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Re: Should Daniel Bryan be pushed as the top guy on Smackdown after WM29?

Originally Posted by Stocking Filled w/HAYLEY JOY~! View Post
The no clean wins thing wasn't ideal for me, but I still have to disagree with this entire claim.

why? It's obvious. He's proven this time after time: comedy dies once he's in the ring. Besides, if the company pushed him to be serious then, here's the shocker, it would happen. He'd be serious all the time. It would be smart to keep the YES/NO thing going though. That's what helped establish him as a very over talent.
Comedy dies once he's in the ring? Are you joking? Have you ever watched a Bryan match? His multiple kicks screaming YES and NO...what do you call that? COMEDY. Arguing with fans during matches? COMEDY.

And you are missing a very key part of this whole puzzle. Guys like Mick Foley and Kane-when they started down the path to becoming more comedy oriented characters, both already had solid careers under their belts that established them as serious performers. People always remember Kane in the Inferno match or lightning Taker's casket on fire, or Foley's crazy bumps at the HIAC, for example. Same goes for Austin, Rock, anybody. Bryan absolutely does NOT have the background that these guys have. His first big break was as a joke character, so that has set the pace for his career. Its basically going to be impossible for him to outgrow the little niche he's carved out for himself. Just because you book someone to be serious doesn't mean that they're going to say "hey, we should take this guy seriously now." Or have you just not paid attention to anything Alberto Del Rio has been doing this year?

The ONLY wrestler who I've seen get over after dabbling in comedy initially is Kurt Angle, and that's because he was portrayed as a serious performer who happened to be somewhat of a dork outside the ring. It was more of a character trait. Kurt would do a bunch of serious stuff and then do a couple comedy segments, for example. He'd win the IC title from Jericho, cut a serious promo about how he's the Eurocontinental champion and how much that meant, and then you'd see him give Michael Cole a hug or something weird. Serious character with some comedic qualities. Not this ugly little goblin who exists to make goat jokes and chant two stupid, inane words over and over again-that is literally Bryan's whole character. There's nothing non-comedic about him. He's 100% a joke with no depth or character progression. THAT is why people won't take him seriously as a top guy.

Look at Santino-he was massively over as well. He's 100% a comedy character like Bryan. Why aren't people pushing for him to have a title reign? Simple-the Bryan blowhards and blind marks refuse to see anything their messiah does in a bad light, so they blindly swallow this garbage and expect its going to result in him being the next mega star. Meanwhile they expect the other comedy characters to just accept their place on the roster-nice double standard.

It WILL NOT happen. He's over now, bully for him. However, you think that people are going to take him the least bit seriously if he wins the title? They'll be too busy chanting at him and trying to argue with him-great when you're trying to cut that big scathing promo. Its like Taker and Trips getting WHAT chants earlier this year. Casuals are from now on always going to view him as the YES/NO guy, and that's the kiss of death for his career.

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