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Re: Mafia Awards 2012.

Originally Posted by The MAGIC of Christmas View Post
that would probably stop being fun for me after the second game as people already find me scummy in games for the most absurd reasons due to my past games as scum. im the only one on here who actually attempts to lead town as scum from the beginning, rather than coast like the majority of other people, including IMP who will likely win the award this year.
I disagree. I was kinda doing so in your game but that's been my only scum game in ages, not that i'm complaining. I much prefer being town. If I had been scum as much as IMP i'd probably tank even harder in every aspect

Originally Posted by IMPULSE View Post
okay magic. i see your point. but running at a 66% rate of drawing scum when math says there should be a 25% to 33% chance is annoying.

the only way to survive past day three shep is to tank like me in town games and coast like me in scum games. hey magic my coasting is a product of being perma scum, look at stuff and alcoholic and you'll see that perma scum float an their town games are basically nonexistent after their runs.

The Alcoholic award for Most Underrated Player - dan marino

i know i destroyed his ability to float to wins w/ my massive smear campaign but he's a top tier player who doesn't get enough recognition.
I agree actually. I'll add a Dan nomination for most underrated. He caught me when I was scum iirc and he always worried me.

Originally Posted by The MAGIC of Christmas View Post
before I started playing games hardly ever got to 1000 and getting above 1000 would be an active game. after I started playing every game was getting to 1000 and games quickly started getting to 2000. of course that wasn't all me as PEZ and SHEPARD were incredibly active as well, but I was by far the most active player in the section/still am.

HoL is probably busy and our mafia probably doesn't interest faraday anymore. he goes against the BIG BOYS or some shit on mafiascum. I'd go there too if I wouldn't be completely shit. I also prefer this forum's mafia over theirs as it's less serious here.
I was pretty regularly in the top 3 posters (often top) until I got my job

Originally Posted by The MAGIC of Christmas View Post
that's probably it. its sad after seeing him play games as scum where he's extremely obvious on purpose and still gets away with it.

I preferred the personalities when I first started playing. perhaps it was just the heavy flaming that used to occur, but I found the games a lot more funny/fun. there was also a time when I used to interact with IMPULSE every game for a lengthy amount of time, but even he bores me now.
I enjoyed being scum with Fap in your game because, like you said he was just toying with town and seeing what he could get away with. He was genuinely surprised with how scummy he was able to be which I guess shows how poor town was in that game. (and probably in general)

Originally Posted by The MAGIC of Christmas View Post
anyone that tries is going to improve.

the people that don't make cases in this section because they don't think people will follow are the people that annoy me. no one started playing mafia with influence so i don't see how that even makes sense.
Yeah that shit gets me. The only way people are going to start taking you seriously is if you're doing it on a consistent basis, or if you quit saying stupid shit. I started off with some god awful cases but then I started making cases which made sense and was doing well at end game and POE (which is easy for anyone to do for the most part if they've paid enough attention to the game) so I feel like I hold more influence in a game, not LOADS or anything but enough that people will usually listen to my case and occasionally sheep

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