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Re: Top 15 Best & Top 15 Worst Comic Book Based Movies

I've already spoken before on my feelings on Batman Begins.

It is GOOD. It is solidly entertaining and a step in the right direction for how to handle the character for the big screen. One of the best ever.....eh.

The fight scenes are flat out terrible. That super close up rapid pace camera work on the fights just sucked. I didn't like how The Scarecrow was handled. Great performance, but he was ultimately just kicked to the side, and as a fan of Scarecrow, that was disappointing. He got bitched out by Katie Holmes. Fuck! Speaking of Ms. Holmes, she was down right awful. There were also a lot of weird moments that kind of betrayed the super realism that the universe was trying to achieve (if there is a Microwave Emitter that evaporates water, then why don't people burst? How can a guy be tied to a spotlight and not burn to death?).

Also, it is one of those movies where I liked the first half a lot more than the second half. Watching Bruce become Batman and the method of doing so is really interesting and is really well done. Once he gets back to Gotham though and we start getting into League of Shadows stuff and there whole plan to destroy Gotham, it doesn't quite live up to it.

I am not bashing the movie. Like I said, I enjoyed it. I liked the tone and atmosphere they achieved and there was certainly more good than bad. But I never understood the "best comic book movie EVER!" label that it has gotten since it came out.


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