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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

In some huge news, we’ve heard that Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart has been signed to a WWE contract for a couple of appearances. This has come to a surprise to everyone as Bret, Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon still have legitimate heat over the Montreal Screwjob incident. But Shawn Michaels is said to be willing to bury the hatchet, and was all for Bret making a return, but Vince was more apprehensive, apparently he had to be convinced by many backstage to allow it to happen. We’re not sure if this will result in a Bret/McMahon or a Bret/Michaels feud, or even if it is just to manage or put over The Hart Dynasty who are scheduled for a debut in the coming month.

On the subjects of pushes, it seems the plan is for The Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel Jackson to drop the WWE Tag Team Titles soon so Kendrick can move back to the singles division. Kendrick and Jackson was never earmarked for being a long reign but needs must, luckily the tag division is starting to fill out now with the arrival of Daniel Bryan and Kaval, and the upcoming debut of The Hart Dynasty. Officials are said to be extremely pleased with Kendrick’s work and with the gimmick he has, the sky’s the limit.

We have received word that a number of wrestlers have been signed to WWE contracts, these are as follows:
Former ROH Tag Team Champion – Tyler Black
Mexican Superstar – Mistico
The first ever Shimmer Champion – Sara Del Rey
Former World Tag Team Champion – Chris Masters
Former TNA Knockout - Jamie Szantyr aka Velvet Sky

Masters is expected to re debut rather soon, but will more than likely be used as an enhancement talent for the current Stars. All of the other three have been sent to WWE’s developmental for a few months to learn the WWE style and to get rid of any ring rust. Mistico still has a few dates in Mexico to complete as does Tyler Black in the USA.

Rumour is that Tyler Black, despite his age, is expected for a call up after Summerslam, and is expected to be involved in the current Kane angle. Mistico on the other hand, is expected to be used in a more traditional sense, with the rumours swirling that the WWE are about to re-activate the Cruiserweight Title, Mistico would be a perfect fit on SmackDown, and as always there is the dream match of Mysterio vs. Mistico.

WWE have released their upcoming PPV/Notable Show schedule for the next wrestling calendar year, and you’ll notice that WWE have reverted to single branded PPV’s, which are as follows:

WWE Fully Loaded
28th June 09 – O2 Arena – London, United Kingdom

WWE The Bash
12th July 09 – ARCO Arena – Sacramento, California

WWE Vengeance
26th July 09 – Wachovia Center – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

WWE Summerslam
30th August – Staples Center – Los Angeles, California

WWE No Mercy
27th September – Bell Centre – Montreal, Quebec, Canada

WWE Unforgiven
18th October 09 – Prudential Center – Newark, New Jersey

SmackDown Invades Raw
Special Three Hour Raw Super Show
26th October 09 – Madison Square Garden – New York City, New York

WWE Survivor Series
22nd November 09 – Verizon Center – Washington, D.C

WWE Armageddon
13th December 09 – AT&T Center – San Antonio, Texas

Monday Night Raw – Slammy Awards
14th December 09

WWE New Years Revolution
3rd January 10 – Phillips Arena – Atlanta Georgia

WWE Royal Rumble
31st January 10 – Madison Square Garden – New York City, New York

WWE No Way Out
21st February 10 – Scottrade Center – St. Louis, Missouri

4th April 10 – Location TBA

WWE Superstars – 04 June, 09

The opening video of WWE Superstars plays and we cut into the arena where Michael Cole and JBL welcome us to the show. They run down the card including a main event of Bobby Lashley versus Vladimir Kozlov.

In the ring, stands Jimmy Yang, waiting for his opponent.


What?? Despite not receiving such a big welcome back, The Masterpiece Chris Masters, makes his return to the WWE, walking out onto the stage, and getting a few boos. Masters does his usual stuff on the top of the ramp before setting his eyes on Yang. The commentators acted shock that Chris Masters is back, but we are told that he is indeed a Raw Superstar, signed back by Jerry Lawler.

