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RAW Review

It seems Nexus is breaking up and if that is the case, then I for one would actually love to see them go their separate ways because at this point Nexus is starting to become really watered down, in other words they have lost their steam as a stable and or they have lost their substance as a group, so them going off in their separate ways becoming stars in their own right is actually better for them anyway

Perhaps you can have Skip Sheffield go away for while and re-debut as Ryback, just an idea

And Ezekiel Jackson didn't even need Nexus to begin with, he was perfectly fine all on his own

And as for Otunga he can go under his Harvard law gimmick

While Barrett he can become the Barrett we know him as today, become the bare-knuckle fighter who fought in fight clubs and he can use the Bull Hammer elbow as his new finisher

Sheamus beating Daniel Bryan, he is my darkhorse pick to win the RAW Chamber and go on to headline WrestleMania 27 in the main event against whoever the WWE Champion may be whether it is Barrett or Morrison but I expect Daniel Bryan to have a great showing inside the RAW Elimination Chamber

And Shawn Michaels trying to stick it to Edge yet again by sticking him in another Elimination Chamber qualifier against Jericho when Edge already qualified all be it under controversial circumstances was great, and Edge wanting to attack HBK but instead just walks out of HBK's office only for Chip Butty to walk in and he tells HBK that he has his eye on him meaning HBK's job could be on the line and if it is, then I could see HBK facing Edge at Mania with HBK coming out of retirement for one night only but nothing to stop HBK from giving Chip Butty what he deserves and that is a Superkick kicking his teeth right down his throat, now nothing would make me happier than to see that happen

Cryme Time and The Hart Dynasty's match ending in No Contest because of The British Empire costing them the match and then making a statement by attacking both teams, I for one hope The British Empire gets what's coming to them at Elimination Chamber when they end up losing their WWE Tag Team Championship

Vince McMahon in the 2011 WWE Hall of Fame class, I love it, Vince deserves to headline his own class and the 2nd member of the 2011 WWE Hall of Fame class is none other than Irwin R. Schyster IRS Mike Rotundo, great choice, he definitely deserves to be in, but I wonder just who will induct Vince or who will induct IRS, if anything IRS his sons will probably induct their father into the Hall of Fame considering his son is Husky Harris and his other son is Bo Rotundo

It seems Michelle McCool is going to get her WWE Divas Championship match at WrestleMania 27, that is great

The Miz might actually be a fair chance to win in the Chamber this Sunday because of the fact not only is he in the Chamber but he also has his Money In The Bank briefcase which means either way he could walk out of Elimination Chamber as WWE Champion because if he were to get eliminated in the Chamber, he then could come back later on in the night and cash in on whoever the WWE Champion ends up being whether it be Morrison or Barrett. This was a good tag match for the most part especially with Morrison and Gabriel teaming together

Jericho vs Edge definite match of the night as far as I am concerned, and you kept the tension high throughout the match. I still think that Jericho will find a way into the Chamber even if it means attacking someone backstage and taking their spot replacing them, so then that way he can get his hands on Edge or I somehow see the RAW GM HBK coming into the Chamber and costing Edge the match getting involved.

This was a nice confrontation between Morrison and Triple H, I wonder if Morrison is in line for a heel turn at some point and if he is, then I for one won't be surprised if he turns heel but if he does, I would love to see him enlist the services of a bodyguard who will watch his back similar to Shawn Michaels having Diesel as his bodyguard considering Morrison reminds me so much of a young 1990s version of Shawn Michaels when HBK was The Boy Toy. I won't be surprised if HHH/Morrison does happen at Mania and if Kurt Angle ends up challenging the Streak that being Undertaker's streak.

Loved Angle vs HHH and now that HHH is inside the Chamber, he is another one of my picks to win the Chamber match considering he has the most wins inside the Elimination Chamber with Triple H winning 4 Chamber matches in the years of 2003 at SummerSlam, 2005 at New Year's Revolution, 2008 at No Way Out and 2009 at No Way Out, so he would have to be the favorite to win the RAW Chamber

Might I just say I am loving Heel Cena, because he reminds me so much of a 1996 Hulk Hogan when he turned heel in WCW and became Hollywood Hogan, Cena reminds me so much of Hogan when he first became Hollywood because Cena's heat is so enormous like how Hogan's was, but what I would love to see would be Cena forming his own stable like how Hogan had the nWo, imagine a new nWo with Cena as the leader, Hollywood Cena, but I love Orton too here, I am a huge Orton mark, always have been and always will be because Orton in your diary reminds me so much of Stone Cold Steve Austin being that Orton is an anti-hero much like how Austin was, with Chip Butty being so much like Vince but Chip Butty is worse than what Vince ever was, at least when Vince was in charge of this company he ran the company with a no-nonsense take no prisoner type attitude but mostly did what the people wanted and Chip Butty cares about none of that, he doesn't care one iota about the fans or even his own superstars or what the fans want and he has a twisted view about what the company should be or just who the face of the company should be but Vince made things so much more interesting when he was in charge but I just hope Chip Butty is able to turn it around

But in all seriousness I loved it when Orton RKOed the RAW GM Shawn Michaels from out of nowhere, now let's see what Chip Butty will do about that since Chip said Orton can't touch Cena or Cole or even Butty but who is to stop Orton from touching HBK or any other superstar for that matter on the RAW roster? That means Orton can attack anyone even if it means RKOing or even punting said personnel in the skull, then I can't wait to see what Orton does next week or if there will be any punishment for him RKOing HBK because I can't see HBK taking too kindly to being RKOed
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