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Learning to break kayfabe
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February 15, 2011: NXT

Thanks for the kind words, Tiger. Glad you're enjoying my BTB. The PPV should be good.

Originally Posted by Terry Gyimah View Post
Perhaps you can have Skip Sheffield go away for while and re-debut as Ryback, just an idea

And Ezekiel Jackson didn't even need Nexus to begin with, he was perfectly fine all on his own

And as for Otunga he can go under his Harvard law gimmick
Thanks for the words, Terry - still my Number 1 fan, I see?!!

Skip Sheffield to transform into Ryback? No.

Ezekiel Jackson perfectly fine on his own? No.

David Otunga to go with his Harvard gimmick? No.

I'm trying to be different to the real WWE, mate. Won't do any of these. I really don't like the Ryback character, Ezekiel is more relevant in my BT than he has ever been in the WWE (when did he last appear on RAW, SD or PPV?) and Otunga's law gimmick hurts my eyes and my ears. Stay with this Nexus thing for now, something will happen - for WrestleMania for a start.

Anyway, time for some NXT action ...


A reminder video clip plays before NXT begins and it shows the two matches that would determine the two men who would fall or be stuck in 5th and 6th in the NXT rankings and therefore compete in tonight’s NXT main event Elimination Match. R-Truth, in the danger zone after Week 6, faced off against Drew McIntyre and he managed to hit the Scissors Kick to the Scot but he kicked out at the last second to deny him. A quick counter later from McIntyre resulted in Truth being hit with the Future Shock DDT and therefore counted down for 3. R-Truth will be in the Elimination Match, Drew McIntyre not so. But who would he face? 3rd placed Chavo Guerrero would face 6th placed Dolph Ziggler to determine this and with Vickie Guerrero desperate to see Chavo eliminated from NXT and the WWE, Ziggler had back up. Not for the first time, Vickie proved the difference as she distracted Chavo as he looked to hit the Frog Splash made famous by his late Uncle Eddie, Vickie’s husband, which allowed Ziggler chance to hit the Zig Zag and plunge Guerrero into the danger zone. Ziggler climbs to third, Chavo faces R-Truth this week looking to avoid the same fate as MVP suffered in Week 6. Who will be eliminated from NXT tonight?

(American Bang)

*** PYRO ***
*** PYRO ***
*** PYRO ***
*** PYRO ***

Matt Striker and Josh Mathews remind us of the current NXT rankings ...

1. Great Khali
2. Vladimir Kozlov
3. Dolph Ziggler
4. Drew McIntyre
5. R-Truth
6. Chavo Guerrero
7. Kaval


... before reminding us about Kaval’s win in the NXT Battle Royal and how it earned him a double immunity from the first eliminations on NXT. Striker points out that Kaval will be eligible for the next elimination after Truth and Chavo’s match tonight. In the ring, we see that the top three men in the NXT rankings are stood – Khali, Kozlov and Ziggler – and it appears that they are going to be involved in the first match of the evening here on NXT ...

Dolph Ziggler (3) (w/Vickie Guerrero) vs. Great Khali (1) (w/Runjin Singh) vs. Vladimir Kozlov (2)

The match begins with Khali and Kozlov taking Ziggler down quickly with some hard hitting moves that cause concern to Vickie Guerrero but Ziggler bumps them like crazy before allowing the two big men to test their strength against each other. From that point, Kozlov and Khali compete to out-do each other whilst Ziggler, wisely, plays hurt and warily watches on waiting for his opportunity to strike ...

ENDING: With the slow paced action between Khali and Kozlov sapping some energy from the crowd, it is inevitable that Ziggler will become involved sooner rather than later and he goes on the attack on the Punjabi Playboy who swats him away with ease. However, Ziggler is resourceful and he leaps back on the back of Khali and locks in a Sleeper that he hangs onto desperately trying to wear him down. Khali drops to a knee after a while and is struggling as Ziggler hangs on for dear life. With Khali in trouble, Ziggler fails to notice Kozlov sneak back into the ring and up on him. He drags Ziggler from Khali and crashes him head first into the turnbuckles in the corner before turning to the wounded Khali. Khali swings his massive arm and looks for the Khali Chop but Kozlov ducks under it and comes off the ropes with a Battering Ram Headbutt that staggers Khali backwards and down to a knee again as he props himself on the ropes. Kozlov pumps himself up and waits before attempting to lift and suplex Khali ... No way! Khali resists and Kozlov strains his back and turns away for a second ... KHALI CHOP! KHALI CHOP CONNECTS WITH THE SKULL OF KOZLOV! Khali looks for the cover but Ziggler rushes over and drops kicks Khali in the head with perfect timing ... Khali falls sideways, Ziggler hooks the leg of Kozlov ...

