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Re: Being The Booker

Almost forgot about the biggest show of the week; Superstars. Smackdown follows directly after ...


WWE Superstars | August 21 2007

As ever in the absence of Jerry Lawler, it’s Todd Grisham & Coach on commentary for the show, and they hype tonight’s main event - a #1 Contenders Match for a shot at the Womens Title; Victoria vs. Jillian Hall!!

In the opening contest of the night, Elijah Burke & Chris Masters battle to a double count out, in a entertaining match up, with the count out coming @ 06:12, setting up a likely rematch next week.

The newly coined East Coast Party Boys defeated The Brotherhood duo of Monty Brown & JTG @ 06:00, when Hawkins caught JTG with a swinging neck breaker, following up from Ryder drilling JTG with a big boot in the corner, to score the 1,2,3, as the Party Boys danced to their victory afterward.

Chavo Guerrero defeated Mike Knox @ 04:24, surprising the big man with a roll up to score the 3.

In the main event, Victoria earns her shot at the Womens Championship by defeating a spirited Jillian Hall @ 09:27 with the Widows Peak, with the champion - Beth Phoenix - on commentary, watching intently.





Friday Night Smackdown | August 24 2007 | Cardiff, Wales

Opening Video


Joey Styles and Paul Heyman intro the show, coming off the back of Summerslam, announcing that Arn Anderson is back (with Heyman gleeful that Bischoff is gone from SD) and that he is in open negotiations with a ‘number’ of Raw superstars, recapping his announcement on Raw. Styles also shills a sit down interview he had with CHRIS JERICHO during the week, and promises it will be earth shattering for the WWE fans when it airs later.


Back in charge of Smackdown, Arn Anderson makes an understated entrance, slapping hands with fans on his way to the ring. On his way, Styles and Heyman address the rumours that Anderson has a big announcement concerning Cyber Sunday tonight, and speculate if that big announcement is coming now…

Once in the ring, Anderson quickly recaps the events of the past weekend, and explains again why Bischoff was ousted as Interim GM and his own suspension was brought to an end early. Anderson also mentions again that he has up until Cyber Sunday to sign up to FIVE Raw superstars, and claims to be in constant contact with a number of superstars. He then goes on to state that during his time off he done a lot of thinking; thinking about his future, the mistakes he made as GM, and how much he had enjoyed the early stages of his time as GM, before it became a chore. He goes on to say that he wants to enjoy his job again - like he did at the beginning, and wants to make the fans happy, giving them the best matches he can … and intends to do just that at Cyber Sunday.

Anderson reminds the fans about how he picked up the reigns on Smackdown after the departure of Paul Heyman (and acknowledges Heyman on commentary) and that he couldn’t even make his own main event for his first PPV in charge, due to Heyman signing an Elimination Chamber match BEFORE he took over. He says that this time, he wants to do things HIS way, and on HIS terms … before announcing that the main event of Cyber Sunday will see Randy Orton defending the WWE Championship … IN THE ELIMINATION CHAMBER!!!

After milking the cheers of the fans, Anderson goes on to announce that Orton will defend the title against BROCK LESNAR (due to his win over Triple H at Summerslam), PAUL LONDON (after retaining the U.S Title against MVP), BATISTA (on the back of his win in the Battle Royal prior to Summerslam), with the other TWO places to be determined TONIGHT!!! Arn goes on to announce that one of the places will go to the winner of a match between ROB VAN DAM & M.V.P … and the other will be decided in an over the top rope BATTLE ROYAL, and goes on to gee up the superstars listening in the back, telling them that for many they’ll never get another opportunity like this - and they need to grasp it with both hands.


Stepping onto the stage, RANDY ORTON stays at the top of the ramp, quickly explaining that if he walked down to the ring, he wouldn’t be accountable for his actions. He disingenuously welcomes Double A back, then goes on to say that Anderson is back five minutes and already he’s picked up from where he left off - victimizing Orton. Anderson quickly cuts him off, stating that not to be true, telling Orton he would’ve announced an Elimination Chamber whether or not he was champion. Orton though, isn’t buying it, and claims that Anderson will do everything he can to see him lose the title, going on to remind Arn that he’s already beaten the first three confirmed opponents in the Chamber, and just defeated Van Dam again at Summer slam … yet RVD could be part of the chamber too. He says it stinks … but in the end, he’ll do what he always does … WIN. The Champion then goes on to issue a thinly veiled threat, telling Double A that he’ll only take so much before he snaps and lord help whoever he takes out his frustration on.

Orton then exit’s the stage, leaving Arn Anderson stood in the ring, as the show heads off into it’s first commercial break of the night.