Match One: Singles Match
Chris Masters vs. Jimmy Yang
This is basically a squash match which is designed to make Masters look good in his return to the WWE. He runs through his arsenal of moves, showing off some new moves too and Jimmy Wang sells them like a champ’. Despite it being a match to make Masters look good, Wang gets a couple seconds of offense in before Chris took complete control, working over Wang before pinning Jimmy Wang with a Gorilla Press Drop/Forward Slam combination, which the commentators dub MasterSlam.
Winner – Chris Masters @3.36
Making his comeback tonight, Chris Masters picks up an impactful win over Jimmy Wang, who surprisingly put up a bit of a fight. Masters shows off his muscles before grabbing Wang again, and locking in the Masterlock, to which the crowd boo extremely loudly. Eventually, he lets go and backs away from Jimmy, before walking up the ramp.

Commercial Break


~ Jerry Lawler being announced as the new General Manager
~ Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes arguing backstage
~ The Undertaker earning a WWE Championship via defeating Ted DiBiase
~ Cody Rhodes attacking ‘Taker and Legacy standing tall


Returning to Superstars, we’re backstage where Matt Striker is waiting.

Matt Striker: Ladies and gentleman ... my guest tonight is a former ECW Champion and a former United States Champion ... I give to you ... The Real Deal ... Bobby Lashley.

Getting a good pop from the crowd, Lashley enters the shot, all smiles.

Matt Striker: Bobby ... you are in the main event tonight against someone who has made your life hell over the past month ... Vladimir Kozlov ... your thoughts??

Lashley thinks for a moment.

Bobby Lashley: Matt ... t’night ... I’m not just gonna’ beat Kozlov ... I’m gonna’ make sure I never have to deal with him again.


Bobby Lashley: Now ... this can’t be just a singles match ... we’ve had a singles match ... it’s been done Matt. We’ve also had a Street Fight ... we need to up the ante t’night.

Lashley turns to the camera, the smile gone from his face.

Bobby Lashley: Kozlov ... if you have the GUTS ... then you will accept my challenge ... to a LAST MAN STANDING MATCH!!

Massive pop from the crowd while Matt’s eyes widen.

Bobby Lashley: I-


The crowd boo immensely as Kozlov smashes Lashley into the wall, head first! He stands above Lashley and screams “challenge accepted!” as we head back to ringside.

The commentators hype the Last Man Standing match before the next match can begin.


The Fighting Irishman receives a respectful pop from the crowd as he walks out onto the stage, trusty weapon in hand. [COLOR="DarkOrange)"]Finlay[/COLOR] looks around the arena for a couple seconds before walking down the ramp and climbing into the ring.

Commercial Break


Oh this is gonna’ be good, exclaims JBL as Daniel Bryan, without Kaval or AJ Lee walks out from behind the ramp. He looks at Finlay before walking down the ramp, and interacting with some fans.

Match Two: Singles Match
Daniel Bryan vs. Finlay

The referee calls for the bell and the two men stay in their corners for a couple of moments, sizing up the man on the opposite side. Eventually, the two walk out from their corners and then circle the ring ... they keep circling until they lock up ... but Bryan ducks behind ... clasping his hands around the stomach of Finlay ... but he has a counter as he reaches up behind him and flips Daniel over his head!!

The two men lock up again, but Finlay grab the arm of Bryan ... before twisting and wrenching it ... twice over ... but Daniel flips forward ... his hand still in the grasp of Finlay ... but then straight after flipping he FALLS TO THE GROUND ... PULLING FINLAY AND FLIPPING HIM!

It’s a stalemate in the early going ... and the fans react with a respectful clap. Bryan wipes his mouth while they circle and they lock up once more but this time Finlay knees him just before ... grabs his arm and twists it around into a hammer lock!! Pushing the arm further up his back ... causing Bryan to wince in pain ... and then the Irishman puts his foot on the back knee of his opponent ... pushing him down to one knee and then pushing the other one down! Finlay then lowers Bryan onto the mat, stomach first!

Finlay keeps a hold of the arm, wrenching it every couple of seconds but Bryan manages to get up a little bit, and twist around so he’s in a seated position, while Finlay still keeps a hold of the arm. Bryan bends his legs and pushes himself to his feet, forcing Finlay up as well. With his free arm, he reaches up to Finlay’s neck and bends down ... flipping his opponent over once more but he doesn’t waste time ... diving on Finlay and locking in a side headlock.

