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Re: Games started but never beaten.

Dark Souls - Kinda sad really because I really love the atmosphere and the enemies that you face. Pretty much everything about the game is great, it's just I suck at it. I might just get a guide for this game so I actually know what I'm doing, or what items are actually good. I do want to finish it.

Metroid Prime - I thought I was going to enjoy this as much as everyone else but I just got bored with it. I always thought I was getting somewhere when I would find a new location, or acquire new equipment, but I would always get stuck somehow. Just never bothered with t since.

The Darkness - I remember playing this game on an offline account years ago and getting to one part where you're in WW2, I think. Then I tried it recently and couldn't even get past the first couple of levels. I've even finished The Darkness 2 before this game...

Limbo - God I love this game but it's actually taking me forever to finishing it. I know it's a short game, but I always do a little bit here and there, every couple of months.

Dead Rising 2
- Fucking love this series but I just never got that far in this game. I've even finished the spin-off game to this; DR2: Off the Record, before actually finishing the main game. I guess taking pictures with a camera is more fun than just running around. It certainly helps to level up quickly.

Kane & Lynch 1 & 2
- Just horrible games in every gaming manor. The second was just awful to look at on my TV screen, kept getting headaches from it, just had to put it down.

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