Commercial Break

Match 1:
The Caribbean Connection vs. The Mad Murdoch Twins
Intense, physical contest, with Trevor (and Festus) still seething over being passed over for the recent tag team tournament, and Carlito & Kofi are also not in great spirits after being on the verge of winning the tag titles at Summerslam before the out of shape AMW walked out. With plenty of anger on both sides, it makes for a fascinating contest - much better than expected - with the bigger team eventually taking control and wearing down Carlito. For a period, it’s tag wrestling 101, with Carlito the face in peril, unable to make a tag to Kofi.

Eventually, The Cool One musters a fight back, beating off Festus - despite Festus craziness - and manages to make the hot tag … and Kofi springs into action, turning the heat up with a great array of kicks and leaps, springing off the ropes, getting the Murdochs in all kinds of trouble, then shapes up for Trouble in Paradise on Trevor - BUT TREVOR DUCKS - AND KOFI CONNECTS WITH THE REFEREE!!! And with that, bedlam ensues!!! All four men get involved, and the match breaks down into an all out brawl, with the Murdochs extremely aggressive.

Trevor even smashes a chair off the back of Kofi, and grabs the ring bell, bringing it into the ring to use on Carlito, but Carlito ducks under the swinging Trevor, and hit’s the Back Cracker!!! Trevor drops the bell, but as Carlito stands back up, Festus comes in from behind, WITH A CABLE - AND CHOKES CARLITO!!! He yanks back, dragging the life out of Carlito, choking him, with a frenzied look in his eyes … as we see Carlito desperately reaching out, as he face turns PURPLE … desperately reaching out … and grabs the ring bell … AND SWINGS BACK … ~ CLANG ~ !!!!!

Carlito DRILLS Festus with the ring bell, finally getting the crazed brother to release his monster like grip … and Festus slumps to the canvas. Festus looks to be out cold, whilst Carlito remains on his hands and knees, coughing, trying to breathe again … but Trevor is back up to his feet, kicking the cables out of the ring, before coming after an unsuspecting Carlito … BUT KOFI NAILS HIM WITH TROUBLE IN PARADISE!!!!! Kingston covers, and eventually the referee recovers to make the slow, agonizing count … 1.……2.……3!!!
Winners: The Caribbean Connection @ 12:38

In a much harder fought victory than expected, Carlito and Kingston defeat the inspired Murdochs … but the condition of Festus looks to be worrying, having not moved since getting his clock cleaned with the ring bell. Carlito and Kofi leave the ring, with CCC still showing the effects of the vice like choke he received from Festus with the cable … but as Trevor comes around, he sees medics tending to his brother as concern grows…

Commercial Break

The show returns with footage of Festus being wheeled out of the arena on a stretcher with his brother Trevor looking particularly concerned…

Backstage, Layla El enters Arn Andersons office, and after some niceties with the GM introducing herself, she cuts to the chase and asks him to give her boys - The James Boys - some exposure with places in the main event battle royal. At first, Anderson laughs off the suggestion, reminding Layla that her team hasn’t won a match since getting their chance on Smackdown … but says he’s feeling generous, and if either Casey or Kassidy can win a match tonight, he’ll grant them BOTH spot in the main event later. Layla shakes on it, happy with the deal … but her smile doesn’t last long once Anderson tells her that the match is against BATISTA.

Elsewhere, Josh Mathews conducts an interview with THE Brian Kendrick, who blows off Summerslam, claiming it “wasn’t all that”, and that he was “glad he wasn’t a part of it”. He then goes on to hype Cyber Sunday, saying it’ll be bigger than WrestleMania. Mathews assumes it’s because of the fan interaction on the show … but Kendrick quickly puts him straight, telling Josh that it’s because after he wins the battle royal tonight, he’ll be in the main event, and walking out of the Elimination Chamber with TWO title belts.

Just as Kendrick is set to walk off the set, JAMIE NOBLE interrupts, and tells Kendrick that he may well end up making it to the Elimination Chamber, and if a miracle happens he might even leave Cyber Sunday as WWE Champion … but Noble tells TBK that he’ll do everything in his power to make sure it’s HIM that goes into the Chamber - NOT Kendrick. And, he also makes it clear to Kendrick that he hasn’t given up on taking the CW title either, suggesting that by the time Cyber Sunday is over, Kendrick wont have two titles - he wont even have one. Noble walks off, leaving Kendrick with something to think about…

Commercial Break

The show returns with NICK NEMETH in the ring, mic in hand. He once again complains about the lack of competition, and the jealousy in the WWE locker room, evidenced by the actions of his opponents in the Battle Royal prior to Summerslam, when everyone teamed up to eliminate him.

Then, his attention is diverted, as an unknown man makes his way down the aisle - with no music - but is dressed to compete. Nemeth stops the man from entering the ring, asking what he’s doing, and the wrestler gets another mic, before sheepishly replying - “I‘m your uh, opponent”.