This keeps Finlay down for a bit but eventually Finlay manages to get to his feet, he backs Bryan onto the ropes and pushes him to the other side. Bryan rebounds but he connects with a shoulder block which puts Finlay down ... he sets off running again while Finlay transitions onto his stomach ... Daniel hops over ... but gets caught with a deep arm drag on his way back!

Finlay keeps a hold of the arm, and then locking in a seated abdominal stretch. The referee checks on Bryan who tells him he doesn’t want to give up, Finlay takes a few seconds to slap the exposed side of his opponent. Bryan gets a second wind, stretching his legs out and pushing against the mat, pushing Finlay over onto his back and the referee begins counting, 1 ... 2 ... Finlay has to let go of the hold!

The two men get to their feet, Bryan taking a little longer and receives a huge knee to the gut before being the victim of a snap suplex and then a cover, 1 ... 2 ... NO!! Bryan kicks out and while Finlay looks at the referee ... Bryan reaches up out of nowhere and grabs Finlay by the arm and pulls him down onto his stomach .. before turning him onto his stomach and locking in an arm bar!!

But Finlay twists around, and flips over, flipping over Bryan which makes him break the hold. The two men climb to their feet, with Daniel smashing Finlay with a stiff uppercut and backing him into the corner with punches. With the Irishman in the corner, Bryan tallies off with a bunch of stiff kicks to the side and then to the legs.

Bryan grabs Finlay’s arm and Irish-whips him into the opposite corner ... but Finlay reverses ... but Bryan runs up the turnbuckle ... AND FLIPS OVER AN ONCOMING FINLAY!! As soon as Bryan lands he runs away from Finlay, rebounding off the ropes and SMASHING FINLAY IN THE FACE WITH A DIVING FOREARM!! Bryan goes for the cover, 1 ... 2 ... NO!!

Bryan pulls Finlay to his feet but the Irishman breaks Bryan’s arms away and knees him in the gut, clubs his opponent in the back and then drops to his knees. Finlay runs past Bryan and hits a running back knee to the back of Bryan’s head!! Cover, 1 ... 2 ... NO!! Finlay looks at the referee again but turns his attention to his opponent rather quickly. He Irish-whips Daniel into the corner, but with extra force which means Bryan whiplashes in the corner and falls to his knees.

The Irishman walks over to Daniel and lifts him to his feet, he hits a couple of right punches before Irish-whipping his opponent into the opposite corner!! Finlay backs into his corner and explodes out from it ... running towards Bryan ... but he gets TWO FEET UP!! BUT FINLAY CATCHES HIS FEET ON HIS SHOULDERS ... THEN THROWS HIS LEGS OUT OF THE RING AND BRYAN CRASHES TO THE MAT!!

The crowd gasp as Bryan smashes into the paper thin mat and lies limp. Finlay stares down at him for a moment before climbing down from the ring. The referee begins counting them out as the Irishman pulls Bryan to his feet and hits him with an uppercut which sends him backwards into the barricade. He leans on the barricade and watches as Finlay walks over to him, but he quickly catches him with a kick to the gut and then shoulder thrusts him into the ring apron!!

Finlay leans on the apron, feeling his back, in so much pain but Bryan doesn’t let up, he quickly slides into the ring and rebounds off the opposite of the ring ... RUNNING AT FINLAY ... AND SMASHING HIM IN THE BACK WITH A BASEBALL SLIDE!! And the Irishman careens forward into the black barricade!!

Bryan sits on the apron regaining his breath. Eventually, he walks over to his opponent and pulls him to his feet and slides him into the ring before going for a cover, 1 ... 2 ... NO!! Bryan looks at the referee who assures him it was a two count. Bryan turns around and waits for Finlay to get to his feet, and then Bryan goes behind him and LOCKS IN AN OCTOPUS HOLD!!

Bryan tries to wear his opponent down, using the move to get Finlay onto his knees, but Finlay shows incredible strength by standing up and falling backwards, onto Daniel ... but hurting himself in the first place!

