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re: TantruM Presents: WWE 2007 - Rejuvenating Nostalgia

Originally Posted by Jamjam22 View Post
JAM's Review

Iím not really a fan of when a former champion cashes in his world title rematch on the first show after the PPV because they usually lose and itís predictable. However, when these things happen, there is usually something big that goes down so this is what Iím hoping for. I like the content of the promo even if it wasnít in full. It was a pretty good recap of what Batista had to say. Not a bad opening, pretty standard stuff.

MVP and Mysterio are some pretty big stars so them feuding over the US Title can only be a good thing. Not really much to say on it really since nothing has really happened yet. Punk should be pushed to the moon right now. Hope we see more of this Kane/Punk feud since it can actually be a really good one.

A quick tag match where you didnít actually announce a winner? I think you need to double check your work man. But anyway, itís time for the main event now. Well you can pencil in ĎTaker vs. Batista for the next PPV right now because of the ending of this match. Not sure how I feel about this really since theyíre both pretty much faces right now. I think one of them will eventually need to turn heel if you continue on with this.

Overall, the show seemed a little short. You couldíve done more with this show to be honest. All this show really did was advance the World Title situation while the others just felt like filler. I do think the US Title situation will be interesting once it really gets going. But yeah, slow episode here bro. A lot more couldíve been done. We didnít even see the crusierweights. You always wanna make every episode an important one, so yeah. Just some notes to improve on the next show.
Thank you for some more feedback, I really appreciate it. I'd just like to say that I did announce a winner of that match it says that Shannon Moore and Jamie Noble pulled out the victory. I completely forgot about the cruiserweights but I didn't really have any time since I already had five matches. I really do appreciate the criticism and I do take notes on what you say and what anyone will say should more people start feedbacking, so I appreciate it.

I'd just like to let everyone know that these shows are short, yes. I am trying to make these short so I can get to Backlash as quick as I can and then things will get interesting and everything will be in full. I'm just trying to kick off the thread and get it going with these recapped shows. Thank you very much for reading and have a happy holidays.

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