Nemeth is furious, stomping around the ring, complaining about the lack of competition, before ordering the man into the ring, and asking for his credentials. The man introduces himself as Steve Lewington from England, and has been given an opportunity tonight to show what he can do. Nemeth is beside himself that he has to wrestle a nobody … but Lewington attacks him to start the match!!!

Match 2:
Nick Nemeth vs. Steve Lewington
Despite attacking Nemeth first, Lewington doesn’t last long, and after a brief flurry of punches in the corner, he goes for an Irish Whip which Nemeth reverses, then knocks the Brit off his feet. It’s just a Nemeth showcase from that point forward, and he takes Lewington apart, eventually finishing him off with the Ego Boost {Fame Asser} for the inevitable 1...2...3
Winner: Nick Nemeth @ 02:18

Nemeth storms out of the ring following the win, not even staying to have his hand raised, furious with the way he’s being treated.

Backstage, Kristal is with BATISTA. She congratulates him on winning the pre-show Battle Royal at Summerslam, then goes on to ask about how he feels about stepping into the Elimination Chamber for the second time at Cyber Sunday. Batista puts over the Chamber, talking about how unforgiving it is, and how it’ll shorten his career … but says the cuts, bruises and broken bones will be worth it … when he leaves as WWE Champion. The Animal goes on to claim that while he’s happy to be in the Chamber, he’s still wants a piece of GARRISON CADE. He says he hopes Cade wins the Battle Royal tonight to qualify for the chamber … but says that win or lose tonight, he WANTS Cade - one on one, and lays down the challenge, telling Kristal that it’s time for the Lone Star to put up or shut up.

Commercial Break


Flashing shots of the General Managers, Commissioners and Presidents that have ruled the WWE over the last two decades; Jack Tunney, Gorilla Monsoon, Roddy Piper, Sgt. Slaughter, Shawn Michaels, Shane McMahon, Mick Foley, William Regal, Ric Flair.

Narrator: For decades, the biggest decisions and the biggest matches have come from directors of authority.

Shots of Mr. McMahon, Eric Bischoff, Stephanie McMahon, Steve Austin, Bret Hart, Paul Heyman, Hulk Hogan, Ricky Steamboat, Arn Anderson and Jesse Ventura.

Narrator: Some have embraced the position to make decisions for the good of the fans.

Clips of Foley during his run as Commissioner in 2000, with lots of thumbs up.

Narrator: But others have abused it for their own nasty agendas.

Shot of Vince McMahon screwing Stone Cold, and escaping with the title belt in 1998.

Narrator: For three hundred and sixty four days of the year, the superstars of Raw and Smackdown have their fates determined by these supervisory rulers.

Shots of the biggest names; Christian, Randy Orton, Kurt Angle, Paul London and John Cena.

Narrator: But on one day of the year … the control is taken OUT of their hands …

Shots of Eric Bischoff reacting with disgust at something.

Narrator: … And into YOURS!!

Clips of rowdy fans.

Narrator: For one night only - YOU are in charge - YOU make the calls - YOU decide the fates of your favourite WWE Superstars.

Cut to shots of Brock Lesnar, Rey Mysterio, Brent Albright, Mr. Kennedy and The Undertaker.

Narrator: For one night only, their fate is in YOUR hands.

And a final shot, of a finger clicking a computer mouse, and a dark screen


Match 3:
Batista vs. Kassidy James w/Kacey & Layla
Complete and utter squash. Batista roughs up the unlucky James Boy, running through his offence of clotheslines, back body drops, a sidewalk slam and a running power slam, going for a cover … but Layla distracts the referee. Big Dave stands up, telling Layla to get back down - which she does (in fear) … and Batista turns around, catching Kacey before he could sneak attack him. Batista shakes his head, but allows Kacey to exit the ring (in fear), before putting the finishing touches on Kassidy with a Spinebuster and then the BATISTA BOMB!!! He covers, with Layla and Kacey simply powerless to stop him … 1...2...3
Winner: Batista @ 02:39

Dominant victory for Batista in the second squash of the night. The Animal leaves the ring - job done - whilst Layla and Kacey tend to Kassidy.

Styles and Heyman then move on, shilling the two Elimination Chamber qualification matches still to come, and the sit down interview with Chris Jericho - coming up shortly.

First, backstage, Carlito and Kofi Kingston cut a promo, talking about what went down earlier tonight - showing some concern for Festus, but also saying Carlito did what he had to do. They then recap Summerslam, and AMW walking out on them, before sending a message to the champions, letting Harris and Storm know that they wont be able to simply walk away next time - and promise that there WILL be a next time.