Both men lie on the mat with Finlay getting to his feet first, picking Daniel up soon after and Irish-whipping him before connecting with a drop toe hold. Finlay keeps a hold of Bryan’s leg, and place him in a way so they can’t spring out while he LOCKS IN A SURFBORAD!! Pulling Bryan back before pulling back into the air!

The referee sees that Finlay’s shoulders are down and starts counting, 1 ... 2 ... Finlay manages to push himself off the mat but still holding the Surfboard in. This combination continues for at least a minute before Finlay decides to let go. The Irishman picks Bryan up and Irish-whips him into the corner ... but Bryan runs up the turnbuckle and tries to flip over Finlay again ... but the Irishman saw it coming and stopped running ... when Bryan lands he turns around right into a running shoulder block!!

Cover, 1 ... 2 ... NO!! Instead of wasting time, he picks Bryan up and pulls him into the corner, Finlay climbs onto the second rope with his arm wrapped around Bryan’s neck ... AND GOES FOR A TORNADO DDT ... BUT BRYAN MANAGES TO THROW FINLAY OFF BEFORE HE HITS IT!! The crowd pop for this as Finlay lands on his stomach while Bryan slumps in the corner, worn out from the match.

Finlay climbs up to his feet ... but Bryan sprints forward and jumps into Finlay ... LOCKING IN A GULLOTINE CHOKE!! Bryan tightens the hold which puts Finlay down to his knees, and he eventually collapses to the ground. Bryan’s on the bottom but manages to keep one shoulder off the ground which stops the ref’ from counting. The referee checks on Finlay who seems to be fading fast.

The Irishman reaches out for anything, even grabbing the ref by the shirt at one point. Eventually Finlay shows enough ring awareness to crawl backwards, dragging Bryan along and getting A FOOT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE!!

Bryan lets go of the hold, turns Finlay onto his back and goes for a cover, 1 ... 2 ... NO!! Shoulder shoots up! Bryan crawls to the ropes and uses them to get to his feet, he turns to Finlay who is on his knees. Bryan bounces off the ropes AND SMASHES INTO FINLAY WITH A RUNNING FRONT LOW DROP KICK!! Another cover, 1 ... 2 ... ANOTHER KICK OUT!!

Bryan grabs Finlay again, pulling him to his feet and then Irish-whips him into the corner. Bryan follows in quickly with a running clothesline, Finlay staggers forward but Bryan pulls him back into the corner!! Bryan climbs onto the second rope and reign down on Finlay’s forehead with punch after punch, the fans counting along with him! He manages to get to ten and stops, dropping down from his position on the second rope, walking away from Finlay and pointing to the sky.

Bryan turns to Finlay again and knees him in the stomach before lifting him onto the top rope! Daniel makes sure Finlay won’t fight back by hitting a couple of punches, he then climbs onto the second rope, wraps Finlay’s arm around his neck ... STANDS ON THE TOP ROPE ... AND SUPERPLEX’S HIS OPPONENT DOWN TO THE MAT!! THE CROWD REACTING WITH A MASSIVE CHEER!!

The referee begins counting them both out as both don’t move, the referee gets to six, but Bryan stops the count by twisting over and draping an arm over the chest of his opponent, 1 ... 2 ... KICK OUT!!

The fans react in shock, thinking it was over at that very moment. Bryan rolls onto his back, staring up into the ceiling, he turns onto his stomach and pushes himself up. Once he’s on his feet, he grabs Finlay by the head and pulls him up, teeing off on him with stiff kicks, pushing him back to ropes, before Irish-whipping him, Finlay rebounds into a running knee, flipping over the knee!! Bryan climbs to the top rope, wasting no time, waiting for Finlay to get up, and he goes for a flying cross body ... but Finlay rolls through and manages to keep a hold of Bryan ... BEFORE SMASHING HIM WITH A FALL AWAY SLAM!!

