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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Davey Richards vs Michael Elgin
Has Dave Meltzer lost his fucking mind? There was a point in time when I could have considered this man's opinion to be the be end, end all but what the hell is wrong with this man? Apart from robbing the WWE countless matches of the almighty "*****" the guy seems to have a new-found love hard hitting, high impact, spot infested matches. Are you telling me that this match is in the same boat as Flair/Steambaot? or Flair/Funk COC? or Ausrin/Bret? Let's get on with the review.

The match stars off instantly with Davey in intense mode. I liked it. Or I should say I didn't mind it. As clumsy and lost as he looked just walking around hitting Elgin kicks on the barricade, it worked. He gets Elgin back in the ring and in no time Elgin manages to hit a torture rack backbreaker as Davey rebounds off the rope. From here, Elgin targets the back of Elgin and I must say Davey sold well. I thought Davey did one hell of a sell job as Elgin worked the back, especially during that stretch (I can't for the life of me remember atm what it's called)

Anyway, that's the first 5 minutes or so. I really don't know what the hell happened because I thought the match was off to a great start. Here's when things started to go downhill. Richards, on the apron, grabs a hold of Elgin's head tries to hit it on the turnbuckle but Elgin counters. Elgin hits Davey's head on the turnbuckle, Davey does a complete NO SELL and hits Elgin's head on the turnbuckle and man down. From here, all the back work, everything is ignored and match goes into rage mode. DAT WORKRATE!!

Honestly, I don't even know where to go from here with this review. I really can't even do a play by play analysis or anything because the match is one giant clusterfuck. It just breaks down into a demonstration of moves and street fighter combos. Elgin did a powerbomb to Davey on the barricade put it meant nothing. The match is one giant blur quite frankly. So many things happen in so little time that I just can't even keep up with it. The amount of moves done in one sequence is ridiculous. Not to mention makes no sense. I can't even remember the finish. This match is just terrible. This is not a MOTYC, guys like Davey Richards and Michael Elgin and matches like this are ruining the sport of professional wrestling. Despite what the crowd may have thought, this isn't wrestling. This is garbage. This is, as I call it, a demonstration of moves. A spectacle really. ROH claims to be pro wrestling and anti-sports entertainment. My ass. This is sports-entertainment in its purest form. Bright, flashly moves done for the sake of a "Holy shit" chant. Nothing more, nothing less.

Oh and I would like to point out one more thing. Nigel McGuiness could make a damn fine WWE commentator. Why? Because he sure mistakes the viewers for idiots. Richards successfully does a T-Bone suplex to Elgin. A couple seconds later he attempts another one and Nigel says "It's too early in the match, Richards hasn't worn him down enough yet to get the big man off his feet" Umm, I just saw him like 30 seconds ago pick him up and throw him around.

If this match is a 5 star match then I can think of about 20 other matches this year that should also be considered 5 stars. This match is no different from any other ROH main event.

*1/2 for the good start and quite frankly there's no possible way to write no stars. And the idea of negative stars just doesn't sit too well with me but if there ever were a match deserving of it, it would be this one.

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