** 1 **
** 2 **
** 3 **

Ziggler wisely rushes out of the ring and doesn’t hang about as he gets to the stage before he reflects on what he has just done. Khali looks on furious as he realises that Ziggler just rocketed to the top of the NXT rankings, an impressive rise from sixth place last week with two super victories. Vickie looks delighted as she congratulates her man and Striker explains that Ziggler is now top of the rankings, Kozlov drops to third because he was pinned and Khali falls to second. NXT heads into a commercial with a delighted Ziggler celebrating an unlikely win on the stage ...


NXT returns with replays of the Ziggler victory over Khali and Kozlov before the break and then we see Scott Stanford backstage with Vickie Guerrero and the new NXT number 1 rank, Dolph Ziggler. Vickie does most of the talking and explains that she has a new role in the WWE which she will inform us more about soon but that Ziggler and herself are now ready to go their separate ways. She claims that it is an amicable split, Ziggler nods in agreement, before suggesting that she fully expects Ziggler to go on and win NXT and be WWE or World Champion by the end of 2011.

NXT switches back to the ring for the next match of the evening ...



Team JBL

Kaval, unaccompanied by JBL, heads for the ring with a look of determination on his face. Striker and Mathews explain that Kaval is yet to win on NXT, his only win in the competition was the Royal Rumble NXT Battle Royal which guaranteed his safety until after the Elimination Chamber PPV. However, he needs to start winning soon as his immunity is about to run out and he sits in last place in the rankings, can he get a win tonight?




The ‘Dashing One’ Cody Rhodes appears on NXT to face Kaval who is looking for his first win to get some momentum in the competition. Rhodes weathers the early storm from Kaval and appears in control of the match ...

ENDING: ... However, he fails to hit Cross Rhodes and then this sets him onto a path of unexpected problems as Kaval mounts a comeback. Backed by the crowd, Kaval, the underdog who is battling as much against his mentor, JBL, as the other NXT competitors, manages to take Cody down to the mat with a springboard facebuster that drives the good looking face of Cody down hard. Kaval climbs the turnbuckles and leaps off ... GHETTO STOMP! KAVAL HITS THE GHETTO STOMP TO RHODES! With Rhodes clutching his stomach and chest, Kaval makes the cover and hooks the leg ...

** 1 **
** 2 **
** 3 **

Wild celebrations for the pint-sized NXT underdog, the man who won Season 2 but failed to build momentum in the WWE afterwards, as he jumps on the ropes and thanks the crowd for their support. Although this win doesn’t change his position in the NXT rankings, it could be the start of something very important to Kaval and he knows it. However, one of the other members of Team JBL has appeared in the ring unknown to Kaval. Drew McIntyre, the man who split from Cody Rhodes to voluntarily prove himself on NXT, helps up his former partner and they look over at the celebrating Kaval. They attack him from behind and then proceed to batter him with kicks and punches before Rhodes hits the Cross Rhodes as well. JBL wanders out and applauds as McIntyre drags Kaval back up ... FUTURE SHOCK DDT! The crowd jeer but there is a clear message here – Kaval’s win means nothing now. JBL congratulates Rhodes and McIntyre and they leave together as NXT goes to a second commercial ...


NXT returns with Melina in the ring ...




Striker and Mathews recap on the situation involving Michelle McCool and the Divas Championship match at Elimination Chamber. Having won her matches on NXT in the past two weeks, one more win tonight – against Melina – will mean that Chip Butty will place McCool into the title match with former champion Layla and current Divas Champion Maryse. McCool, who attacked the pair of them along with Kharma back at the Rumble, has also been badgering RAW General Manager Chip Butty over a WrestleMania 27 Divas Championship match even though she has yet to win the title. Butty has promised Michelle, who he appears to have a soft spot for, that he will personally look into her request if HBK is not prepared to.


Melina sets off like a ball of fire and she hits Michelle with her very best offence but there is an elephant in the room in the form of Kharma at ringside. Eventually, she makes her presence felt by intimidating Melina when she goes for a pinfall and this allows McCool to crash into Melina from behind and take control. However, there is a problem for Michelle when the music of the Divas Champion begins ...

