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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Originally Posted by Stocking Filled w/HAYLEY JOY~! View Post
I credit Nigel for making fans try to care about the guys involved. Especially Elgin. Kevin Kelly with his infamous "this is the greatest wrestling match I've ever called" line deserves to be smacked in the head.

You forgot to mention the hilarious part when Davey drops Elgin on his head from the top rope and then the crowd goes apeshit for the rest of the match after being dead for the first 15 or so.

*1/2 is where I'm set at too.
You know how the die hard ROH fans love to say "I don't WWE because I don't like having my intelligence insulted" Well here's the thing, in order to have your intelligence insulted you need to actually have intelligence. And I make no apologies when I say this and quite frankly I don't care but some of these ROH die-hards (more specifically these anti-WWE rebels) are literally to stupid to insult. Because anybody that buys into these type of matches is a freaking idiot. I don't mind if someone just loves this style of wrestling but to go out on a limb and say that the "WWE style match" insults your intelligence is mind boggling when guys are getting dropped on their head from the top rope repeatedly and kicking out like it's nothing.

Oh and I just want to elaborate on how I rate matches. I know a lot of people may be thinking if I hated the match so much why not **1/2 or heck how about *** stars. Because that would imply the match was somewhat decent. Here's how I look at ratings. To me star ratings isn't about the number of high spots or holds or moves in the match, it's my overall enjoyment. A three star match is just that. A match that's nothing special but at the same time nothing bad. Your typical Kofi Kingston match. A match doesn't have to be a certain length to be considered in the three star range. it could be 4 minutes and I would still give it three stars, or maybe less like **1/2. Example, Show vs Lesnar SS '02.

To me star ratings are just my overall enjoyment with a match and things like number of moves and spots and certainly the length of the match has no impact on my overall enjoyment.

Anyway, enough of that before I land my ass in hot water. I believe I went the entire 2012 without ever getting banned, a first might I add lol. Anyyway, when it comes to other wrestling my MOTY is Tanahashi/Suzuki. Posted a review of it a few pages back.

Okada/Naito I have at ****1/4 Great match but nothing memorable in the long run to me. As for Tanahashi/Okada, I'm not as high on it as most people for some odd reason. Haven't seen it since but I believe my initial rating was ***3/4. If I feel like it I'll probably give it a second viewing.

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