Commercial Break

After a Summerslam recap video, Styles and Heyman talk over some of the big talking points, firstly the Lesnar vs. Triple H showdown (with Lesnar having the night off), and the championship matches with all champions remaining intact. They then discuss Edge vs. The Undertaker, with Edge getting the biggest win of his career - before glossing over the incident on Raw where Edge almost left Smackdown … and say Edge WILL be here later, but question whether he will be part of the Battle Royal. Finally, they talk about Chris Jericho being in attendance at Summerslam, and the sit down interview Styles conducted with him earlier in the week, before throwing to the interview…

The video opens with Styles and Jericho sat in a hotel room, and Styles intros the first ever undisputed champion. They go through formalities, with Styles covering why Jericho is in Britain - touring with Fozzy - before saying he is looking great (not gay), and asks how Jericho is doing ever since he was punted by Randy Orton in April.

Jericho speaks softly, telling Styles he’s much better, and assures the fans that he has made a full and complete recovery. He talks about appreciating the time off, being able to spend time with his family and pursue his interests further musically - shilling Fozzy being on tour. Styles smiles, pleased to hear Jericho is well, but shifts gears, and tells Jericho that the fans are dying to know - “When will you be back??”

Awkwardly, the room falls silent. Jericho smiles, but for a few moments doesn’t say anything. He then sits back in his chair, and tells Joey; “Let me tell you a story, Joe…”

“When I was growing up, all I wanted to be was a professional wrestler. Breaking into the business I wanted to be just like Shawn Michaels - the best. I wanted to be as good as the Harts, as popular as Hulk Hogan.

Being a wrestler was a dream come true for me … and not only did I get to chase my dreams, I got to make a living - a healthy living - for it. I got to travel the world, and made friends for life. Those friends, some of the best wrestlers in the world - guys like Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko and Rey Mysterio - we made it in the business together. From Japan, to ECW onto WCW and here, in the WWE. Even though we were friends - great friends - we were competitive.

We’d always go out to win - nothing less than 100% would be enough. We’d fight tooth and nail, to the bitter end, even against a best friend, because we were all driven by the thought of competition. That competition is what I’ve always loved about this sport. Winning - for me - was everything … and yeah, sometimes I’d bend the rules a little to achieve my goals & win championships. Cheating; tugging an opponents tights, a low blow, or using ropes for leverage … that was as far as it went … that was ‘the line’ as far as I was concerned. Despite my thirst for victory, I still had enough respect for my opponent and professional wrestling as a whole not to go ‘too far’. I’d do whatever it took to win a match, but at the same time I’d respect my opponents - and their wellbeing. I only ever set to win matches … not to hurt or injure, or maim.

Somewhere along the way Joey … that all changed. Maybe … maybe it’s just a different generation now … but in the WWE in 2007, that idea of ‘win at all costs’ has gone to a whole new level. Grabbing tights isn’t enough anymore. Now?? Now the envelope has been pushed to new extreme - now, guys WANT to send opponents to the hospital … guys WANT to put opponents on the shelf. That’s what it takes in 2007 to be at the top of the wrestling business. If you want to be WWE Champion, you have to be an animal - you have to want to MAIM your opponent. In this day and age you don’t have to be the best wrestler in the world to be WWE Champion, you just have to be cold blooded and heartless … you have to be willing to end a career in the blink of an eye … you have to be willing to KICK a man in his SKULL, without hesitation or thought about what the consequences will be.

Kick a man … in the skull. Where’s the finesse in that, Joey?? How many years must it take to perfect that piece of athleticism?? What wrestling school do you learn that manoeuvre?? Nowhere. It’s the kind of thing that happens in a bar fight - it’s not sport. It’s ridiculous. But that’s today’s society - that’s today’s WWE mindset. It’s not just about winning anymore … you don’t just have to be prepared to cut corners, you have to be prepared to END … CAREERS. Randy Orton hasn’t got a problem with it - he hasn’t shown a shred of compassion for what he’s done to RVD, Dinsmore, Tommy Dreamer and myself. He hasn’t lost any sleep over putting any one of us on the shelf … he’s WWE Champion.

In my time off Joey, I’ve watched a lot. Raw, Smackdown, every Pay Per View … I’ve been able to see the direction this sport is taking and the mindset of those that are a part of it, heck, just the other day I watched Brock Lesnar obliterate Triple H. Triple H. The guy that was called the Cerebral Assassin - a guy that would win matches by any means and use a sledgehammer if needs be … and HE is the one having to leave on a stretcher. Five years ago, HE was the guy that was going too far - he was the first … yet he is now the guy being hospitalised…

Joey, I’ve seen - first hand - what it takes to be a success in the WWE. It’s not about being the best in the world anymore. It’s who can go the furthest, who can cause the most damage … to be the best today, you have to be willing to end a mans career … Joey … I’ve seen what I’d have to become to remain on top - I’ve seen the toll that today’s WWE has taken on the guys I’ve travelled with through the years. I’ve seen what’s become of Rey Mysterio in the last few months - five years ago, Rey would never have been pushed to breaking point - he’d never attack a fellow professional … but that’s the toll todays world has taken on him. I’ve seen what I’d have to be willing to do to beat guys like Randy Orton. I’ve seen the lengths I’d have to stoop to in order to be WWE Champion. It’s barbaric.

