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Re: Impact Wrestling 2010: From Russia With Love

If anyone has any guesses as to who I will have winning at Victory Road, feel free to let me know. I'm interested in seeing how obvious/not obvious I've made it. Also, as far as the Knockouts show is concerned, I won't be writing full shows for those, more than likely I'll end up just giving a summary.

Preview for Victory Road 2010
A.J. Styles vs. Jeff Hardy [C] - Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage Match

A feud that began on February 4th which continued because of mutual respect between both competitors has morphed in to something totally different in the past couple of weeks. A.J. Styles, who has always been known as someone who's acts cool, calm, and collected has allowed outside distractions, namely the New World Order, to get the best of him. This resulted in A.J. snapping and attacking Jeff Hardy out of nowhere. A.J. would go on to apologize but was his apology enough? Will A.J. be able to put everything aside and focus on regaining the world heavyweight title or will Jeff Hardy end up retaining the gold? We'll find out as the two clash inside a steel cage.
Beer Money vs. The British Invasion [C] - Impact Wrestling World Tag Team Championship Match

After defeating Team 3D in sound fashion and moving on to the tag team championship tournament finals, it looked like Beer Money would have no problem regaining the world tag team championships but once the finals got there, things started going south for them in a hurry. Problems communicating as well as working together began appearing, causing them to lose the final match which resulted in The British Invasion becoming champions. As the weeks went by, Beer Money still was unable to shake lose their communication problems. Now that Victory Road is upon them, in what could very well be their final shot at regaining the titles, can Beer Money start working together again and become the dominate team that they used to be or will problems arise?
Abyss vs. Raven [C] - Impact Wrestling Television Championship Match/King of the Mountain Qualifying Match

This feud began on the very first show back in February when Raven beat Abyss in the first round of the Television Championship tournament, a loss that apparently Abyss never forgot. As Raven moved on in the tournament, Abyss was always there. When Raven decided to finally confront Abyss about why he had decided to target him, Abyss revealed that "he" told him to do it. Who is this mystery man pulling Abyss' strings and how will it play in to this match with two different stipulations?
Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, & X-Pac vs. Samoa Joe

Arguably the most important match of the night for so many reasons. The New World Order shocked the world when they debuted on Impact Wrestling February 4th in Madison Square Garden, declaring that they were back in business and ready to take over. Luckily for Impact Wrestling, Hulk Hogan would not have any of that, putting his foot down and tossing Scott Hall and X-Pac out. Over the next few weeks, in an attempt to gain full entry in to Impact Wrestling, the N.W.O. began targeting everyone from Jeff Hardy to A.J. Styles to Jeff Jarrett. They succeeded in pushing Jeff Jarrett too far, getting Jeff to agree to a match where if the N.W.O. would win, Scott Hall and X-Pac would get contracts but if they lost, they all must leave. This was considered a victory for them until they found out who they were going to be facing. Since Jeff Jarrett was bared by Hulk Hogan from getting in-ring involved with the New World Order, Jeff needed to find someone who would be a suitable replacement and he found that and then some, recruiting "The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe to take his place. Does the N.W.O. even stand a chance against Joe or do they have some sort of plan under their sleeve to sneak out a victory and get contracts?
Kurt Angle vs. Matt Morgan vs. Scott Steiner - King of the Mountain Qualifying Match

Another match that has its roots in the Television Championship tournament is this one. It all began when Scott Steiner announced that he felt like competing for the T.V. title was beneath him and he proceeded to try and convince Kurt Angle and Matt Morgan of that same thing. Kurt would hear nothing of it, proceeding to beat both Steiner and Morgan in the tournament on his way to the finals. Matt Morgan on the other hand, after being beaten by Angle, had second thoughts. He ended up teaming up with Scott Steiner to cost Kurt the T.V. title. Steiner and Morgan thought that would be the end of it but it wasn't. Kurt went to interim general manager Jeff Jarrett and demanded retribution, getting it in the form of a shot at both of them in a triple threat match where the winner will go on to the King of the Mountain Match. Can the newly formed team of Steiner and Morgan work together enough to fend off Angle or will "The Olympic Gold Medalist" get his full revenge?
Bobby Lashley w/ Kristal Lashley vs. D'Angelo Dinero - King of the Mountain Qualifying Match

Definitely the most personal match of the night is this one between Bobby Lashley and D'Angelo Dinero. The feud began when "The Pope" attempted hitting on Bobby's wife Kristal, which ended up costing Bobby Lashley in the T.V. title tournament. This obviously caused Bobby to snap, attacking Dinero in the hallway the following week, resulting in this match being made. Does "The Pope" have enough MMA skills, like he says, to defeat the bigger and stronger Bobby Lashley or will Bobby make him submit?
The Motor City Machine Guns vs. Tommy Mercer w/ London & Kendrick

Feeling left out, The Motor City Machine Guns went to the middle of the ring February 4th and demanded a world tag team title shot. Instead of getting one, they were interrupted by the team of Paul London and Brian Kendrick, making their Impact Wrestling debut. What proceeded after that was a game of one up, with each team trying to prove that they were better than the other. London and Kendrick seemed to have won that temporarily when they hired the big man Tommy Mercer to be their bodyguard. Things were going good for them until the tide turned the other way when the Guns decided to call out Tommy for a match. How will the inexperienced big man do against the two members of the Machine Guns? Can the Guns exploit his inexperience to their advantage or will the advantage go back to London & Kendrick?
Christopher Daniels & Desmond Wolfe vs. Kazarian & Mistico vs. LAX vs. The New Mega Powers - King of the Mountain Qualifying Tag Team Gauntlet Match

Four teams will enter but only one will move on to Bound for Glory and the King of the Mountain Match. Which team will emerge from the Gauntlet and earn themselves a shot at the world title? We found out at Victory Road.
All this and more, as well as the debut of "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair, Sunday March 21st, from the Bojangles Coliseum in Charlotte, North Carolina, live on FX!

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