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Re: Mafia Awards 2012.

I didn't really get to fully read my game as my internet cut out and when I got it back it was already over and I had little desire to read bad play from town, but I doubt you impacted town as negatively as I do when I'm scum. And I don't care how egotistic or arrogant I sound when talking about my scum game because the games I play as scum back up what I say, it's all there if anyone wants to read it. I(with the help of teammates of course) dismantle town and cause a ton of mislynches, even after being pegged as scum with info. multiple times I've gotten people lynched after they've claimed info on me and town only lynches me after they flip town/have role that provides info. I don't think my town game is that good, so this arrogance balances out, for me at least.

dan isn't underrated for the simple fact that everyone knows he's good. at least anyone that knows what they're doing. he probably is top tier in terms of his ability to play, he just doesn't have DAT INFLUENCE as he doesn't push as much as others.

Yeah you were incredibly active too, but that's when the section was already active. this section was far worse in terms of activity like 2 years ago and games that got over 1000 posts were rare.

faraday has an absurd amount of pull in this section and that will never change. people don't want to think he's scum because his town game is so good that people want him to lead them. idk, it's been like that for a long time too.

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