This sport, to me, is unrecognisable from the one I fell in love with. As far as I’m concerned … professional wrestling, sports entertainment - whatever you want to call it … is dead. This WWE?? This WWE isn't what I signed up for, this isnt my vision of professional wrestling, and I want nothing do to with it.”

Jericho sits back in his chair, looking away from Styles, and out a window, as Styles looks around at the cameraman, unsure of how to continue, before pressing ahead, and asking Jericho outright - “Chris, are you saying … you‘re retiring??”

Momentarily, Jericho does nothing - still staring out of the window, but eventually he slowly nods, but doesn’t say a word. Styles - again - looks around at the crew off camera, wondering what to do next, before awkwardly bringing proceedings to an end, thanking Jericho for his time, before saying that “on behalf of all the wrestlers and fans all around the world … thank you Chris Jericho. Thank you for the memories.”

Commercial Break

Back from the break, Styles and Heyman discuss the previous segment and the shock announcement that Chris Jericho has retired, with Heyman taking the opportunity to also thank Jericho for all the memories over the years…

Rob Van Dam vs. M.V.P
A good competitive match, after back to back squash matches, it’s welcomed by the fans in the arena. MVP more than holds his own with Van Dam, and outwrestles the former WWE Champion, controlling most of the early going. Despite Porter trying to keep the action mat based, RVD has other ideas, and fights back, quickening the pace, showing off his array of martial arts kicks, then hit’s a Monkey Flip and eventually knocks a dazed MVP out of the ring … following up with a senton splash over the ropes to the outside onto his opponent, and with both men down on the outside, the show goes to a mid match commercial…

Commercial Break


The show returns with RVD and MVP outside the ring, with RVD taking it to the opponent, but having an Irish whip reversed into the steel steps turns the tables back in Montels favour. MVP takes control, bringing the match back inside. Once there, MVP tests the mettle of Van Dam, with RVD having to withstand a big onslaught from his driven opponent, kicking out of numerous pinfall attempts. MVP looks to be extra determined to make up for falling short of winning the U.S Title at Summerslam, and it looks to be heading his way as he scores with the DRIVE BY KICK!!! He covers … 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!!!!

Van Dam survives, but MVP now looks to finish the match once and for all, setting up the Play of the Day … BUT CANT HIT IT!!! Van Dam sparks back into life as he fights free, hitting his step over kick to start the comeback. RVD follows up, hitting Rolling Thunder, and then looks to set up the Five Star Frog Splash … BUT MVP LEAPS TO HIS FEET AND STOPS HIM!!! Porter pounds the midsection of the former champion, and climbs the buckles, looking to turn the tables and hit a superplex … but RVD fights it. MVP nearly topples down, but stays on the buckles, whilst Van Dam GOES FOR A SUNSET POWERBOMB … AND HITS IT!!! Van Dam covers … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!!

The match continues, with RVD attempting a split legged moonsault … BUT MVP ROLLS OUT OF DANGER!!! Porter attempts to capitalise, and rolls RVD up in an Oklahoma Roll … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! MVP quickly drops Van Dam with a clothesline, and keeps him down with a front slam, following up with a BALLIN elbow and another cover, 1...2...NO!!! Porter shoots RVD into the corner, but caught with a boot at his races in, and RVD takes his chance, leaping to the middle rope, and flies back onto MVP with a moonsault … BUT MVP ROLLS THROUGH … AND HOOKS THE TIGHTS … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!!

MVP cant believe it, and argues with the official, saying that he got a three … but it gives RVD a chance to recover, and Van Dam races toward MVP, but Porter side steps his opponent with RVD toppling over the top. MVP thinks RVD has crashed to the outside and turns, chucking - trying to rile the fans - pointing to his brain … but behind him RVD HAS SKINNED THE CAT!!! Van Dam hops onto the ropes as MVP turns to face him, and Porter gets the shock of a lifetime as RVD springs back at him with a kick to the face!!!!! MVP goes down … and RVD soars, leaping to the top rope … AND CONNECTS WITH THE FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH!!!! He covers, 1...2...3!!!!!
Winner: And qualifies for the Elimination Chamber - Rob Van Dam @ 14:44

Van Dam has a shot at redemption - another shot at Randy Orton at Cyber Sunday, but must share the opportunity with five other men. RVD has his hand raised, and celebrates toward the fans … BEFORE RANDY ORTON HIT’S THE RING!!! The WWE Champion attacks the man he defeated at Summerslam, with the fans booing, whilst Orton stomps Van Dam at the ropes, looking back and calling for MVP to help him out.

