he fucking beat everyone bar Cole with the same sequence. So when he goes for that buckle bomb here and Eddie counters it it's fucking huge rather than just another counter of another move. Elgin's spinning back fist finally looked viscous too. Just the right amount of time too. Long enough for them to get enough stuff in for it to rule but short it enough for it to be fast paced and not drag. This ruled. I've completely lost my mind. Michael Elgin is the best wrestler in the world. I've seen the light now.


Young Bucks vs El Generico & Kenny Omega - PWG Failure To Communicate
Excalibur asked Knox something during this along the lines of "why do they do that" to which Knox replied "I have no other idea but it makes the crowd hate them". Or something along those lines. Point is that it hit the nail on the motherfucking head about why the Bucks are so awesome as heels. They're the douchebags that everyone has known at some point who think everything they do is genius when it really isn't and everything they do makes you want to kick their heads in. This in a pro wrestling environment is what makes pro wrestling work. They. Are. The. Fucking. Best. I'm seriously considering them for WOTY right now. I don't give a fuck if they're a tag team. Oh and on the other side is Generico and Omega. Eh. Not bad. Omega's Bill Kazmaier look was odd. Looked as though he was in town and decided to work the show without being in any way prepared. Kinda came off that way in the ring a bit. Let Generico/Bucks do the meat of the match and Omega comes in does his thing. Fortunately Omega has got good enough to be able to do this and still be really good. 99 times out 99.1 I'd hate the arm wrestling segment. With these guys though it was one of the best things ever. Nick and Generico fighting on the outside like it was a pin off a finisher was amazing. Pro wrestling people. This is what pro wrestling is. Not moves and kicks. This. Characters, goofiness, stories and action. Nick springboarding 50 feet in the air onto Omega's back to break up an arm wrestling contest on an Indy show in 2012 is beyond what words can detail. Bucks working over Generico is always gonna be great. It's as much of a given as New Years Day will fall on January 1st. Some things happen for a reason and don't change. Finishing stretch I thought was the weakest part of the match but still really good. Maybe went a tad long in the middle and tad to little time to actually lay a match out between the four of them. Actual finish itself was great though. Generico and Bucks need to tour outside of Reseda more god damn it.

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