*** POURQUOI? ***


Divas Champion

Maryse, proudly sporting the Divas Championship around her waist, heads down to the ring and joins Striker and Mathews on commentary. McCool looks annoyed by her arrival but no sooner as the French Canadian Diva sat down than ...



Here comes the Number 1 contender for the Divas Championship, as of this moment, and Michelle’s former Laycool partner, Layla. Again, McCool looks shocked and this distraction has allowed Melina to recover and she rolls her up for the pinfall ...

** 1 **
** 2 **

ENDING: With Melina back in control, there is a real sense that Michelle McCool could now fail in her attempt to win a Divas Championship match at the Elimination Chamber. Melina goes close on several occasions before she finally manages to hit PRIMAL SCREAM! CAN MELINA BEAT McCOOL?

** 1 **
** 2 **

A look of shock on the face of Melina, as well as those of Layla and Maryse at the announce desk too, as Michelle proves she is a tough cookie by kicking out of the Primal Scream finisher. However, Melina is not to be put off and she sets for the move again before Kharma jumps up onto the apron and causes a menacing distraction. Melina lunges over and knocks Kharma down but the damage is done now ... McCool strikes with a Big Boot kick that crashes Melina down once more. McCool lifts Melina up from the mat ... WINGS OF LOVE! McCOOL HAS THE MATCH WON NOW!

** 1 **
** 2 **
** 3 **

At Elimination Chamber, Maryse will now defend the Divas Championship in a Triple Threat against both Layla and Michelle McCool with the real prospect of Kharma at ringside as well. Melina is annoyed with the outcome as she comes round and she goes after McCool again but now Kharma gets into the ring with a look of fury in her eyes. Melina realises she is in trouble and backs off out of the ring but continues to taunt Kharma so she starts to follow her out of the ring and up the ramp. With Kharma stalking after Melina, McCool gets groggily to her feet ... LAYOUT FROM LAYLA! HANGING NECKBREAKER THAT LEAVES McCOOL WRITHING ON THE MAT! Layla looks on with a happy look in her eyes and then she points to Maryse who places the title on the mat out of the way. Striker says that this is payback for McCool’s attack on these two Divas back at the Rumble ... FRENCH KISS DDT! MARYSE CRASHES McCOOL’s HEAD INTO THE MAT! As ‘Pourquoi?’ restarts, Layla and Maryse look at each other with a look of respect as they stand over McCool. In 5 days, it will be a Triple Threat ... Who will be Divas Champion?


NXT returns with a split screen showing R-Truth and Chavo Guerrero preparing for their match tonight – the main event is next. Whoever loses this match will be eliminated from the NXT competition as well as the WWE ... Striker and Mathews remind us that both men are from Team Rock (and Sock), their mentor currently out indefinitely after a brutal car park attack a few weeks ago, and that after tonight, there will be just two men left in the team for Mick Foley to guide – Ziggler and the winner of tonight’s match. Foley is now at ringside, on commentary, for this match where he will lose one of his men on his and Rock’s team ...

*** WHAT’S UP? ***


As Truth enters the ring, rapping and playing to the crowd, Striker describes Truth’s relationship with Rock as unsteady. The Rock was less than supportive over Truth’s decision to continue rapping and singing as he entered the ring and was critical of some of his moves. Can Truth survive tonight and prove to Rock that he can win NXT and become a champion here in the WWE?



As Chavo enters the ring, we are reminded over the desire that Guerrero has to win NXT in memory of the late, great Eddie Guerrero and of the words spoken by Vickie, his aunt, when she described him as a disgrace to the Guerrero family name. Chavo looks determined to remain in NXT as he looks to the heavens for some divine intervention from his Uncle Eddie tonight. Before the match, despite the tension, Chavo and Truth shake hands in a show of sportsmanship before the bell rings and the match begins ...


Both men are giving it everything and seem determined to avoid being eliminated here tonight as they go at it hell for leather. The match swings back and forth with neither man in control for long with Foley hyping up the talents of both men. However, one of them has to be eliminated ...