Finlay slowly goes for the cover, 1 ... 2 ... NO!! The fans pop at the kick out while Finlay pounds the mat in frustration. The Irishman decides to slow things down by locking in a sleeper hold, which actually gets some boos as they want some more action. Finlay ignores them, and wrenches the sleeper hold, choking the life force out of his opponent.

Daniel looks out, his neck has gone limp and the referee begins checking on him, pulling his arm up ... AND IT GOES DOWN ... he does it again ... IT GOES DOWN ... the third and final time ... THE ARM STAYS UP!!!

The crowd respond with a huge pop which fires Bryan up even more, shaking his fist as he transitions to his side and then to his feet. Finlay switches to a side headlock but he is still pushed back into the ropes and sent to the opposite, rebounding off and straight into a deep arm drag. Finlay gets up quickly, runs at Bryan, but gets caught with a hip toss this time!!

Finlay stays down for a moment, before getting to his knees, but Bryan smashes into him with a running knee to a pop and goes for the cover, 1 ... 2 ... THIS MATCH CONTINUES!! Bryan asks the referee, standing up and getting in his face before turning back to Finlay ... but GETTING CAUGHT IN A SMALL PACKAGE!! 1 ... 2 ... NO!!!

Both men get up at the same time but Finlay catches Bryan with a knee to the gut, goes for a right hand but Bryan ducks and tees off with stiff kicks once more. Before hitting a HUGE ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO THE TEMPLE ... FINLAY’S OUT .. .COVER ... 1 ... 2 ... NO!!!!

Again, Bryan argues with the referee, turns back to Finlay and pulls him to his feet, but Finlay catches him with a huge knee to the stomach. He irish-whips Bryan who ducks a clothesline attempt ... rebounds off the ropes ... AND GOES FOR A CROSS BODY ... BUT FINLAY CATCHES HIM IN MID-AIR ... BEFORE LIFTING HIM ONTO HIS SHOULDER ... ROLLING HILLS!!!! COVER!! IT’S OVER!!! 1 ... 2 ... NO!!! BRYAN KICKS OUT!!!

The crowd react with a massive cheer, amazed that Bryan managed to kick out of one of Finlay’s best moves. The two men lie on the mat beside each other, tired as hell before Finlay climbs to his feet and says it’s time to end it! He reaches down and pulls Bryan to his feet, but the smaller man breaks Finlay’s arms away and hits a back kick before setting off running towards the ropes ... bouncing off them but runs right into a stiff kick!!


Winner: Daniel Bryan @ 19.12
An absolutely brilliant match, Bryan let’s go of the Lebell Lock straight away and can’t even get to his feet, too tired to even move. The referee points at him as Justin announces him as the winner. The referee helps Finlay out of the ring and tends to him on the outside while Daniel begins to climb to his feet.


The two of them pounding on him with stomps and punches ... until ...


Kaval slides into the ring and is met by Hawkins, but Kaval takes him down to the ground and a brawl breaks out between them on the mat. They eventually brawl to the outside, but Ryder is still attacking Bryan in the corner.

But now, AJ LEE is in the ring, she walks over to Ryder and grabs him from behind ... but Ryder turns around AND LAYS HER OUT WITH A RIGHT HAND!!

The crowd shit on him so much as he says he thought it was Kaval ... speak of the devil ... Kaval slides into the ring and chases Ryder off before kneeling beside AJ. Hawkins joins Ryder on the ramp as they walk away, Hawkins seems pleased by Ryder can’t believe he just hit a women. Cole runs Ryder down for that, while Kaval checks on AJ, Bryan recovers and now notices what has happened.

Commercial Break

Back from the commercial, we’re backstage where Katie Lea is deep in conversation with ... Drew McIntyre?? We can’t hear what they are talking about but they are interrupted when the ever nosy Matt Striker buts in.

Matt Striker: Uh ... sorry to interrupt ... I was wondering if I could get a quick word with you, Katie?

Katie nods at Matt and she and Drew go their separate ways.

Matt Striker: In just a few short moments ... you go one on one with Gail Kim ... which could go a long way in determining Maryse’s next challenger ... your thoughts??

Katie takes the microphone.

