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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

1. Ophidian vs. UltraMantis Black

Good opener, Ophidian was busting out some really cool and innovative moves, and the crowd was hot for UltraMantis. The finishing stretch was really good, but shit, they almost went into overkill, but luckily, they ended the match properly.


2. LOSER LEAVES TOWN: The Throwbacks vs. Colt Cabana & Archibald Peck (aka Mixed Martial Archie)

So entertaining, so colorful. The Throwbacks are such an awesome tag team, and what's even better Ė both guys are really good and underrated singles competitors. But Archie rules the world, seriously, that guy needs to be a sleeper WOTY on someone's list, I swear. He makes everything work. It's gonna be interesting between him and Angelosetti in 2013.


3. LADDER MATCH (for Gran Akumaís contract): Gran Akuma vs. Icarus

Jesus, this oneís even better on the re-watch. Itís almost impossible to imagine they pulled off a ladder match like this in Chikara, it wasnít whacky, it was all about business. Some really serious moves and spots right there. ICARUS dominates the world. Also, Iím not high on Akuma at all, but he was good here.


4. 3-on-2 HANDICAP: The Batiri vs. Sara Del Rey & Saturyne

While this mostly served as a showcase for Delirious and his agendas, it was also a nice little match, Sara and Saturyne were awesome here, especially Saturyne in paying her dues by getting her great piece of ass kicked.


5. LUCHA DE APUESTA (mask vs. hair): Hallowicked vs. Tim Donst

Good, heated, high octane grudge match, cool stuff. Donstís character work was strong, and Hallowicked is such a lovable babyface, it made for an awesome dynamics. But I didnít like the restart finish, because I hate restart finishes generally (is that a new match or what?). ChikaraSon was awesome on commentary.


6. GEKIDO vs. Eddie Kingston, Soldier Ant, Green Ant & QuackSaw

Well, itís common sense that Chikara busts out good/great multi-man matches regularly now. This one felt big, the crowd was on fire, and the work was awesome. Quack returned, and shit got real there. This match also makes me miss 17.


7. Campeonatos de Parejas: F.I.S.T. (Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano) © vs. The Young Bucks

A proper main event. The MOTN, this was really good. Two rudo teams trying to outcheat each others, very cool stuff. Every fall got enough time to develop some strong stories, and the third fall was very exciting, of course. Nick Jackson is the most hilarious wrestler on the planet when he does his ďrock starĒ schtick/mockery.


One of the best non-PWG shows in America this year. Chikara knows how to create some magic, trust me.
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