ENDING: The first big moment comes when Truth connects with his spinning elbow to the face of Chavo and he looks to follow it up with the Scissors Kick. However, he misses and Chavo shoves him away before dropkicking him down to the mat. Up to the top rope goes Chavo, here we go with the Frog Splash ... but Truth moves and escapes it. The two men trade punches as the crowd are unable to agree on who to cheer for but it is Chavo who gets the upper hand as he knocks Truth down. A rally of suplexes from the Mexican leaves Truth down on the mat looking up at the rafters and it appears that Chavo has his chance one more. Up he goes, top rope and ready, when suddenly, Vickie Guerrero appears. She slides into the ring and stands in front of Truth. Chavo warns her to move but she stands her ground, Chavo warns her again but again she refuses. Chavo shrugs his shoulders and jumps off ... FROG SPLASH ... DOES NOT CONNECT! With a scream, Vickie runs away and Truth benefits from the distraction by moving at the last second. Chavo crashes down on the mat and lands in a crumpled heap. Truth jumps up and surveys the situation ... Can he take advantage? Into the ring slides Mick Foley though and he ushers Truth to stop for a second while he removes Ms. Guerrero from the ring. He orders her to leave before lifting her over his shoulder and carrying her out of the ring instead to the delight of the crowd. Truth watches on but then focuses on Chavo ... SCISSORS KICK! TRUTH HITS THE SCISSORS KICK! He makes the cover ...

** 1 **
** 2 **

Truth cannot believe it and holds his head in his hands. He drags Chavo up and tries to set up an inverted DDT instead but Chavo fights out and springboards off the ropes into a crossbody to leave both men down on the mat. While they are down, Foley reappears and he rejoins the announce desk with Vickie Guerrero now removed from the arena. Again, Chavo and Truth rise simultaneously and trade moves but this time Truth gets the upper hand and knocks Chavo down. He goes for the Scissors Kick once more but Chavo escapes it ... As Truth comes off the ropes, Chavo readjusts ... Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! Truth is groggy now and Chavo looks to press home the advantage ... He grasps Truth round the waist and hits a German Suplex but hangs on ... Three times, the Three Amigos! Truth looks down and out and Chavo again goes to the top rope ... FROG SPLASH! CHAVO LANDS SQUARE ON THE CHEST OF TRUTH!

** 1 **
** 2 **
** 3 **

As Chavo’s music hits, the relief is clear on his face – he has survived! He celebrates wildly as Truth comes round a little and looks up at him with a look of devastation in his eyes ... Chavo jumps down and offers out a hand to Truth to pick him up but Truth, clearly distraught over being eliminated from NXT and the WWE, refuses it. He stands facing Chavo and shakes his head, he looks upset here. Chavo offers the handshake but Truth walks away and Chavo accepts he is not going to receive one and decides to leave. As Chavo exits, Truth is left in the ring and the music ends ... Disconsolate, Truth looks around as a ripple of applause begins as the crowd show their appreciation of his efforts. Foley joins him in the ring and gives him a hug before raising his arm to show that he is proud of him ...


Horror sweeps over the arena as Truth lays the boots to Foley, what is this all about? Truth exits the ring and grabs a steel chair before heading back into the ring. As Foley gets up, Truth jams the chair hard into Foley’s guts and then smashes it over his back over and over again until Foley is a beaten mess laid face down in the ring. Boos echo around the arena for Truth now and he spits down on the prone body of his supposed mentor ... As the camera zooms in, we see Truth with an angry look on his face and NXT ends with this image ...

*** END OF SHOW ***

After the show ends, Truth tweets his frustrations out on Twitter – he accuses Rock of being the worst possible mentor, he says that Foley hasn’t got a clue how to mentor anybody and that his bumbling actions with Vickie Guerrero cost Truth the chance to win the match. Truth blames the WWE Universe for cheering Rock and Foley, he says that the WWE use no-good legends like these two because the WWE Universe pander to their whims and needs to still feel loved. Truth then angrily tweets that he is sick of playing up for the fans and that he will now go elsewhere and look after himself only ...

1. Dolph Ziggler
2. Great Khali
3. Vladimir Kozlov
4. Drew McIntyre
5. Chavo Guerrero
6. Kaval





John Cena vs. Randy Orton

CM Punk (c) vs. Big Show vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Christian vs. The Undertaker

Daniel Bryan vs. Kurt Angle vs. The Miz vs. Sheamus vs. Edge vs. Triple H

Wade Barrett (c) vs. John Morrison
(Nexus barred from ringside)

Justin Gabriel (c) vs. Ted DiBiase

Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Rey Mysterio

Maryse (c) vs. Layla vs. Michelle McCool (w/Kharma)


*** 5 DAYS AWAY ***
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