Katie Lea: My thoughts?? My thoughts ... the way I see it ... Maryse has only got a couple more weeks as the Undisputed Women’s Champion. And the one who is gonna’ end her reign ... it isn’t Gail Kim ... or Mickie James ... it’s gonna’ be me.

Little bit of heat.

Katie Lea: Tonight ... my quest to become Undisputed Women’s Champion begins tonight ... I’m gonna’ beat Gail Kim and then beat whoever else stands in my way until I get Maryse.

Matt asks another question.

Matt Striker: Thank you ... can I just ask you one more thing?? You were in deep conversation with The Monarchy member ... Drew McIntyre. Care to explain why??

Katie almost seems pissed off by that.

Katie Lea: No.

Short and sweet.

Matt Striker: Uh ... well ... thank you for your time ... and good luck tonight.

And with that, the interview is wrapped up as Katie goes off and Matt watches as she does so, checking her out, the pervert.


We open up to a shot of the O2 Arena in London, England.

Narrator: For the first time in six years ... the WWE returns to the United Kingdom ... for a Pay-Pay-View extravaganza.

We now see highlights of Summerslam ’92.

MVP: Every time we come to the UK, the crowds are immense.

Mr. Kennedy: The fact that they only get to the witness the WWE live twice a year, this really will be special.

We see some shots of the UK crowd going wild whenever Raw or SmackDown were in the building.

Shawn Michaels: Are ya’ ready, UK??

Shot of Shawn Michaels facing John Cena in the hour long match they had.

The Miz: We’re comin’ locked and loaded ... the WWE is returning to the UK ... and it’s gonna’ be ... AWESOME!!

We now see a view of the O2 Arena at night, with the WWE logo splattered across it.

Narrator: Monday Night Raw presents ... WWE ... Fully ... Loaded!


Are Ya’ Ready, UK??


The commentators spend a couple of seconds hyping up the return to the UK, as we see Gail Kim already in the ring.


The WWE production theme plays as Katie Lea steps onto the stage, cracking her knuckles and then cracks her neck. Katie starts walking down the ramp, telling Gail it’s her time.

Match Three: Singles Match
Gail Kim vs. Katie Lea

Solid match between two of the better workers in the Divas division. The momentum switched between them numerous times in the early going but Katie’s aggression came into play and she took complete advantage a couple of minutes in. Showing how dangerous she can be, she worked over Gail like a pro, targeting each body part. But in the end, Gail made a comeback, getting a couple of near falls before Katie took advantage again, staking a claim to the Undisputed Women’s Championship by pinning Kim in the centre of the ring.
Winner: Katie Lea @4.15
Katie, true to her word, picks up the victory tonight, and sets off on her quest to become Undisputed Women’s Champion. The commentators put her over as we head to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

Back from the commercial, we get a split screen view of Bobby Lashley and Vladimir Kozlov walking down a corridor. The commentators then say the Last Man Standing match is up next.


The video opens with WWE production theme, “Bring it” playing over it.

“One of the most dominating Superstars I have ever seen!”

Clips of Lashley making his debut, and then winning the ECW Title.

“The Russian is one of the scariest men I’ve seen!”

Clips of Vladimir Kozlov absolutely decimating Triple H in the centre of the ring.

We now see Vladimir Kozlov actually pinning The Undertaker, and then the next clip is of him demanding better competition.

Clips of Kozlov defeating everyone put in front of him, including Jeff Hardy and The Great Khali.

Jim Ross: Will Kozlov ever meet his match??


Lashley’s theme plays over the video, and we see Kozlov at Backlash and we witness the return of Bobby Lashley.

Clips of Lashley hitting the Dominator and picking up the victory.

Jim Ross: Kozlov has met his match!

This rivalry isn’t done though as we get a series of clips of their brawls, which occur on both Raw and SmackDown before witnessing their Street Fight on SmackDown.

We now see Lashley’s interview from earlier, challenging Kozlov to a Last Man Standing match and then the Russian attacking him and accepting the challenge.


There is a buzz in the arena before ...


The arena erupts with heat as the big Russian stomps onto the stage, and with a scowl on his face, proceeds down to the ring.


