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Re: The Other Four.

Originally Posted by Y2Raven View Post
Weak showing by DualShock here.
If you think it's weak by laughing at the stupidity when someone acts like a little girl by posting "you are so bad that you're on my ignore" but then proving that I'm not on his ignore otherwise he would not be able to read my last comment then I guess weakness is relative

Originally Posted by JoseDRiveraTCR7 View Post
This thread is the perfect example why "11ers/12ers" get shit on. TBH, it doesn't really matter how many times you tell them they're making asses out of themselves because they'll just go to the jobbers thread to jerk each other off and make each other feel awesome. This is why I don't believe this idea that the WWE section is worst than rants because imo the percentage of idiots there is similar to the percentage of idiots here.
And yet, your comment is more dumb and you make more ass of yourself with this comment. Do you realize what the heck you posted? Why should any user who joined 2011 or 2012 care how many times other users who joined in the same year make asses of themselves.
That makes sense like me saying I am a great poster because Rock316Ae, Andre Baker and Segunda Caida are so popular and we are all 11ers and 12ers.
Who are these people who are telling me and someone else that we make asses of ourselves? Why should I care what these people think? Why should your opinion be more valid than mine to show why someone acts like an ass? Because you joined 1 year and 1 month before? By this logic Kelly Kelly Fan's opinion is more valid than Andre Baker's.
The only people I should care what they say about me are the WF staff for obvious reasons and there are a lot of members (old and new) who know that I respect them and their opinion.
The opinion of other members (for example yours) I don't care so you can stop telling that someone acts like an idiot because (like I said) nobody cares, at least me.
But of course you can continue to do so thinking you're relevant here
Originally Posted by Froot View Post
And on that note, nobody "took over" anything. Anyone and everyone has the ability to have input in this section. There are no higher or lower statuses depending on who posts more or less often. The fact that you would think this diminishes your karma even further.

Wow, you not even took my comment that this forum belongs to the new people seriously, you even tried to explain it that everybody is welcome in the section.
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