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Re: The Other Four.

Originally Posted by Lord Santa Claus IV. View Post
Anyone who makes a post like yours for no reason is a tool, especially when you have no idea who that guy is. If you come on a wrestling forum to take cheap shots at someone for no reason then that's pretty lame and extremely pointless. Not sure how I'm a hypocrite when I've never done or defended that before.
I don't really get this. I'd rather have you bashing, owning, insulting and ripping me a new one with your posts than this shit.
Instead I get this PG crap from you and Yeah1993 "leave this guy alone"
Who is this guy? Is he your relative? The founding father of wrestlingforum? Is he handicapped? The account of Vince McMahon? Tell me why I should feel bad? You simply have no valid arguments because you're obviously biased and if you don't see the hypocrisy you simply refuse to see it.
Also, nice try by posting "If you come on a wrestling forum to take cheap shots at someone for no reason then that's pretty lame and extremely pointless"
Read the bolded. Nobody comes on a wrestling forum, on the WWE , TNA or Entertainment section to take cheap shots.
But I guess you posted that and generalized the whole forum sections on purpose.
People come into the rants section to take cheap shots and often it's for no reason. Waz Perviz never attacked someone, the guy who asked where are the mods never did something bad, Warren Zeavon made that thread about the thunderstorm and the dead woman that was ignored by everyone and instead everybody talked about the abused wife, Mr. Fluffykins was attacked for no reason because of his Deadpool avatar, you as an administrator have access to the control panel of everybody to see the red reps people received for no reasons and you act now like the voice of reason because somebody attacked your friend. And you really ask how you are a hypocrite?

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