An exact opposite of Kozlov’s reaction, instead it’s all cheers as Bobby Lashley bounds onto the stage ... but he doesn’t waste any time with pyro ... instead HE MAKES A BEELINE FOR THE RING ... HIS EYES SET ON KOZLOV!

Bobby Lashley vs. Vladimir Kozlov

Lashley slides into the ring and meets an oncoming Kozlov and takes him down to the mat!! The crowd are on fire as the Lashley pounds him with shot after shot! Continuing to lay into the head of Vladimir with right fists! The referee can’t do anything because anything is legal ... but eventually Kozlov reaches out and grabs the bottom rope ... and pulls himself out of the ring, with Lashley getting his arm caught on the second rope as he still tries to punch Kozlov.

Vladimir tries tor recover but he doesn’t get any time as Bobby slides out of the ring and grabs him from behind ... and SMASHES HIS HEAD OFF THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!! Cole and JBL get the hell out of the way as Lashley pulls the monitors out of the table, getting a huge pop from the fans as he does so. The Real Deal turns his attention back to Kozlov who is just on his feet ... he grabs him by the head and RUNS HIM INTO THE RING POST ... BUT KOZLOV TURNS THE TABLES ... PUTTING HIS FOOT OUT ONTO THE POST ... STOPPING BEFORE ELBOWING LASHLEY AND SENDING HIM INTO THE CORNER!!

The referee checks on Lashley but Kozlov is right on him, picking him up and hoisting him up into a body slam position ... but instead of slamming him down ... he drops him neck first onto the top of the barricade!! Lashley drops down holding his neck while Kozlov snarls, before grabbing the padding on top of the barricade and ripping it off. The Russian pulls Lashley to his feet, and smashes his head off the metal of the barricade!! And then shoulder thrusting Lashley into the ring apron!! Bobby winces in pain but isn’t allowed any time as Vladmir grabs him and Irish-whips him into the corner of the barricade!!

Lashley winces again, holding his back, and then manages to climb to his feet, using the barricade for support ... but then KOZLOV SPRINTS FORWARD ... GOING FOR A BIG BOOT ... BUT LASHLEY DUCKS AND KOZLOV IS HUNG UP ON THE BARRICADE!!! Lashley crawls away as Kozlov manages to unhook his leg from the barricade ... but he turns around ... RIGHT INTO A SPEAR ... THROUGH THE CORNER OF THE BARRICADE!!!

HOLY SHIT ... HOLY SHIT!! The crowd are in an uproar, amazed by the Kozlov being Speared right through the barricade!! Some cheeky fans tap Kozlov and then grin at the camera before security gets them to their feet and the referee is on hand to begin counting ... both men who are down!

... 1 ...

A little bit of a stir from Lashley who is attempting to recover!

... 2 ...

... 3 ...

Kozlov begins to stir as Lashley manages to get to one knee!

... 4 ...

Lashley manages to get to his feet and watches as the referee continues to count!

... 5 ...

Kozlov manages to sit up and Lashley realizes that Kozlov is going to get up in time.

Instead of waiting for him to get up, Lashley grabs him and pulls him to his feet, and holds his head as he measures a couple of punches, before kneeing Vladimir in the gut. The fans around them cheer Lashley on as he drags Vladimir through the crowd, reaching an elevated part which has seats on top of it ... Lashley goes to smash Kozlov’s face off the wall but Kozlov turns the tables ... SENDING LASHLEY INTO THE WALL!!

Lashley falls to the ground but doesn’t get a chance to recover, the Russian pulls him to his feet and knees him in the gut before pulling him along the crowd, making sure to hit him a couple of times before reaching the stage. Kozlov throws Lashley onto the stage before climbing up himself from the concrete, but when he stands up he receives a boot to the stomach and then Lashley TRIES TO SUPLEX HIM ON THE STEEL ... BUT KOZLOV HOOKS HIS LEG AROUND BOBBY’S ... BEFORE PLANTING LASHLEY WITH A SUPLEX!!! ON THE STEEL!!!

Kozlov hurt himself and it shows when he sits up and clutches his neck, but the big man manages to get to his feet as the referee begins counting Lashley out.