Porter - still upset over his loss, and still trying to recover from the Five Star - slowly comes to help out, with Orton instructing MVP to hold RVD up … but before Orton can nail Van Dam with the belt … PAUL LONDON SLIDES INTO THE RING, TACKLING ORTON DOWN!!!

London opens up on Orton on the canvas, saving RVD, with Van Dam fighting free of MVP, and the pair eventually clear the ring of the WWE Champion and Porter - ending a miserable night for both Orton and MVP. In the ring, London and RVD - despite now being in direct competition for the WWE title - give each other a hand slap and bump knuckles, before keeping an eye on the livid Orton and beaten MVP who back up the ramp.

Commercial Break

Straight out of the break…


A clearly angry Edge storms to the ring, days after his potential move to Raw - and guaranteed title shot - fell through. Once the music dies down, Edge wastes no time, and cuts straight to the chase, simply saying “Elimination Chamber??”

Confused, Edge goes on to wonder out loud how it can be possible for their to be an Elimination Chamber for the WWE title and him not be one of the six men involved in the match, reminding the fans that RVD and MVP both LOST at Summerslam whilst he not only WON, but beat THE UNDERTAKER. Edge goes on to talk about how a victory over The Deadman should result in an immediate title shot, and that for anyone else that would be the case … but obviously not for him.

This brings out Arn Anderson, sans music, coming in peace, and to offer Edge an explanation. He congratulates Edge on his victory at Summerslam, and addresses Edges complaint about beating Taker and getting no reward. Arn explains that Edge has consistently demanded a ONE ON ONE shot - and inside the Elimination Chamber, he wouldn’t get what he wants, he’d have to share his shot with FOUR other guys.

Edge shakes his head, saying that Anderson should scrap the Chamber, and do the right thing - give him his rightful title shot. Arn though, shakes his head, telling Edge that he wants his new tenure as GM to kick off with a bang, and the wheels are already in motion … plus … he already has a match lined up for Edge at Cyber Sunday … a rematch against THE UNDERTAKER.

Flat out, Edge rejects the match, quickly reminding Double A that he has nothing more to prove against The Undertaker, having beaten him at Summer slam … but Anderson disagrees, telling Edge that anyone can get lucky once … but it’s not luck if he can do it twice. Edge ponders that piece of advice for a moment … but shakes his head. He shouts down Arn for not giving him the credit he deserves, and claims he is sick of waiting for what is rightfully his, saying he’s earned his shot the hard way, and that he could beat ANYONE in the Chamber - and he wants in.

Arn throws his arms up in defeat, and says he’ll grant Edge his wish - but isn’t just placing him in the Chamber match - if he wants in, he’ll have to win the battle royal later tonight … but if he doesn’t win, he can kiss goodbye to a title shot in the near future … AND, should he lose later, he WILL face The Undertaker for a second time at Cyber Sunday. Arn then exit’s the ring, leaving Edge to stew in the ring, as the show heads off into another commercial.

Commercial Break

The show returns with a pre-taped video of AMW - much like their videos during their vacation, it’s hand held camera stuff, but this time, Harris and Storm are devoid of all confidence. They recap Summerslam, and talk about being beaten to every punch, being a step behind, and coming within a whisker of losing their titles. Both Harris and Storm admit to taking the competition too lightly, showing some real vulnerability and a lack of the confidence they’ve displayed for so long. Both men admit to being out of shape, and go on to question if they’ll even be able to get back into the same shape that helped them win - and hold onto - the tag titles for the last eight months … before wondering aloud if this is the end of the line for AMW before the video goes to black.

Super Crazy vs. Daivari
Filler Cruiserweight action, with Super Crazy looking to join his partner Chavo in tonights main event. The action is solid, even if the fans are a little disinterested, knowing neither man has a realistic chance of winning the battle royal, regardless of who wins this match. In the end, it is a victory for Super Crazy, who ends the match up with a picture perfect moonsault, and qualifies for the upcoming main event!!
Winner: Qualifies for Battle Royal - Super Crazy @ 04:12

Crazy celebrates victory, which gets him closer to a shot at the CW title also, as he dreams big of making it into the Elimination Chamber at Cyber Sunday.

Backstage, Josh Mathews conducts an interview with Garrison Cade ahead of the main event Battle Royal, questioning him about having the opportunity to challenge for the WWE Title. Cade states that now that he’s out on his own, everything is falling into place & says that he is backing up his promise he made last month when he came back - he’s making up for lost time. Mathews then asks Cade if he caught Batistas challenge earlier tonight. Cade stares a hole through Josh, before replying; “Anyplace, Anytime” … before walking off the set.

