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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

That RIE II match I remember being so fucking good. Must re-watch that soon.

Talking of ROH matches from around that era, I watched two yesterday. one being Davey/KENTA from SOH IV in 09. Man, I remember thinking this was incredible. It isn't really. It's actually good, but not great. Started immensely with the teacher/student format and KENTA getting the upper hand and having counters for everything, but it ended up being a strike fest by the end in the same vein as KENTA/Low Ki and I wasn't into it much. A few great moments, but it isn't the amazing classic I used to think it was a few years ago. Weird how your taste can change so much in that short a time. Davey still wasn't terrible by this point either, and he used to be really entertaining as a heel in control of a match imo.

Also watched Nigel/Steen from Norther Navigation (fucking awesome show top to bottom btw). this is still really great for the majority. A bit too long winded by the end with a few too many kickouts, but the work from Nigel and Steen's crazy bumping can't be ignored, as well as the story of Steen putting everything on the line in front of his home town fans. Nigel was just so fucking brilliant during his title run. Legit BITW material imo. he works a back just as well as he works the arm in this. Great stuff. After Steen's comeback is when I started to lose interest, but it's still a really great **** match. Planning on going through lots of stuff from that time period over the next few weeks or so.

Anyway, just thought I'd share my thoughts and shit .

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