... 1 ...

... 2 ...

... 3 ...

The crowd start chanting Lashley but no movement from him!

... 4 ...

A little bit of movement!

... 5 ...

He turns onto his stomach and pushes himself onto his knees.

... 6 ...

Onto his knees now!

But HE IS KNOCKED BACK DOWN WHEN KOZLOV SPRINTS FORWARD AND LEVELS HIM WITH A BIG BOOT TO THE FACE!!! The crowd give Kozlov so much heat as he snarls at his rival. The Russian reaches down and pulls Bobby to his feet and drags him down the ramp and rams him into the side of the barricade!! Before picking him up again and throwing him into the STEEL RING POST!!

While the referee counts, Vladimir pulls out a wooden table!! And throws it into the ring, he sets it up, leaning on the corner!!

... 4 ...

... 5 ...

‘Lashley Lashley’

... 6 ...

Bobby starts to move!

... 7 ...

Bobby manages to get to his knees, arms resting on the top of the barricade!

... 8 ...

He manages to push himself to his feet!!

The crowd respond with a huge pop as the big man leans on the barricade, trying to regain some strength but Kozlov is right on him, hitting a running knee to the stomach. Lashley keels over and gets a club in the back for his troubles before Kozlov grabs him by the head and tights ... throwing him into the ring!

Vladmir doesn’t follow straight away, instead he reaches underneath the ring and pulls out a STEEL CHAIR! Kozlov slides into the ring with it in his hand, and sprints forward, lifting it high above his head ... BUT LASHLEY CATCHES HIM WITH A HUGE SPINEBUSTER!!

With both men down, the referee begins counting!

... 1 ...

... 2 ...

No movement.

... 3 ...

... 4 ...

Lashley turns on his stomach.

... 5 ...

As does Kozlov.

... 6 ...

Both reach out to the ropes.

... 7 ...

And use them to get to their knees.

... 8 ...

Still struggling to get up!

... 9 ...


The fans don’t really know how to react as both the face and the heel got up at the same time, but the two men stagger into the centre of the ring, and begin trading punches in the classic ‘YAY BOO’!! This continues for at least ten seconds by then Kozlov ducks one AND COMES OUT BEHIND LASHLEY AND GRABS HIM BY THE THROAT ... IRON CURTAIN!! NO!!! LASHLEY BREAKS HIS GRIP AND MANAGES TO LAND ON HIS FEET!!!


Kozlov manages to stop himself from running right through the table which is still lying in the corner ... BUT HE TURNS AROUND ... SPEAR ... SPEAR!!! ... IN THE CORNER!! THROUGH THE TABLE!! The crowd go apeshit as both men lie on the mat, looking out of it ... the table done the damage!! The referee begin to count!

... 1 ...


... 2 ...

Again, no movement!!

... 3 ...

Same story!!!

... 4 ...

A little bit of a stir from Lashley!!

... 5 ...


... 6 ...

Lashley and Kozlov are still both down!!!

... 7 ...

Lashley shows some life!!

... 8 ...


... 9 ...


... 10 ...

What a win for the big man, who simply falls back to a seated position after the referee calls for the bell! He sits there, watching as the crowd cheer him on, he looks at Kozlov who is still out and being checked on by the referee!! The Spear through the table done it for Lashley!

Lashley reaches out to the ropes, and pulls himself to his feet. He walks to the turnbuckle and slowly climbs it, extending his hands in the air and smiling, but still hurting as we fade ...

to ...

... black ...



Friday Night SmackDown - June 5

Expect a huge night of action coming from Friday Night SmackDown as we get the fall out from Judgment Day where Matt Hardy became World Heavyweight Champion! Matt Hardy will be in the building and is expected to address the WWE Universe. We also have heard the new Assistant General Manager, Layla, has a huge announcement to make regarding the title situations on SmackDown.

Also tonight, The Rated R Superstar, Edge, after getting rid of Big Show and Vickie Guerrero from the WWE, he will host The Cutting Edge! And his guest?? None other than The Big Red Monster, Kane!


Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs. Mike Knox & Shelton Benjamin

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