Commercial Break

As the show returns with the entrances taking place for the battle royal, we see clips from during the break, where FUNAKI was making his entrance for the match … when he was assaulted by MVP!!! Porter attacked the #1 announcer, drilling him with the Play of the Day on the steel ramp, taking him OUT of the match … and taking his spot!!!

Edge is the final guy to enter, and as soon as he hit’s the ring … the actions kicks off …

Carlito, Chavo Guerrero, Chris Masters, Edge, Elijah Burke, Evan Bourne, Garrison Cade, Hardcore Holly, Jamie Noble, Jeff Hardy, Kid Kash, Kofi Kingston, MVP, Nick Nemeth, Super Crazy, The Brian Kendrick
Nick Nemeth brings too much attention on himself, and falls victim - just like he did prior to Summerslam - to a gang assault, but as the group of wrestlers that attack him think they‘ve eliminated him … he does in fact hang on, and skins the cat … before dumping Chavo out!!!

01) Chavo Guerrero by Nick Nemeth @ 02:35

Garrison Cade soon shows his physical presence, and overpowers Hardcore Holly, chucking the veteran to the floor after watching Kid Kash soak up Holly’s stiff chops and then attack Holly from behind.

02) Hardcore Holly by Garrison Cade @ 03:12

Following on from their double count out on Superstars, Elijah Burke and Chris Masters target one another, taking their eyes off the rest of the competition, which allows an opportunistic duo of Nemeth and Brian Kendrick to dump out both men with dropkicks simultaneously.

03) Chris Masters by Nick Nemeth @ 03:28

04) Elijah Burke by The Brian Kendrick @ 03:29

Kendrick and Nemeth high five on their teamwork, and look to team up together, but as they begin to target the cruiserweight wrestlers remaining (Super Crazy, Jamie Noble, Evan Bourne) those three band together, and just as things look to be turning sour for Nemeth and the CW Champion, Nemeth backs off, leaving Kendrick to fend for himself.

Meanwhile, Edge is having a tough time with Kofi Kingston, coming close to being eliminated, one foot touches the floor, but he gets back onto the apron … and as Kofi charges back across the ring at him … Edge low bridges the ropes and Kingston tumbles out … but hangs onto the ropes, kicking at Edge to stop Edge to knocking him off. Kingston makes it back to his feet as he and Edge brawl on the apron … UNTIL CADE LOOKS FOR A CLOTHESLINE ON EDGE … BUT EDGE DUCKS AND CADE NAILS KINGSTON … SENDING HIM TO THE FLOOR!!!

05) Kofi Kingston by Garrison Cade @ 04:59

Cade then tries to come back to knock off Edge, but Edge blocks it, and fights back into the ring - into safety. On the other side of the ring, Jeff Hardy and Carlito are tussling, with Carlito getting the better of the exchange, getting Jeff over the top but struggles to get him out onto the floor … AS MVP RUSHES IN FROM BEHIND, DUMPING HIS OLD ENEMY TO THE FLOOR!!!

06) Carlito by MVP @ 05:20

Both members of the Caribbean Connection are gone in succession, with MVP having a big laugh at getting one over on his old rival, leaning over the top to point and laugh at Carlito … UNTIL EDGE DUMPS MVP OUT!!!

07) MVP by Edge @ 05:30

Edge is nearly gone again, as Jeff Hardy - now back inside - tries to surprise him from behind, but has no success. Elsewhere, it’s about to be all over for The Brian Kendrick as his Cruiserweight title rivals finish him off, all picking him up, and THROW the cocky champion to the floor, ending his long held dream of double gold.

08) The Brian Kendrick by Jamie Noble, Evan Bourne & Super Crazy @ 06:01

The action slows for a period, with half the field gone in just six short minutes. Edge, Cade, Noble, Bourne, Crazy, Hardy, Kid Kash and Nemeth remain. Cade - the biggest man in the match - is the dominant force inside the ring, but Edge is equal to him, with the two men battling back and forth, whilst the remaining guys pair off with Hardy and Nemeth tussling, Bourne and Kash, Noble and Crazy. Plenty of near eliminations come, but there is a lull in the run of eliminations, as the show heads to the final commercial of the night…

Commercial Break

And, the show returns with Garrison Cade now taking over completely, overpowering the smaller guys, and dominating proceedings, catching a leaping Jeff Hardy … CRUSHING Jeff with a big power slam. With a growl, he then mocks Batista, shaking the ropes, before grabbing Evan Bourne, picking him up AND GETS HIM UP FOR A POWER (BATISTA??) BOMB … POWERBOMBING HIM OUT OF THE RING FOR A SICK ELIMINATION!!!

09) Evan Bourne by Garrison Cade @ 11:26

HOLY SHIT chants fill the arena, as Evan Bourne folds up like an accordion, and the referees rush to the aid of the high flyer … AS BATISTA HIT’S THE RING AND TACKLES CADE TO THE MAT!!! Batista and Cade go at it once again, rolling outside the ring (under the bottom rope) and continuing to brawl wildly - over the barrier - and into the crowd!!! It’s bedlam suddenly, as in the ring, Edge and Kid Kash appear to have struck a deal, with the pair teaming to attack Hardy, Noble and Super Crazy, whilst Nick Nemeth watches from afar, playing it safe by not getting involved … as Edge easily disposes of Super Crazy.

10) Super Crazy by Edge @ 12:49

Super Crazy crashes to the floor, just as we see Cade and Batista battling back over the barrier, with Cade sending his rival into the ring post before getting back inside the ring … AND RIGHT INTO A SPEAR FROM EDGE!!!!! Edge takes down the big Texan, with Nemeth rushing to try and help Edge get Cade up and out of the ring … but as he does …




The Undertaker DRILLS Edge, but madly, Kid Kash then tries to confront the Deadman … AND GETS A CHOKESLAM!!!!! Taker then knocks down Nemeth, knocks down Hardy, then Noble. We see Batista now in the ring, attacking Cade in the corner, whilst Taker boots Nemeth, throws Noble into the corner, and clotheslines Jeff Hardy inside out, before crushing Noble in the corner!!! He comes back out of the corner, grabbing Edge, but Edge pushes him away, just as Cade shoves Batista with Big Dave and Taker bumping into one another … as Taker reacts instantly … WITH A CHOKESLAM!!!!!

The Deadman drops Batista - without so much of a thought - and we see Edge attempt to attack Taker with a SPEAR … BUT GETS DRILLED WITH A BOOT FOR HIS TROUBLES!!!!! Taker scoops Edge back up, and onto his shoulders, but everyone else simply watching on - not standing in The Phenoms way … AS HE DROPS EDGE WITH THE TOMBSTONE!!!!!

Undertaker sends his message - LOUD AND CLEAR - to Edge, before leaving the ring and making his way up the ramp … as the opportunistic Narcissist quickly tries to drag Edge up … and dumps the body of the Rated ‘R’ Superstar OUT of the ring - ELIMINATING EDGE!!!!!

11) Edge by Nick Nemeth @ 16:13

Edge is gone, and Kid Kash soon follows, as Noble throws his groggy body out of the ring, to bring it down to the last four.

12) Kid Kash by Jamie Noble @ 16:20

It’s down to four, with Nemeth trying to chuck Hardy out, but Hardy reverses, sending Nemeth over, only for Nemeth to hang on, AND AGAIN skin the cat … AND PUT HIS LEGS AROUND JEFFS NECK … TOPPLING HIM OVER THE TOP AND SENDING JEFF HARDY TO THE FLOOR!!!

13) Jeff Hardy by Nick Nemeth @ 16:33

What an outrageous elimination!!! Nemeth skins the cat back into the ring, but … as soon as he is, celebrating his handywork … CADE BOOTS HIM RIGHT BACK OVER THE TOP - ONTO THE FLOOR!!!

14) Nick Nemeth by Garrison Cade @ 16:39

And, it’s down to TWO. Jamie Noble gives it his all, showing no fear of the bigger man, looking to cause the upset - with nothing to lose - and nearly pulls off the impossible, ducking a clothesline and tries to use Cades momentum to take him out … but Cade stops short, and after a struggle, overpowers Noble. Noble then gets blasted with a running shoulder tackle … followed by the deadly HEART PUNCH!!! It’s simply academic at this point, but Cade puts an exclamation point on the victory … AND TOSSES NOBLE OUT WITH THE RAZORS EDGE!!!!!

15) Jamie Noble by Garrison Cade @ 18:57
Winner: And Qualifies for the Elimination Chamber - Garrison Cade @ 18:57

The final spot goes to the Lone Star!!! The former lackey of Randy Orton now has the chance to end the reign of the champion inside the Chamber at Cyber Sunday … as the big man finally begins to realise his potential.

Meanwhile, we see an irate Batista charging up the ramp - forgetting Cade for now - in search of The Undertaker after the unprovoked Chokeslam earlier … as the camera cuts to Edge on the outside, coming around … and he isn’t happy either.

The show comes to an end, with Garrison Cade stood tall - on his way to the Elimination Chamber.



Current Card for WWE Cyber Sunday:
Date: 16th September 2007
Location: American Airlines Centre, Dallas, Texas
Event Music: Foo Fighters, The Pretender

WWE Championship;
Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Batista vs. Garrison Cade vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Paul London
~ Fan Choices TBA ~

World Heavyweight Championship Match;
Christian vs. Kurt Angle
~ Fan choices TBA ~


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